Top 5 Blockchain Marketing Ideas that Still Yield Effective Results in 2019by@ejioforfrancis200
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Top 5 Blockchain Marketing Ideas that Still Yield Effective Results in 2019

by Ejiofor FrancisFebruary 28th, 2019
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To get an effective result as a blockchain marketer, you must master the ability to influence potential crypto investors. But with the sudden drop in the price-value of cryptocurrencies which includes bitcoin and other altcoins, and the rate at which crypto/token investors lost their money in 2018; to convince potential customers to invest in 2019 will obviously be a challenge.

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To get an effective result as a blockchain marketer, you must master the ability to influence potential crypto investors. But with the sudden drop in the price-value of cryptocurrencies which includes bitcoin and other altcoins, and the rate at which crypto/token investors lost their money in 2018; to convince potential customers to invest in 2019 will obviously be a challenge.

While some blockchain startups had successful ICO marketing campaign, many others failed despite being backed with great ideas. Although there are many factors that could have facilitated these ICOs failure, but the main factor was the marketing tactics — it lack the ability to positively influence potential crypto investors.

However, as a result-driven crypto marketer, to get your target potential customers to invest, you need to do more than just pitching a great idea, you need to implement these top 5 Blockchain marketing ideas that still yield effective result.

#1 Design a premium website for the project:

To stand out in the midst of competition and still get effective results, you need more than just a digital presence. You need an optimised, interactive and a functional website to pull through.

Do you know that one of the major causes of ICOs failure in 2018 was due to poorly built website? A kind of website that lack both technical and content mark. Consequently, such website negatively influence investors perception towards the project.

However, since your primary target is to influence and get potential customers to your door, your website needs to be designed beyond just having “good looks.” It must be designed to offer an engaging, interactive and more importantly a dynamic user experience.

Here are 9 unconventional standards you need to implement to level up your company’s site, if you really want an effective result:

a: Make sure your website loading speed is automatic:

Time they say waits for no one. No customer would be patient enough to wait and wait till your site completely loads. Thus, to be on a safer-side, make sure your sites is design to automatically load at a click — even with customers slow internet connection.

b: Make sure your site is designed to be mobile friendly:

Today, virtually every internet user has a smart device. Strategically, it’s wise to implement this standard on your website; this is to facilitate seamless accessibility to your company’s site from anywhere and anytime in the world as customers see fit.

c: Make sure your site is designed to be SEO-friendly;

This is a very crucial part that must be taken seriously. Are you aware that the benefits of SEO friendly designed site cannot be over-emphasized? Hence, to achieve this, you need to constantly develop compelling, readable and interactive content for your potential customers on your company’s site.

d: Make sure your site is designed such that you can track its functionality effectively:

Yes, with this on your site, you’ll be able to track the functionality of your website such as traffic, goals and its rate of conversion.

e: Make sure your site has an enabled content management system (CMS) :

CMS is a powerful tool that must not be neglected while designing your site. Its major function is to give customers/clients the leverage to also post content as they see fit.

f: Email marketing and social media:

Do you know that any website designed without it having both an ‘email capture form’ — which primarily aim at synching client’s email for easy access and communication, and a social media page — for customers to monitor activities on social media, on its landing page could ruin a marketing campaign?

Well, as a goal-driven marketer, you need to make sure that both the email capture form and social media page are properly placed on the company’s website to enable potential customers to have access to latest information and lot more.

g: Make sure your site’s security authenticity is very strong:

Your website security is another crucial matter that you must put into consideration. You must include fundamental securities and privacy protocols to reinforce the site’s security, and protect both your clients and user data.

#2 Make maximum use of the social media:

It is no longer news that social media (SM) has become an essential channel for marketing blockchain startups. While SM has impacted increasingly in the lives of people today, it is a robust media-channel to promote ICO. Meanwhile, are you aware that your competitors are also using these same channels for promotion?

Well, to achieve a resounding result, you need to figure out what you aim to gain through SM marketing;

Do you aim to gain ‘traffic’ or ‘conversion’ or ‘awareness’ through SM marketing?

Business-wise, it’s not just enough to create a social media profile and place it on your website just like that, there’s more to it. Here, you need to make your channel very interactive enough to get effective result. And this can be achievable by constantly engaging your customers, especially potential ones, with compelling and engaging content on your company’s SM page.

Do you aim to gain organic traffic or increase brand awareness?

If yes, you have work to do. To boost organic traffic to your site or create lasting brand awareness via SM, you need not to publish only promotional tips/ideas. Instead, focus your energy on content that discusses more on how your ICO will improve customers lives — both now and in the future. In other words, you’ll have to publish more content on how your ICO can solve a particular problem they’ve been struggling to solve for all-time.

Do you aim to achieve more sales?

If yes, you also have work to do. To begin with, you need to dig through SM channels, thereafter you monitor and listen carefully to specific keywords or phrases they use very often to describe their needs. After you’ve gotten those keywords, use them to develop content that describes how your product/ICO can help solve their needs. Such content on your social media page will swiftly target your core audience, and perhaps lead to more sales.

3 Maximize the press release(PR):

This is also another ICO marketing idea that still works. It is no longer news that “PR” is one of the most used ICO marketing tactics in 2018. While few ICOs got positive result after effective implementation, many ICOs who also implemented it failed.

What went wrong, you may ask?

a: The content Itself.

If a PR copy is not well written, investors will struggle to understand it. One of the mistakes blockchain startups make is hiring the wrong content creator to craft a PR copy for them. Some even do it for themselves thinking they could just write a PR copy; not realising that there is more to creating a ‘PR copy.’

Whenever an investor come across such poor written content about a startup launching an ICO, he or she loses interest automatically; no matter the ‘alpha idea.’ Why? Because, as an investor, time is money. He or she won’t have to start cracking his/her head to understand the message you’re passing, and secondly, typos and so on simply signifies how unprofessional your marketing team are.

So, to make your PR result driven, make sure the following is put into consideration.

i) Hire a professional to craft a PR copy for your ICO.

ii) Make sure that the copy reads very easy and interesting

iii) Look out for all the necessary typos and remove if any is found.

iv) Make sure that the content explains it all i.e everything about the blockchain startups, its uniqueness and how it intend solving the problems.

v) Make sure that the content is linked backed to your company site.

b: To Publish on the wrong site:

Every market has its own target audience. So, if you publish your PR copy on the wrong site, you’ll consequently get little or nothing from it.

What are these wrong sites we are referring to?

Wrong sites in this case are simply sites that does not have the target audience. For example, if you publish a PR copy about an ICO on a ‘school gist site’ instead of a crypto site like coindesk etc, then you’ve published on a wrong site . And for this reason, you won’t get an effective result compared to when you publish on a crypto site.

c: To publish on Crypto sites with little or No traffic:

This is another core fact that could ruin your ICO marketing campaign. No matter how crafty and wonderful your PR copy might look like, if you publish it on crypto sites with little or no traffic, you won’t get the intended result. Nevertheless, to pull through, you need to go get your PR copy on high traffic crypto sites eg coindesk, news.btc etc.

4 Create a premium video about the blockchain startups:

Do you know that video marketing is a sure fire means of illustrating your brand’s story to potential customers?

According to the 2016 Video Marketing Statistics, it was discovered that people are more likely to share videos about brands online than written blog posts. The report affirmed that over 70% of customers say that they have shared brand’s video. And over 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.

So, instead of worrying about getting your customers to read about 2–4 pages on your website — to fully understand what the ICO is all about, it’s pretty much advisable that you get your team sitted, and then develop a short, smart and engaging video that captures all the necessary information about the ICO.

5 Organize a conference:

Organising a conference about your blockchain startups, is also an effective marketing ideas that still give results. Although it is expensive to setup, but it is no doubt an excellent way to not just reach out to your target audience, but also a sure way to share knowledge about the ICO directly with potential investors.

In conclusion, to market blockchain startups is not a walk in the park, but with the above listed ideas, be sure to be able to influence your potential customers positively.