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Top 4 Stock Market APIs Of 2021

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Whilst many aspects of technology, such as servers and other hardware, have gone down in recent years, the cost of financial market data has continually risen. With many free or cheap alternative like Yahoo Finance no longer operating, the demand for accurate and easily accessible market data has risen. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best four stock market APIs currently on the market.

What are the 4 best stock APIs in 2021?

  1. Intrinio
  2. Financial Modelling Prep Stock API
  3. Morningstar Stock API
  4. Tradier API


By neatly using the REST infrastructure, Intrinio can ensure that unique requirements and API calls made by users are quickly delivered in the JSON format. Once created users are quickly directed to multiple endpoints to get their data.

Hundreds of Datasets: One of the great strengths of this API is that with the one interface, they provide access to lots of different data you might require. They also provide their own algorithms that use machine learning and AI to arrange the data ensuring they provide sequenced and updated information.

Purchase and Access: Similar to FMP, Intrinio offers a great free plan to get you started. If you do want more data feeds then the paid plans are definitely recommended. Whilst FMP platform allows you to get going right away, the set up for Intrinio is quite challenging and requires you to use lots of different documentation. For programming beginners, this becomes quite a large barrier and for experts, we think it just seems unnecessary. 

FinancialModelingPrep (FMP)

The stock market API provided by Financial Modeling Prep is brilliant. The many endpoints enable users to dig out powerful information about almost any stock or financial instrument to be able to perform thorough research and investigation.

Accuracy: What could be more important than accuracy when it comes to finding the best stock API. The FMP API delivers unrivalled accuracy and has a seemingly endless amount of data on specific stocks of your choosing. Much of FMP stock data is retrieved from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to guarantee high accuracy. You’re able to grab a variety of historical and real-time data including financial statements: Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements.  

Best-In-Class Updation: The FMP API gives access to data from most markets worldwide, including Asian Indices, and updates some stock data at a frequency of every second, minute, 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Subscribers are able to curate highly flexible programs depending on their unique needs because FMP doesn’t break any continuity when updating stock indexes and the very latest exchange rates are provided. Furthermore, a real-time to historical comparison is delivered to users each hour, which makes it easy to track changes to your models.

Extension: Financial Modeling Prep gathers and redistributes data feeds from the most worldwide markets, cryptocurrency, forex, and more. Even within the free trial, you’ll have access to lots of powerful features and the tiered subscription system makes it cost-effective to get exactly the data you need.

Ease of Use: The Financial Modelling Prep stock API has been designed with novices and experts in mind. As such, FMP makes it incredibly easy for anyone to access their API, use the documentation instructions, and access the data. But, they also provide more complex datasets for those experts looking to build complex programs.

Overall, FMP Finance API is the best stock market API in 2021.

MorningStar API

MorningStar API is a good API to manage if you have lots of apps that you need to integrate with. The combination of their useful blogs and an easily navigable user interface makes for a good user experience.

Representation: As you can see from the screenshot, the data representation is incredibly simple to understand. MorningStar does a good job of ensuring each record comes in sequence rather than a complicated mess. Similar to FMP, the API provides data on crypto, forex, and some local markets.

Purchase Access: An unfortunate aspect of the MorningStar API is the challenge of getting access. To get access you must connect with MorningStar personnel, agree on a price, before finally being able to use this API. This is in stark contrast to FMP stock API which you can easily sign up for directly on the website.

4. Tradier API

As you may well have guessed from the name, Tradier API is both a data API and an online broker. Getting the subscription for their trading accounts, automatically gives you access to their data API.

Multiple Endnotes: Tradier does a great job of making integration with applications requiring stock data tracking straightforward. The broker platform gives traders great optionality when it comes to trading views and Tradier has over 100 endpoints updated per minute. The smart API key authenticates endpoints during the performance which makes it easy to get going with and quite effective.

Trading Platform: Unlike the other APIs aforementioned, the Tradier platform gives you the ability to make trades. Though there is a paywall to make any trades, its fee structure is good for low and high trade volume traders. The $30 per month subscription plan gives you commission-free trading of both equities and options - this subscription also allows full access to their real-time market data. The free option only allows access to delayed market data. 

Rounding Up

In this article, we explored what we consider the best stock market APIs in 2021. The best of the bunch is the FMP stock API. The ability to access seemingly endless endpoints, best in class updation and unparalleled accurate data is drawn directly from the SEC gives separates it from the rest. Better yet, FMP is a young company that is continually adding new features, endpoints, and data to be able to better serve its users. However, the other options do have their own unique benefits and advantages so we recommend you investigate all four to determine which best suits your needs. 


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