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Solving social event discovery and ticket bookings in Nigeria

We all know or at least most us know (if you have attended any conference) that almost 80% tickets sold for conferences online are done via Eventbrite, it works well. Period.

The problem is that most western platforms such as Eventbrite aren’t really built/designed for all markets. Take Nigeria for example. Eventbrite don’t accept payments from Nigeria, which means organizers from Nigeria can’t accept payment for their events, which forces them to accept payment offline. Online payment use to be a problem but thanks to Paystack for solving this problem and they are doing fantastically well.

Another problem and quite challenging is that local platforms have really poor design and low content quality which I believe is what drives most Nigerians to use Eventbrite as it provides and showcase better quality contents.

Few services are tackling some of these problems and trying to make event booking easier for organizers while improving the user experience for event discovery. For any event ticketing platform to really be successful in Nigeria, they must solve the problem with payment, create a better UI/UX platform and improve the quality of their contents.

Top 4 platforms doing it well so far:

Discover, connect and follow your favourite topics and book events. This is not only a ticketing platform but a platform for event discovery and engagement with notification based on the topics or organizers you follow.

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Online portal into the world of exciting events and happenings going on near you. When you are looking for something to do and need the most concise, updated information about local events.

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Afritickets is an African-focused retailer of ticketed events and associated merchandise. We act as an intermediary between consumers and organisers of events.

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Naija Ticket Shop is Nigeria’s Number One online ticket buying and selling platform. We are dedicated to helping our customers find tickets and information on their favorite venues and events in a safe and secure online and offline environment.

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It is a gradual step and anything good takes time. I think Afriticket was one of the first in this space and they are still staying strong. We need more startups and innovation in this area. The more we build, the more competition, the more innovation which leads to better service for everyone.


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