Top 4 Blockchain Virtual Machines for Decentralized Applications by@daniejjimenez

Top 4 Blockchain Virtual Machines for Decentralized Applications

From Polkadot to NEO, below is a review of the most popular VMs in the dApp ecosystem other than Ethereum. Congestion in the main blockchain network (that hosts the great ecosystem of decentralized applications (Ethereum)) has inspired hundreds of developers to work on solving this problem. Especially, while the transition to the Ethereum 2.0 scalability solution is gradually introduced to the blockchain ecosystem. However, with the emergence of demand to implement use cases with blockchain technology through dApps, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) has lagged considerably behind due to the problems inherent in its rigid architecture. As a consequence, problems of high fees, high latency periods, smart contracts stuck in execution, and low transaction speeds are today common problems due to the lack of scalability in the Layer one blockchain network.
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