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Top 30 Business Intelligence Consulting Companies

In the information age, data is a vital source for everything: from housekeeping to business management. The amount of data generated daily is expected to reach 463 exabytes by 2025. 70% out of 1,048 executives expect business analytics to become more important in the next three years. IDC forecasts the global revenue for big data and business analytics solutions to reach $274 billion by 2022. We investigated the market and found the most reliable companies with a spotless reputation of providing business intelligence services so that you don’t have to scan the offers yourself.
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Explority is a research and advisory company that zeros in on the Information Technologies market.

In the information age, data is a vital source for everything: from housekeeping to business management, people need to stay tuned in order to survive. But the tricky thing is that the amount of data available both offline and online is so huge it cannot be traced manually anymore, and it continues to grow. According to Raconteur, each day we publish 500 million tweets, send 294 billion emails, and make five billion search requests. The amount of data generated daily is expected to reach 463 exabytes by 2025. The numbers are mind-blowing, and the first question to arise is: how do we process all this data?

The subject is at the top of the agenda for business owners—70% out of 1,048 executives, surveyed by Deloitte for their Becoming An Insight-Driven Organization report, expect business analytics to become more important in the next three years. The growing demand for BI services cannot but influence the market: IDC forecasts the global revenue for big data and business analytics solutions to reach $274 billion by 2022. 

It didn’t take long for companies to realize how beneficial BI is for maintaining a competitive edge. The so-called Big Data Bang resulted in hundreds of companies offering data-related services, which made the challenge of finding a trustworthy business partner tougher than ever. 

In case you are now in need of a trusted BI consulting provider, we’d like to save your time. We investigated the market and found the most reliable companies with a spotless reputation of providing business intelligence services, so that you don’t have to scan the offers yourself. The following five criteria were taken into account: 

  • Industry experience
  • Market presence
  • Major clients
  • Service flexibility
  • Online reviews

The research resulted in the following list of top BI consulting companies that you might be interested in.

Best business intelligence consulting companies to keep an eye on in 2020:

1. LeadMD

What if you take a close-knit team with 10 years of experience, then add caring attitude and professionalism, and season it all with a little bit of fun? You’ll get one of the leading consulting companies on the market, which is LeadMD. Providing a number of BI-related services, such as churn analysis and data architecture, the company gained respect due to the high quality of their services. LeadMD implements such data-driven marketing and sales automation platforms as Marketo, Engagio, and Salesforce.

Though this is a US company, they work with clients from all around the globe, including enterprises. Since their foundation, LeadMD has helped more than 3,000 companies build their sales and marketing strategies—the major of them are eBay, Forbes, Anaplan, and ChargePoint. 


2. Iflexion

Established more than 20 years ago, Iflexion started as a team of 10 to become a front runner among enterprise business intelligence consulting companies. With 850+ dedicated professionals on board, the company delivers business solutions of all kinds based on most popular BI platforms under different engagement models. 

Among their BI consulting services are all-round solutions: enterprise, sensor-generated, machine and social data processing, data visualization, integration, and so on. Always willing to evolve, Iflexion doesn’t stick to one industry but has a vast experience in working with many of them, including Education, Finance, Healthcare, and more. 

While Iflexion’s headquarters are located in Denver, CO, the company operates globally, providing its services to more than 500 clients from 30 countries. With 1500 successfully completed projects, Iflexion’s client list includes many world-known names, such as Toyota, PayPal, Royal Dutch Shell, and Xerox. In addition to other awards, Iflexion is being regularly listed among Best B2B Service Providers by Clutch, including in 2019.


3. KitelyTech

KitelyTech is a consulting, design and development company founded in the US in 2009. Their expertise includes such BI-related areas as data extracting and analysis, report creation, visualization, transformation, and encryption. Their major targets are Healthcare, Retail and IT industries.

With five offices around the US, KitelyTech delivers high-quality BI solutions from Detroit, Austin, New York, Phoenix, and Charlotte. In 2018, the company was listed among 1000 Best B2B Service Providers by Clutch.


4. Wipfli

Surprising as it is, Wipfli is an almost one-hundred-years-old US company. To be more precise, it was founded in Wisconsin in 1930 as a consulting company and has been successfully helping their clients ever since. Of course, Wipfli would not remain one of the leading consulting companies for such a long time if it wasn’t for their ability to adjust and master new technologies. Today, the wide range of their services include business intelligence and analytics, in particular data visualization, Power BI consulting and integration, and others. 

Such a long lifespan provides for the company’s competitive edge—Wipfli has 50 offices in the US and India, from which 2,400 associates deliver business solutions to over 60,000 clients. Among them are representatives of various industries: Real Estate, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, and so on.  


5. One Six Solutions

One Six Solutions is a US company based in Chicago, IL. Founded in 2013, the company has been evolving ever since, aiming at becoming a leading BI consulting company on the market. 

Providing various types of data analytics solutions, such as data warehouses and data analytics software, One Six Solutions is proficient in most popular BI platforms: Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik. The company focus on Manufacturing, Healthcare and Food industries. Their most notable clients are McDonalds and U.S. Cellular.


6. RSM

RSM is another company founded long before digital technologies became a thing—in 1926. During such a long-lasting operation, the company has opened offices all around the globe. RSM delivers various types of consulting, including data strategy and management, BI, and performance management. Consulting Magazine put RSM on its Best Firms to Work For list in 2019.

In 2019, there were 9,900+ employees working for RSM. Their major focus are Retail, Education, Finance and Healthcare industries.


7. Catapult Systems

This is a full-service consulting firm that has already worked with such renowned companies as Alliance Data Systems and Carl's Jr. Founded in Austin, TX, in 1993, it evolved into a company operating around the United States and delivering high-quality consulting solutions to clients globally. Among the technologies deployed by the company are Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server, and Azure Analysis Server.

Catapult Systems’ BI consulting offering comprises data integration and visualization, data optimization, and data warehousing. Their major targets are Finance, Manufacturing and Energy industries.


8. Communication Square

Communication Square is a company specializing in Microsoft cloud solutions. In particular, their major service is cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure, which helps companies secure their data and improve its availability and capacity. Communication Square also helps teams with such tools as Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Intune, and others.

The company was founded in 2015 and has launched offices in the US and Pakistan since then. Their headquarters are located in Stuart, FL. 


9. Armanino LLP

One of the largest consulting companies in California, Armanino was founded almost 70 years ago and has been helping businesses to develop ever since. In addition to audit, risk advisory and tax-related services, the company provides BI consulting. Not only do they consult clients as for which BI solutions best meet their needs, but also help with implementing such platforms as Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The company’s offices can be found in 13 cities across the US. Though its team focuses mostly on Education, Food and Healthcare industries, it has vast experience in working in many other domains, such as Solid Waste and Cryptocurrency. As for 2020, Armanino is listed among Top Big Data Analytics Companies in California by Clutch.


10. Clairvoyant

An Indian business intelligence consulting company, Clairvoyant has been delivering BI solutions since 2012. Working with companies of all sizes, from solo entrepreneur to Fortune 500 enterprises, it delivers enterprise development and product design services in addition to big data and analytics services. The latter includes enterprise data management, predictive analytics solutions, and other. 

Despite being a relatively young company, Clairvoyant has already made a name for itself and launched five offices in the US, one in Canada, and five in India. Among their client lists are many well-know names, such as Intel and Apollo Education Group. 


11. Essintial

There’s no mistake—the company has chosen such an unusual name because they value the power of “I”: individuals, innovation, infrastructure, identity, integration, and business intelligence. Their devoted team of experts delivers high-quality business solutions to client in more than 50 countries, while the company’s headquarters are located in Mechanicsburg, PA. 

Essintial was founded in 2010 as the result of a merger. In addition to many business solutions they deliver, the company performs BI consulting. Moreover, Essintial provides their proprietary Resource Balancing Tool, or RBT, that allows to automate resource-related business processes. 


12. CRGroup

Corporate Renaissance Group has already helped improve business performance of over 4,000 companies and continues providing IT solutions all around the globe. Established in 1989, it has evolved from a small team into an international business intelligence consulting company with offices in the US, Hong Kong, South Africa, India, and Singapore.

CRGroup’s services comprise supply chain and operations analytics, sales and marketing analytics, cross-system expertise, and more. In addition to custom BI solutions, the company customizes and deploys such tools as Power BI, Tableau, BOARD, and SQL Server Reporting Services. Their client list features Aflac, ANSA McAL and other well-known names. 


13. Denovo

Founded in 2000, Denovo is a recognized Managed Service Provider, with a vast experience of working with both startups and enterprises, focusing mostly on Real Estate, Public Sector and Finance verticals. 

Denovo specializes in cloud solutions: assessment, migration, managed cloud infrastructure and applications, IT support, and cloud security. Implementing cloud infrastructure, Denovo improves their clients’ IT resources efficiency and data security.


14. IT Svit

With 65 employees on board, IT Svit has successfully completed 850+ projects for clients around the globe. Founded in 2005 as a company specializing in hardware systems administration, IT Svit has evolved into an international company whose expertise includes software engineering, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and data science. To be more precise, they deliver such solutions as data analytics, integration, testing, support, and more. In their work, the company focuses on cooperation with startups.

IT Svit has offices in the US, Ukraine, and Estonia. Their major targets are Banking, Healthcare and Telecommunications industries.


15. Mashey

A US-based company, Mashey is a team of business intelligence consulting professionals who understand the value of data and, which is more crucial, the importance of acting on data. That’s why the company’s mission is to provide their clients with high-quality data analytics services, so that they have more resources to make the right decisions. 

Mashey has been providing BI-related services for five years now, with data analytics, automation and governance and advanced analytics among them. The company works with such platforms as Looker, Snowflake, Outlier, Fivetran, Big Squid, and Alation. 


16. Blast Analytics & Marketing

This company was founded in 1999, and since then Blast has become one of the leading business intelligence consulting companies on the enterprise solutions market. The company specializes in various types of data-related disciplines, including data architecture, management and warehousing, data visualization, and quality management. 

Despite having a relatively small team, Blast has been expanding throughout years and now has offices in London, UK, and eight US cities, including New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles. The company’s client list includes such well-known companies as The North Face and Intuit. Blast focuses on Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Products and Retail industries. 


17. Addepto

One of the youngest companies on this list, Addepto was founded only three years ago, but is evolving fast due to the high quality of BI consulting services they provide. Their devoted team of 25 professional consultants specialize in machine learning and big data. The services provided by Addepto include data warehousing, reporting automation, self-service BI, OLAP and ETL. The company employs all of the most popular BI platforms: Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, and Looker. 

Located in Poland, Addepto has already successfully completed more than 35 projects for clients on three continents. To date, they have already served 10 industries, such as Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Retail among others.


18. North Highland

An international company with 5,000 consultants, North Highland began as one ambitious man and three computers in the attic. Today, the company has 65 offices in the UK, US, France, Germany, China and other countries. Their headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA.  

North Highland specializes in business consulting of many types, including data analytics, visualization, engineering, and management. The company’s major targets are Energy, Healthcare and retail industries. 


19. Hathway

Hathway is a US company with offices in Plano, TX, and San Luis Obispo, CA. Founded 12 years ago, the company has already delivered business solutions to a number of industry leaders, such as Red Bull, L'Oréal, and Dairy Queen. 

In addition to their development, UX/UI and testing services, Hathway specializes in marketing campaigns and digital consulting. The latter includes business audit, market analysis and performance benchmarking. The company focuses on Retail, Food and Ecommerce industries.


20. DataMade

Founded more than eight years ago, DataMade is a successful business intelligence consulting company that provides high-quality business solutions related to data, in particular consulting, engineering, and full-cycle analysis of internal and external data.

In addition to their services, DataMade offers three proprietary platforms aimed at facilitating data-related processes: Dedupe, Councilmatic, and Budget Breakdown. The company’s major targets are Education, Finance and Public Sector domains.


21. Infogain

Infogain is an experienced team of more than 400 experts operating in five countries. In addition to data-related services, the company performs digital transformation consulting, development, and quality assurance. Their expertise includes data architecture and augmentation, as well as visualization, self-service and mobile BI. 

Throughout 30 years of their existence, the company has launched six offices in the US, four in India, and one in each of these countries: the UK, Poland, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates. Among the industries they work with are Retail, Healthcare, Travel, and Insurance. 



iOLAP is a business intelligence consulting company with more than 20 years of experience. While the company has offices in Austin, TX, and Rijeka, Croatia, their headquarters are located in Frisco, TX. As a team of experienced professionals, iOLAP has worked with such enterprises as American Airlines, Blizzard, and Burger King. 

The services provided by the company include cloud migration, data management, on-premise deployments, and data analytics. 


23. eVerge

This BI consulting company was founded in 1993 by a small team of data analysts to become a renowned company on the market. They focus mostly on Technology, Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare industries, and the extensive list of eVerge’s clients include Dell, Walmart, and Herbalife. 

The company has offices in the US and India. Among the services provided by eVerge are data analytics, integration, and testing, as well as BI cloud customization and deployment, Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition.


24. ValueLabs

Established in India in 1997, ValueLabs is now an international business intelligence consulting company with 29 offices in the US, UK, India, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates. While there were only three people at the company in the beginning, today there are more than 5,500 professionals in their team.

ValueLabs has already delivered business solutions to 150+ clients in IT, Healthcare, Finance and other industries. Their services include data analysis, visualization, management, and warehousing.


25. Light IT

Light IT is a Ukrainian BI consulting company with 14+ years of experience. Throughout this time, they have delivered more than 400 end-to-end projects for clients from eight countries, focusing on Fintech, Media, Healthcare and Education industries.

The company provides a wide range of services: development, quality assurance, design, and business analytics. Their BI services include data analytics, architecture, design, and integration. 


26. FreshCode

This young company was founded six years ago in Ukraine to become a leading company on the local market. Moreover, they have already successfully completed 110+ projects for clients from 21 countries, working mostly in Media, Retail, Real Estate and Education industries. 

With a team of 92 in-house experts, FreshCode delivers BI solutions in addition to development, quality assurance and design services. Their expertise includes data analysis, visualization, reporting, and databases. FreshCode was listed among Top B2B Companies in Ukraine in 2019 by Clutch.  


27. Priotix

An Armenian business intelligence consulting company, Priotix was founded in Yerevan in 2005. Since then, they have completed more than 55 projects for clients from the US, UK, Germany, Austria, France, and other countries. 

Priotix works with both startups and enterprises, and their major targets are Banking, Sport, Healthcare and IT domains. Specializing in developing applications, the company delivers custom solutions for big data processing, visualization and reporting.


28. United Virtualities Corp

United Virtualities Corp, or UV, is a US company established by three dedicated professionals in New York, NY, in 2009. Since then, their team has grown to 125 experts who have successfully completed more than 890 projects. UV focuses on Consumer Products, Finance and Healthcare industries, and has already worked with National Geographic, Converse, and Samsung.

Among the BI consulting services provided by United Virtualities Corp are data collection and processing, visualization, cloud integration, automation, and real-time analytics. The company is well-versed in machine learning technologies and works with such platforms as Azure, Apache Hadoop, and other.


29. Geniusee

Another emerging company, Geniusee, was founded in Ukraine in 2016.  With 50 experts on board, the company has already delivered 55 business solutions to clients in Education, Retail and Finance industries. 

The business intelligence consulting services provided by the company include deep data learning and optimization, visualization and dashboards, as well as building predictive models. All of these are implemented with the help of Tableau, Apache Hadoop, Alteryx, and other platforms.


30. Metia

Launched in 1989, Metia has grown into an international company with offices in the US, UK, and Singapore. What is more, their client list comprise a number of world-known companies, such as Dell, HBO, and Intel. 

The company provides a number of services helping businesses evolve, including data analytics, visualization, and implementation. Metia focuses on Education, Healthcare, Finance and Technology industries. 

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