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Top 3 dApps That Nobody is Talking About

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The First Player-Owned Casino

Decentralized applications are much safer since users’ data are stored in decentralized nodes, not in a centralized repository. Besides that, users can act much more confident while using and spending money on applications because of these dApps are using the smart contracts which the blockchain has.

In brief, dApps stand out as platforms that are far superior to traditional apps.

Decentralized applications have become increasingly popular and continue to grow each year. There are thousands of different dApps created so it’s really not a surprise that you might have missed some really good ones.

1. EarnBet

EarnBet is a cryptocurrency casino built on the WAX Blockchain and it’s fully decentralized and licensed under the Curaçao license. With an awesome and bright interface, Earnbet is slowly conquering the crypto-gambling scene offering 6 different classic and not so classic casino games like Dice, Hi-Lo, Baccarat, Crash, BlackJack and a Jackpot.

Earnbet supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, EOS, BCH, XRP and more and it’s available in 3 different languages. There are a ton of unique features offered by Earnbet which really differentiate the casino from other similar decentralized applications.

One of the most popular features is the ability to earn dividends by holding Earnbet’s own token, the BET token. Players can easily earn BET tokens by wagering on casino games and will benefit in the form of dividends paid in a wide range of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, WAX and EOS.

Earnbet has already rewarded players with more than $4 million in dividends, however, Earnbet has specifically designed BET tokens to be deflationary by burning them in batches.

Casino Games

As stated above, Earnbet offers a nice variety of casino games and all of them are 100% provably fair which means that players can easily verify if their bets are fair at any moment. When it comes to the house edge, all Earnbet games range between 0.5% and a 1.5% house edge.

Blackjack, with a 0.5% house edge, is the newest addition by Earnbet, although currently in beta testing, players can play it and get rewards or even win the jackpot. All Earnbet casino games have a really clean aesthetic and extremely user-friendly interface that takes seconds to understand.


Earnbet doesn’t name itself ‘earn’ for no reason. Players have a ton fo ways to earn cryptocurrencies thanks to Earnbet. Although dividends from holding BET tokens are quite lucrative, there are other ways players can earn rewards.

Just recently, Earnbet held a $1 million prize pool where everyone was able to participate. Earnbet also offers an amazing affiliate system paying 0.25% of each bet that the referral makes, forever.

Earnbet also holds an on-going Leaderboard betting competition where the player with the biggest wagering amount wins and it’s rewarded with Bitcoin or BET tokens.

Additionally, the Earnbet jackpot is always available after paying a fee of 2000 Satoshis to get the chance to win the huge jackpot.


Although Earnbet is quite popular, it seems that not many people are talking about it. The BET token has been listed on Binance DEX and other exchanges and continues to provide players with profitable dividends regularly.

With a clean and beginner-friendly interface, good variety of casino games, many supported cryptocurrencies and languages, Earnbet is slowly becoming the greatest decentralized cryptocurrency casino in the WAX ecosystem.

2. Kyber network

Kyber Network is a protocol that aggregates liquidity from different reserves to exchanges, powering instant and secure token exchanges in dApps. As centralized exchanges are increasingly targets of attacks and hacks, cryptocurrency users are looking for decentralized exchanges to use.

Unfortunately, most decentralized exchanges lack the liquidity that centralized exchanges are currently able to offer. That’s when Kyber Network comes into play, thanks to different reserves from market makers, token projects, liquidity pools and token holders, Kyber is able to provide exchanges with enough liquidity to operate like their counterparts.

The KNC ERC-20 token was created for reserve managers to operate on the network. If you don’t own KNC, you cannot participate. Currently, you can list your own token on Kyber by filling a simple form and you will be granted access to increased exposure and usage of your token, the ability to earn from the spread and token price discovery.

3. Emanate

Emanate is a music platform built on EOS.IO. Unlike other competitors like Spotify, Apple Music, it offers a much more fair, transparent, and secure environment for both artists and users.

Emanate currently has a partnership with Vampr that will bring 500,000 artists into their ecosystem. Emanate has a market entry strategy that will get electronic, hip hop, and indie influencers to upload exclusive tracks and projects.

Thanks to Emanate, artists on the platform will be able to sell their intellectual rights using with smart-contracts. In this way, the middleman will disappear, and a direct relationship will be established between the artists and the audience.

Besides, money acquired and earned through Emanate and will allow divisions of copyrights to go directly to collaborators with zero latency.
The price for each second is the same for all artists at present. This creates a flat, fair, and consistent network.

Besides, it will ensure that money, and copyright divisions acquired and earned through Emanate go directly to collaborators with zero latency.


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