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Top 20 Android Application Development Companies in USA by@mahipal-jadeja

Top 20 Android Application Development Companies in USA

Mahipasinh Jadeja Hacker Noon profile picture

Mahipasinh Jadeja

Mahipal is a tech enthusiast. As an occasional blogger, I love to share knowledge .

If you’re in a search of a renowned and reliable Android app development company in the USA, here is your comprehensive list of top companies.

I agree that choosing the right app development partner for your Android app project is like looking for a needle in a haystack. To make this task a bit easy, here I give a comprehensive list of twenty top Android app development companies in the USA.

Let’s start straightaway:

  1. Solution Analysts (Delmar, Delaware)

Employee Strength- 100+

Established in- 2011

Since inception in the year 2011, this company has remained committed to app quality and performance. Irrespective of scale and size, Solution Analysts has achieved the client’s happiness in every app project. With an in-house team of experienced Android app developers, the company is striving for meeting the deadlines without compromising in quality.

Integration of cutting-edge tools and advancements from emerging technologies like IoT, AR, and VR in enterprise-grade app solutions give this company an edge over its peers. With client-oriented approach and cost-effectiveness, the company has supported many startups and small businesses globally to grow with 360-degree IT solutions in web and app domains.

2. Swenson He (Culver, California)

Employee Strength- 50+

Established in- 2014

Swenson He is known for developing high impact mobile app solutions. The company has experienced developers who can build robust and sophisticated mobile apps for Android platform. Swenson He takes care of every app development aspect from conception to completion while developing interactive apps.

The company focuses on design and project execution to fulfill the ever-changing requirements of corporate clients. Swenson He has achieved fame for executing complex app projects.

3. The Sneakers Agency, LLC (NYC, New York)

Employee Strength- 50+

Established in- 2014

The Sneakers Agency focuses on creating innovative app solutions. They emphasize the design aspect for making the user-friendly app solutions. The company also offers customized solutions in web and systems apart from Android and iOS platforms. Sneakers has forayed into IoT recently.

The company believes in providing an interactive digital experience and developing tailored software solutions for enterprises across different industry sectors.

4. Ingic ( San Diego, California)

Employee Strength- 50+

Established in- 2012

Ingic comes in top five positions because it offers an excellent mobile app strategy and development services to corporate clients. The company has a team of experienced developers for crafting robust and reliable Android apps. Ingic has focused on high conversion rate through custom app development.

Apart from mobile app development, the company also provides software development, web development, and digital marketing services.

5. Blue Label Labs ( NYC, New York)

Employee Strength- 100+

Established in- 2009

Blue Label Labs is one of the leading mobile app development companies of USA. The company has partnered with entrepreneurs and digital agencies to develop feature-rich apps for Android and iOS. Apart from mobile app development, the company also works in building apps for the tablet, watch and TV.

Blue Label Labs also offers digital marketing services for customized app solutions. The company assists enterprises to grow with high-quality apps for different devices.

6. ArcTouch (San Francisco, California)

Employee Strength- 100+

Established in- 2007

ArcTouch helps businesses of all size with feature-rich apps for mobile and connected devices. The company houses experienced product strategists, designers, and engineers to simplify the business processes of the clients. The company also provides cross-platform mobile app development services and blockchain app development services.

ArcTouch also develops IoT and AR-based solutions for forward-looking businesses. Conversational bots and apps are specialties of the company.

7. Big Nerd Ranch (Atlanta, Georgia)

Employee Strength- 100+

Established in- 2001

Big Nerd Ranch is known for developing web and mobile app solutions with excellent UX and UI design. The company has experienced Android app developers who can complete the project in the given time. The company has in-house teams of designers, web developers and mobile app developers for iOS and Android.

Big Nerd Ranch also runs team training programs for the app developers. Employees with the real-world app development experience and thorough understanding run these programs.

8. Blue Whale Apps (NYC, New York)

Employee Strength- 50+

Established in- 2006

It is one of the leading company that houses experienced professionals in the domains of technology, advertising, and design domains. Blue Whale Apps is a company dedicated to only mobile app development. It takes care of every aspect of app development from conceptualization to completion.

Apart from Android app development, the company also offers quality iPhone and iPad app development services also.

9.Citrusbyte (Los Angeles, California)

Employee Strength- 50+

Established in-

Citrusbyte focuses on product design, planning, and delivery of customized app solution. The company has gained fame for providing solutions that not only address the current needs but also customizable to meet future needs. The company’s core focus remains on UI/UX design while developing app solutions.

The company has also forayed into VR domain for creating app solutions with immersive experience on the VR infrastructure.

10. Clavax (San Jose, California)

Employee Strength- 200+

Established in- 2011

Clavax is a reliable software, web, and mobile app development company. The company is known for offering innovative and scalable IT solutions to global clients across the world. The company has experienced developers for developing customized app solutions for leading platforms.

The company helps entrepreneurs and startups to transform their app ideas into robust and reliable mobile apps.

11. Dom&Tom (NYC, New York)

Employee Strength- 100+

Established in- 2009

The company helps the next-gen startups to grow. The company supports the client’s strategic initiatives with open collaboration and wonderful user experience. The company offers both web and mobile app development services across the USA. Dom&Tom also offers cross-platform app development services and emerging technologies-related solutions.

Dom&Tom has a team of experienced developers, designers, and business strategists. Though it was started to develop iPhone apps, the company offers excellent Android app development services.

12. Ethervision (Chicago, Illinois)

Employee Strength- 50+

Established in- 2008

As an enterprise mobile application development company, Ethervision offers iPhone, iPad, and Android app development services to corporate clients. The company has experienced mobile app developers who help enterprises come up with innovative app solutions with enterprise-friendly features.

The company has some experienced strategists that guide entrepreneurs for building enterprise-grade iOS or Android applications.

13. Fueled (NYC, New York)

Employee Strength- 100+

Established in- 2007

Fueled has various teams consists of expert app developers, designers, and software strategies. The company is known for developing cutting-edge mobile apps for startups and big enterprises alike. The company builds iPhone apps and blockchain-based apps along with Android applications.

Fueled also offers branding, website development, and strategic consultancy services to the businesses of all sizes.

14. Fuzz Productions (Brooklyn, New York)

Employee Strength-50+

Established in-

When it comes to high-quality web and mobile app solutions, Fuzz Productions can develop customized and seamlessly-performing apps. The company has multiple teams comprise strategists, designers, and engineers to develop feature-rich apps for Android and iOS platforms. The company can provide teams for working with the client’s product team.

Fuzz Productions can develop customized software for various companies across different industry sectors.

15. Intellectsoft (Palo Alto, California)

Employee Strength- 100+

Established in- 2007

It is a custom software development company that provides high-quality solutions to meet the challenges and ever-changing business requirements. The company is known for integrating the advancements of emerging technologies like blockchain, AR (Augmented Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The company also offers UX and UI services and product engineering services. Intellectsoft focuses on the advanced practices for developing high-quality app solutions.

16. ISBX (Los Angeles, California)

Employee Strength-100+

Established in- 2009

ISBX is a leading software developer that provides both web and mobile app solutions to the enterprises. As a full range marketing and software development services provider, ISBX has served many companies across the world. Apart from the mobile app and web development, the company also offers designing and technology services.

The company also forays into the blockchain and cryptocurrency-related development services with excellent consulting services.

17. Pivotal (San Francisco, California)

Employee Strength-500+

Established in- 2013

Pivotal combines modern approach and cutting-edge tools along with domain expertise and experience. The company builds customized software with innovative and lean approaches for building the next-gen app solutions. Pivotal help startups with a greater agility through the advanced apps.

Pivotal builds excellent apps by combining platform, tools, and methodology to deliver pleasant user experiences. Quality and reduced time-to-market are other characteristics of the company.

18. Savvy Apps (Reston, Virginia)

Employee Strength- 50+

Established in-2009

Savvy Apps offers strategy, branding, mobile app development, digital marketing, web development, and UI/UX design. The company has a team of experienced app developers who have worked on hundreds of app projects. The company also offers cloud computing services and digital marketing services.

The company offers strategic services like competitive analysis, user research, etc. Branding and designing are other services.

19. WillowTree (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Employee Strength-50+

Established in-2007

WillowTree has engineered customized software solutions. The company ensures seamless app solutions for excellent digital experiences. WillowTree has experienced teams of developers who have built apps, responsive websites, and bots through following a predetermined mobile strategy and product design.

Apart from Android apps, WillowTree also offers iOS app development and prototyping services for the businesses.

20. Zapps (Sunnyvale, California)

Employee Strength-100+

Established in-2007

The company offers customized solutions to simplify complex business processes. The company has teams of experienced developers who can deliver apps across a wide range of mobile technologies. Zapps create hybrid and native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

What’s more, the company also offers consultancy and marketing services while keeping focus on the mobile app domain.

We have also included these two companies in our list:

21. CitrusBits (Pleasanton, California)

Employee Strength-50+

Established in-2005

CitrusBits is a noteworthy mobile app development firm that has earned fame for developing and designing tailored mobile apps. The company offers 360-degree solutions through agile approach across all mobile platforms. With effective digital strategy and excellent support, the company builds apps that can mitigate risk and help companies expand the business.

The company has also forayed into the AR and VR app development domains. Emerging technologies like blockchain and IoT are also integrated by the company to create game-changing apps for the corporate sector.

22. Appetizer Mobile (NYC, New York)

Employee Strength-50+

Established in-2009

Appetizer Mobile LLC builds enterprise-grade app solutions for iOS (iPhone, iPad, Watch, etc.), Android (phones, tablets, etc.), HTML5, and Unity platforms. Apart from mobile application development, the company offers app consulting and marketing services. Innovative UI and UX design and strategic branding are other domains in which the Appetizer Mobile provide high-quality services.

Wrapping Up

Android app development costs you time, money, and efforts. It is, therefore, necessary for you to find the right development partner.

Do let me know what do you think about this list, and send me your suggestions regarding the addition of other reliable and reputed company. With the belief that this exhausting list will remain useful for you, I am signing off.