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Intellectsoft LLC develops application software. The Company offers web-based service and development of iOS, android, and windows phone mobile applications. Intellectsoft ...

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351 employees
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Since 2007
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169920 at Alexa

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IEO and Trading Bots to Help You Win Each Battle
Published at Aug 31, 2019 by intellectsoft-blog
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Building a Custom Solution for Financial Analytics
Published at Nov 22, 2021 by intellectsoft-blog
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Blockchain Trends: The Weak Died and the Strong Evolved
Published at Jul 23, 2019 by intellectsoft-blog
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Overview of Top IT Outsourcing Companies In USA & Europe|2020
Published at Oct 03, 2019 by rashmi-sharma

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Job cuts in tech sector spread, Microsoft lays off 10,000
Published at Jan 18, 2023 by Delaware County Daily Times

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