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Top 17 Instagram Bots To Get More Followers

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It can be a real challenge getting your footing on Instagram. Over the last few years it’s become a highly competitive platform for marketers, brands, and influencers. 

Even if you post amazing content, you’re still expected to spend countless hours interacting with users just to get noticed. That’s why Instagram bots have become so commonplace. Almost everybody uses them to save time and boost their performance. Trying to go without one will only put you at a major disadvantage.

It’s no simple task picking the right one, though. Bots can vary greatly in terms of price, quality, and features. There’s also way too many to count at this point, and sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart.

To assist you in narrowing it all down, here’s our list of the top 17 Instagram bots that will get you more followers.

1. YoViral

YoViral is a powerful tool that can deliver likes and views to your Instagram account in minutes. It generates massive amounts of engagement by hooking you up with real users whose taste profile matches your content. It has assisted numerous notable brands and influencers in finding an active and receptive audience that’s right for them.

If needless complication is a major deterrent for you, then YoViral should be a breath of fresh air. To set you up with an unlimited monthly subscription, all they ask for is your Instagram username. They don’t need any passwords or access to your account. Instead, they will automatically detect whenever you upload a new post, and instantly send you hundreds of likes and views in seconds.

2. ViralRace

If you’ve never heard of ViralRace, then you’ve been missing out. They’ve gotten the reputation of being the secret weapon of many artists, influencers, and businesses on Instagram. What makes them so special, you might ask? It’s because their views, likes, and follows come from real people. It’s genuine engagement that few others can offer.

Getting set up on ViralRace is a snap. After selecting a package and giving them your username and payment information, you can expect your order to be fulfilled within the hour. You can even make further specifications to your order if you want, such as dividing the interactions between posts or spreading them out gradually instead of all at once. You can even choose to receive recurring interactions (likes or views) for all of your latest posts.

3. SocialCaptain

It’s hard to top SocialCaptain when it comes to reliability. Within a couple minutes of signing up and customizing your settings, it will start handling your likes, follows, unfollows, and comments for you. Its hassle free set-up and effective audience filtering options has made it an instant favorite with bot users.

There are three pricing plans for SocialCaptain. First there’s the 7 day ($15/week) and 30 day ($39/month) plans, both of which come with the standard package of features. Then there’s the Turbo plan ($99/month) with additional enhancements such as 10x faster growth and AI-optimized interactions.

SocialCaptain is lightweight compared to other services, as its dashboard can be accessed through a web browser with just about any device. This makes it remarkably easy to share with a team. There’s also a downloadable desktop app for even quicker access. The app is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

4. Follow Adder

Some Instagram bots have other services included. Follow Adder, for instance, combines automated interactions with post scheduling abilities. This makes it a convenient two-in-one package for those who want to consolidate their social media tools.

The pricing for Follow Adder depends upon how many Instagram accounts you need managed. The Starter plan covers a single profile for $49.99 for half a year. At the other end, their largest plan costs $425.00 for half a year and can handle up to 25 profiles at once. There are three other plans between these two, each of them boasting the same selection of features and free support.

Follow Adder is accessed exclusively through their own patented software program. Much like SocialCaptain, they have support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. All you need to do is make sure that you have a recent enough version to run it.

5. Fanbump 

Fanbump is a premium Instagram bot for brands, businesses, and professional influencers with more of a budget to work with. They take on less clients compared to their competitors, as they are dedicated to providing a more personalized, higher-quality service to each one.

In other words, you get the white glove treatment when you sign up with Fanbump. That includes a customized strategy plan, a dedicated account manager, weekly growth reports, and more. You can also expect the utmost care and safety with your account, as Fanbump has never had a single account banned under their supervision.

Fanbump’s regular Professional Growth plan is set at $99.00/month. For the more “aggressive” and larger scale clients, there is the Extreme Growth plan. Starting at $1,500/month, this plan will help you gain between 5,000 to 25,000 new followers each month. Now that is some accelerated growth rates!

6. Instazood

Instazood takes the modular approach when it comes to automation. It breaks its features down into four modules that can be purchased separately from each other. That means you don’t have to pay more than what you actually need. This makes it one of the most cost-effective services around.

Its main module is the standard Instagram Bot ($14.99/month). This automatically handles your follows, unfollows, likes, and comments. Next up there’s the Comment Tracker ($9.99/month), which organizes your posts’ comments into a single place so you can reply to or delete them faster.

Another service module they offer is a Direct Messenger ($14.99/month). It gives you the ability to send out mass DMs to multiple users, such as welcome messages to new followers. Finally, there’s the Post Manager ($9.99/month). This is a post scheduler that allows for an unlimited amount of posts to be queued.

7. Upleap

If you’re a “try it before you buy it” type of person, then Upleap might strike your fancy. Their service comes with a free three-day trial. No credit card is required to begin. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and then your assigned Account Manager will start doing the rest of the work for you.

Their pricing plans are scaled for the needs of different clients. The Lite plan ($39.00/month) is geared towards personal accounts and smaller influencers looking to establish themselves. The Standard plan ($69.00 /month) is a major step up for businesses and comes with additional features such as the ability to automate Instagram Stories views. Lastly, their Premium Plan ($99.00/month) adds on location targeting, keyword exclusion, and premium customer support.

Upleap also accepts yearly payments for all of its plans, which come at substantial discounts. You can cancel at any time and will not be charged for the following month.

8. Jarvee

Jarvee is much more than just an Instagram bot. It can also automate your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts as well. So if you ever want an all-in-one bot command center for multiple social networks, Jarvee might hit the sweet spot.

There are three pricing plans based around how many social accounts you need managed. The Starter plan ($29.95/month) covers 10 accounts, the Regular plan ($49.95/month) 30 accounts, and the Professional plan ($69.95/month) 70 accounts. All packages come with the same features and a five-day free trial.

Jarvee’s software is currently Windows-based. While there isn’t any official support for Mac or Linux yet, it can be easily run on both systems through a virtual machine or virtual private server (VPS). Instructions for running Jarvee through a VPS is readily available on their website.

9. Gold Nitro

A common complaint with Instagram bots is that they waste their interactions on inactive or fake accounts. The frustration is understandable given that it’s counterproductive and doesn’t lead to organic follower growth. That’s why it’s such a relief there’s services like Gold Nitro, which has a profile filter for finding and engaging with real people.

Gold Nitro’s Standard plan ($29.00/month) features automated activity (likes, follows, and unfollows), hashtag targeting, basic analytics, and a limited log of activities performed. The Pro plan ($69.00/month) expands upon this with turbo speed, location targeting, follower targeting, automated DMs, and personalized hashtag suggestions.

Best of all is the fact that Gold Nitro offers the first 30 days without charge. That’s an entire month of free growth to judge the results and make up your mind before paying. It’s a generous deal that’s difficult to pass up.

10. Gramista

The security of private information has become one of the greatest concerns of the internet today. Many companies across different industries have been caught selling customers’ information to third parties without permission. Thankfully there are services like Gramista, who have the integrity to keep personal data confidential and out of the hands of others.

Gramista is also one of the simplest Instagram bots around. All you need to do is register, connect your Instagram account, customize your settings, and you’re ready in no time. You hardly ever have to check up on it either. It quietly works in the background and brings you more followers while you concentrate on more important matters.

Gramista’s approach to pricing is unique. It has several different plans that range from a day, three days, a week, a month, two months, or all the way up to three months. So you can pay anywhere from $1.79 to $89.00 depending on how long you want to stick with it. No matter what you choose, Gramista remains ultra affordable compared to most bots.

11. Instavast

Some services are stingy about the amount of Instagram accounts they let you link to their automation bots. Then there are others like Instavast, which allow you to add as many as you want and manage them from a single dashboard. It’s cloud-based too, so you can use it on any device anywhere without any downloads.

Instavast is similar to Instazood in terms of pricing. They have their services broken down into four main modules: Instagram Bot ($15/month), Auto DM ($10/month), Comment Tracker ($10/month), and Post Scheduler ($10/month). There are discount packages available too.

Additionally, Instavast has an array of free tools on their website to help improve your automation experience. These include a hashtag generator, list of banned hashtags, username to ID convertor, media downloader, and a local proxy. You don’t even need to be a paying customer to use most of them.

12. FollowingLike

FollowingLike is a multi-network bot service in the vein of Jarvee. At the moment it works with Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr. Soon they’ll also be adding Twitter, Snapchat, and Myspace to their repertoire as well.

Their Instagram module has a solid lineup of features. It can follow/unfollow users, share photos/videos, like/unlike photos, comment on photos, send direct messages, search for users, search for photos, search for followers/following, search for un-followback users, search photos by user, find post authors, block users, and more.

FollowingLike has a multitude of payment options. With their unlimited accounts version, you can pay monthly ($120.00/month), yearly ($164.00/year), or a one time fee of $297. You read that last part right; you only have to pay once, and then you can use the service forever.

13. Bigbangram

You don’t often see Instagram bot services make estimates of how many new followers you’ll get per day. Many tend to be vague and make no promises at all. Meanwhile, Bigbangram outright guarantees “at least 40-50 followers per day” on the main page on their website. That sort of confidence is admirable.

If that isn’t enough of a selling point, Bigbanggram also offers a free proxy server for any customers managing over three accounts from the same IP. Using a proxy makes certain that your accounts remain safe. Bingbanggram also sells additional proxies if necessary.

Bigbangram’s Instagram Promotion Bot costs $43 for two weeks of service. There are several other modules available too, like their Instagram Direct Messenger ($9.00/month), Comment Tracker ($9.00/month), and Posting Module ($13.00/month). They also have a VIP Promotion Service, which puts your account in the hands of experts who will devise and carry out a personalized promotional strategy for your brand.

14. FiringTable

Content is key to the success of any Instagram account. Without high quality content on your page, you wouldn’t have anything to convince viewers to stick around for the long-term. That’s why FiringTable encourages you to focus on it while they bring the followers to you.

FiringTable has three payment plans to choose from. First there’s the Personal plan ($29.95/month), where you start off with 60% of their usual interaction rate for one account. It’s a good choice if you just want a moderate amount of growth to start. The next step up is the Professional plan ($49.95). This pushes the interaction rate to the max, and also adds priority support.

For the more serious clients, they have a Business plan ($79.95). A Business-level user can add an additional Instagram account to be managed. They also get auto direct messages and comments.

15. Gramflare

Gramflare has a community of over 8000 users and growing. Their clients range anywhere from small influencers to larger businesses. If you look anywhere online, you’ll see that Gramflare has glowing reviews and a sterling reputation from its various customers.

It’s easy to understand why they’re so well-regarded when you see what features they offer. Gramflare’s automation package includes unlimited usage, automated interactions (likes, follows/unfollows, comments, and direct messages), post scheduling, location targeting, and growth analytics.

Their pricing plans are based on how many accounts you need managed. Their Pro plan ($28.00/month) handles just one account, while their Premium plan ($42.00/month) covers three accounts and their Unlimited plan ($60.00/month) can run up to five at once.

16. Maxi Post

Maxi Post is a versatile Instagram bot with a lot under its hood. Its automated activities include: follow, unfollow, comment, like, direct message, and repost. It can also be used to post content directly to your feed, or arrange for it to be posted later with a schedule calendar.

One thing that sets Maxi Post apart from the competition is its Direct Chat feature. It essentially turns your direct messages into a chat client, so you can easily switch between conversations with your followers. While it’s still in beta and actively being improved, it works remarkably well.

Much like other bots on this list, Maxi Post’s plans depend on how many Instagram accounts you wanted linked to it. Their single account plan, the Alpha Pack, costs only $4.99 per month. Alternatively, their Delta Pack can handle 15 accounts for $47.99 per month.

17. RoboIG

One thing that worries newcomers to automation is the potential lack of control. Many fear that their Instagram accounts will be compromised if they let a bot take over its activity. It’s a concern that’s mostly unfounded and totally blown out of proportion when it comes to legitimate bot services, however.

RoboIG, for example, is a bot that uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to power its automation systems. This might lead one to fear that it’ll make unwanted decisions for you. Yet, as any of their users can testify, you can rest assured that your account is safe due to their in-depth control panel, transparency policies, and security protocols.

They offer a variety of different plans. You can get RoboIG for as low as $4.99 per week, or $179.99 for a whole year. This gives you the opportunity to have it for as long or short as you’d like. There’s no pressure either way.

Final Thoughts

The market is oversaturated with Instagram bots right now. New services seem to pop up every other week, while others suddenly disappear without warning. It’s made it difficult to tell which ones are actually worth your time.

Regardless, we can promise you that all of the services listed above are totally safe, dependable, and efficient from our experience. We’d recommend testing out a handful in order to see which one best meets your needs.


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