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Top 10 Smart Contract Audit Companies

Smart contracts require a thorough blockchain audit to help companies avoid reputational damage and data breaches. Half of existing smart contracts go unaudited for many years, posing the users' data and assets at risk. Here are the top 10 providers of smart contract auditing to consider in 2022. At [Hackenio, [ConsenSys], 4IRE, [4IRE and [Kudelski Security] are the most reliable crypto audit companies. At Hackenio is the provider of comprehensive smart contract audits from many angles.
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Blockchain technology took the world by storm a couple of years ago, promising an unrivaled level of privacy and security to users and businesses. However, smart contracts are still digital products, and they require a thorough blockchain audit to help companies avoid reputational damage and data breaches.

Roughly half of existing smart contracts go unaudited for many years, posing the users' data and assets at risk. Such a situation is unacceptable for forward-looking businesses caring for their customers, as the sad lessons of an $80-million theft from Qubit Finance and the most recent Wormhole bridge attack teach people to take security seriously.

So, where to find reliable crypto audit companies that will complete a comprehensive review of your smart contract without breaking your bank? Here are the top 10 providers of smart contract auditing to consider in 2022.

List of Top Smart Contract Audit Companies

There are too many crypto security companies on the market today to give a clear answer to the question of the best provider. Next comes the top dozen providers selected based on the clients' reviews, online reputation, and valuable service benefits they offer.

1. ConsenSys



If you need smart contract audits for an Ethereum-based project, it may be reasonable to turn to ConsenSys – one of the proven, famous auditors of Ethereum. With a track record of 100+ audit projects and 200+ discovered smart contract vulnerabilities under their belt, ConsenSys takes a deserved place in the rating of top audit providers.

The company has created its custom suite of smart contracts audit tools, thus helping its clients to avoid costly errors and system breaches, scan their smart contracts in an automated way, and enjoy continuous verification of the produced code. The branded audit software package integrates pretty easily in every company's development environment and allows continuous, automated security analysis for top-notch smart contract performance.

2. 4IRE



4IRE is a leader in the European blockchain development and audit space, a Swedish-European innovative software provider with 12+ years of blockchain expertise. The company's staff is well-versed with:

  • DeFi,
  • FinTech projects,
  • green finance,
  • blockchain,
  • NFT.

Due to such broad coverage, it gives clients a unique package of services and full reliability of provided solutions.

The experienced team of 4IRE blockchain engineers and auditors can cover any popular blockchain platform and technology. They have been working with Near Protocol, Ethereum, Tron, Polkadot, BSC, Avalanche, and a dozen more blockchains since the time of their launch, thus knowing the security requirements behind each. Here, you can get an end-to-end Ethereum or Solidity audit to dispel any security doubts and understand your digital product's potential threats.

3. Kudelski

Kudelski Security

Kudelski Security

Kudelski Security is a company with offices in Europe and the USA dealing with blockchain security at multiple levels and providing its clients with enterprise-level solutions. The company's mission is to contribute to the cyber resilience of innovative businesses and prevent a variety of tech threats. Kudelski's experts have been working with Fortune 500 companies and governmental organizations in several European countries and the USA, giving excellent security services and introducing innovation in the public sector's operation.

At present, the smart contract security audit services of Kudelski experts are available to all businesses around the globe. The organization also offers an in-depth security architecture overview, security solutions' design and implementation, and security training for staff in companies transitioning to blockchain-based infrastructures.

4. Hacken



AtHacken, blockchain and auditing go hand in hand. At present, the provider allows comprehensive smart contract audits from many angles. Hacken's experts can review the project's smart contract technology, test it for the presence of bugs and critical errors, and expose it to systematic and structured code review. All these efforts are made to model system threats and intercept DDoS attacks on the system.

Besides, Hacken undertakes thorough token audits by applying their in-depth knowledge about smart contract algorithms and the blockchain's encryption technology. After a detailed audit of the smart contract, Hacken guarantees that your project is theft-proof, thus improving user trust and asset security.

5. Immunebytes



Immunebytes is an India-based smart contract auditing company specializing exclusively in audits. The provider can already boast a track record of 125+ successfully completed audits spanning various blockchain technologies. Here you can get a top-quality, insightful review of smart contracts based on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, Tron, EOS, PolkaDot, etc.

The services of Immunebytes allow taking a bird's eye view at your product's threat profile together with in-depth penetration testing, code review, and a full range of recommendations for security enhancement. Clients manage to optimize their smart contract code, achieve better smart contract performance, and upgrade the product's overall security.

6. Chainsulting



Chainsulting is a Germany-based company with high standards of auditing blockchain projects. The provider has completed a series of notable audits for well-known blockchain projects, such as 1inch, Agave, DIA, Swapp protocol, and the like. It approaches every reviewed product with meticulousness and attention to detail, focusing on:

  • The smart contract's functioning and inner logic;

  • Compliance with coding conventions;

  • Exposure to vulnerabilities/

The company's experts issue a certificate of compliance to all successfully audited products and provide a full report with improvement recommendations to those whose security appears flawed. In the course of the audit, the Chainsulting team exposes the product to manual and automated security tests to see what issues it has.

7. CertiK



CertiK has much to offer to clients of all scales and sizes. Its mission is to contribute to the secure Web3 world. The company was founded in 2018 by renounced professors from Yale and Columbia, thus becoming one of the world's best blockchain security providers. CertiK auditors use a unique auditing algorithm that assesses the code's logic and introduces a mathematical approach to the smart contract's analysis.

The track record of this provider is impressive; it has secured over $300 billion of clients' digital assets and served over 1,800 companies to date. The technologies used by CertiK offer a 360-degree account of the product's vulnerabilities. Thus, using the Formal Verification and AI tools in DeFi audit, CertiK professionals open new security dimensions to dedicated clients.

8. Slowmist



Slowmist is a China-based company with a strong focus on blockchain ecosystem security. It was founded in 2018 and has expanded its service range to cover exchanges, smart contracts, wallets, and blockchains. The smart contract audits are performed with 1,500 known smart contract types, with proper regard to the complexity of high-risk to medium-risk vulnerabilities.

Slowmist has a distinct audit checklist for every blockchain technology, with different approaches to Solana, EOS, and other technologies. Its algorithm of smart contract review covers detailed audits of:

  • overflow,

  • race conditions,

  • permission vulnerabilities,

  • safety design, denial of service,

  • malicious event logs, etc.

Another criterion for choosing Slowmist as your go-to smart contract audit company is its inclusion in the Etherscan recommendation list.

9. SmartDec



SmartDec has been at the forefront of smart contract security for many years. The company offers its branded smart contract security suites (SmartDec Scanner, SmartCheck, and SmartSuite) to allow continuous enterprise-level control over blockchain projects' security. As of 2022, the provider has served 200+ blockchain projects, which makes it one of the top blockchain security companies of modernity.

The scope of SmartDec's service spans across all types of blockchain products, ranging from simple dApps to large-scale cryptosystems:

  • wallets;

  • exchanges;

  • and entire blockchains.

The company also audits the success of integration between smart contracts and third-party apps to ensure the safety of API connections.

10. Audithor



Audithor is one of the cryptocurrency security companies that know the importance of vulnerability checks before the blockchain product's launch. It assigns several auditors for independent reviews and subsequent comparison of the obtained results. The next stage involves a collaborative test for the smart contract based on which a specific security level is assigned. The A-grade security means that the smart contract works flawlessly, while grades from B to F suggest different degrees of required improvements.

The smart contracts awarded grades from A to C are awarded an Audithor badge that is further embedded into the smart contract in a downloadable format so that every interested user can double-check the safety status of the dApp or platform they use.


Now that you have the audit companies list, it's time to pick the best provider and conduct an end-to-end review of your blockchain product. Don't forget that digital space is where money and crime often join hands. Thus, any vulnerability left unnoticed in an innovative digital project or product gives hackers additional enrichment opportunities. Never give them such a chance by protecting your customers' assets and trust with rigorous security measures and regular vulnerability audits.

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