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Top 10 Practical Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website With WordPress

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@mikeyperesMichael Peres

Whether for a startup, big business, or personal space, WordPress powers 1/3 of all websites on the Internet. While there are other options for content management online, many consider WordPress the best among all.

Here are 10 practical reasons why: 

1) Low-Cost Web Management

WordPress is an open-source platform that’s free for use, which is a huge advantage for beginners or startup companies. Since WordPress is a self-hosted platform though, it requires web hosting, for which you can choose depending on your budget or the performance that you need for your website. You can typically get web hosting for less than $5 a month for starters, which is not something we would recommend although some people do so.

2) Flexible Customization

Worry not about customization; WordPress allows users to tweak aesthetic, add functionality with widgets and plugins, enable and improve visitor interaction, and more. Users are in full control of their website.

3) Top-Notch Security Features

WordPress constantly monitors malware, offers tools to keep spam off, regularly updates software for improvements, and even has a strong password protection feature that ensures users are safe from hacking and other suspicious activities online with powerful security plugins like Wordfence.

4) Advanced SEO Functionality

In a nutshell, WordPress is an SEO star. It has lots of features that automatically make any website SEO-friendly. It’s compatible across all browsers, easily integrates social media networks, optimized for mobile devices, and offers the ability to modify permalinks with topnotch plugins such as Yoast.

5) Adaptable to Any Kind of Website

Whether your website is for an online shop, a news outlet, an online gallery or exhibit, personal blog, and many others, you can build it with WordPress. While it used to be solely for blogs, it has since been expanded to accommodate different functionalities with plugins like WooCommerce, specifically designed for online merchants. 

6) Social Media Engagement

Engaging a wider audience with social media is as easy as a click of a button. Content marketing can be done using readily available social media plugins and widgets. More than that, WordPress enables users to manage online and social media content using just one platform, making content marketing easier, even increasing productivity.

7) Quick Website Migration

Need to migrate a blog or an old website? WordPress makes exporting content and back-end data from an old website into WordPress. Adding performance improvements and features can be easily done using available plugins, widgets, and custom themes.

8) Compatible with Various Types of Media

Easily incorporate videos, photos, and other files in your content. WordPress supports a wide range of formats and files. It is important to note, however, that WordPress requires legal use of media. 

9) Easy for Non-Coding Experts

No know-how on coding? No problem. WordPress’s interface is pretty straightforward and clear so that you don’t have to be an IT expert or programmer to figure out how to use it. WordPress also offers tutorials and tips for new users to help them get a hang of things.

10) Suitable for Big Businesses and Startups

Owing largely to its flexibility and customization features, WordPress can be a great platform for both the startup and the big business owner that does not require coding knowledge. Many additions and tweaks in functionality may readily be used by simply using pre-written plugins.

WordPress has everything you need to build a website—ready for use and yours at just a click. 


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