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Top 10 Innovations in IoT, HealthTech, Fraud Prevention and More

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While 2020 might not have gotten off to the best of starts, hope lies in the future as we prepare for a new and exciting list of technology and software development yet to come. Tech companies across the world have been working tirelessly to provide consumers with an exciting array of innovations that will shape the world. 

Anything from smart home innovations to personnel tracking in subsurface industries, the innovations listed below offer a new wave of services that strive to make life easier and safer for everyone. From gizmos and gadgets to software and programs, these innovations each offer use to a different industry and strive to establish a new standard within.

Utilizing the latest tech

The best way to create a bright new product is to build upon the work already in place. This means for many of these tech companies that utilizing the newest and most advanced technology to build their own systems of innovation is necessary. Software like machine learning AI or the Internet of Things (IoT) is each useful shoulders to stand on when building new tech and software. 

Many of the items on this list work to streamline services already in place or aim to use preexisting technology to make a brand-new device or service. Bringing a network online by using the IoT or advancing GPS tracking methods already in place. Embedded software design services is an exciting industry to keep an eye out for as they're the ones making this tech revolution possible. 

Top 10 Innovations, 2020

Here we present to you the top 10 innovations to be excited about in 2020. Each of these services is coming to you and will strive to make some aspect of your life safer or simpler. These items are in no particular order as each offers a different level of excitement and innovation. 

1. Medical Alert Bracelet

Sometimes, even when you're in the hospital, a lapse of attention can occur leaving you to have to fend for yourself when an emergency occurs. Having this bracelet will allow you to alert hospital staff to your condition and take the necessary steps to help you out when you're struggling.

2. Multi-app camera driver

Business meetings often require many different bits of information to be displayed at once. When working remotely, this can be quite difficult. This driver will enable you to stream multiple different screens at any one time. You can show yourself while broadcasting up to 10 other devices at once. 

3. Smart home IoT control panel

The use of a private IoT network like a smart home is becoming more and more common. Having access to every device on your smart home network in one place will make the efficiency and productivity of your home that much easier. This control panel places each device in your hand.

4. Cloud service for energy consumption

There is quite often a hidden expense as a homeowner that you don't find out about until the bill comes in. Energy consumption can be quite draining as a homeowner but having a way to monitor your consumption could save you thousands each month. With this cloud service, you're better protected from overspending.

5. Asset tracking for mining use

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world as people either go missing or are lost to cave-ins quite often. This asset tracking software enables base teams to keep track of each person within the mine so that if one of them goes missing, they have a ping on where they could be.

6. Keystroke monitor

As a business owner, one of the biggest threats to your company is insider security breaches. Having this keystroke monitor enables you to protect your company and your assets by keeping an eye on employee activity. Any fraudulent files accessed will be alerted to your device. 

7. Custom GPS tracking

GPS has proven itself to be a valuable software for getting you where you need to go. But what about tracking your assets? Whether it be shipping or transferring from company to company, keeping an eye on your assets is made possible with this custom tracking software.

8. Phone fraud prevention

Phone scams are all too common, especially for the elderly. Phone scammers are able to convince them that the service they're selling is real and that they need to act fast. With this software, numbers that are found to be scammers will be blocked from calling your elderly loved ones. 

9. Teaching kids how to code

The future of the industry is still young and many of them have no idea the possibilities they have with coding. By getting kids started on coding at a young age, you're preparing the next wave of innovators. This application makes coding simple and breaks it down so kids will understand. 

10. Skin cancer detection software

There are plenty of apps that claim to be able to detect whether a mole is cancerous or not. With SkinView, you receive an 80% accuracy guarantee about your results. If it's cancerous, you need to know now, not when you can get into the doctors. The ease at which you can find out about that mole on your arm makes this app something to look out for. 

An exciting future awaits

This is not where it all stops, there are plenty more bright new innovations on their way. The ones on our list simply caught our eye - thousands of projects are set to release in 2020 and the innovations they will provide are staggering. There is hope for an exciting 2020 yet and it all rests on the software design and technology development industries. 

Perhaps the next revolutionary idea is right around the corner. Exciting things are coming in 2020!


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