Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies 2023 by@risingmax
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Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies 2023

May 12th 2021NaN
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The list contains the top 10 medical software development companies that possess the potential to reform the healthcare industry. The list is based on clients’ reviews and ratings, case studies, testimonials, comparative analysis, and other vital parameters. As per a survey conducted in the U.S. (2019), most C-suite executives deploy advanced technologies in their healthcare organization. The company has served more than 100 clients, including pharmaceutical distributors, research and research and other healthcare institutions. Itransition is counted amongst those that are tech-driven developers and developers of modern healthcare software development.

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It wouldn’t be wrong to define the present world as the one where technology embraces anything and everything. Right from the mobile phone you are holding to the aircraft that you see flying in the sky, it is all technology. Every segment of the global marketplace is accelerating and optimizing technology to stay ahead of others. 

When it comes to naming the industries that are the most influenced by technology, healthcare reserves the topmost position. Undoubtedly, technological advancements are pushing hospitals and other healthcare providers to look for solutions to digitize their processes and functions. Furthermore, the situation gives rise to the need for finding reliable healthcare software development companies. 

As per a survey conducted in the U.S. (2019), most C-suite executives deploy advanced technologies in their healthcare organization.  

Below, we have brought a list for you that contains the top 10 medical software development companies that possess the potential to reform the healthcare industry. We have thoroughly researched, analyzed, and then created the list you are about to read here. Our research is entirely based on clients’ reviews and ratings, case studies, testimonials, comparative analysis, and other vital parameters. 

1. RisingMax - Healthcare Software Development Company

US-based RisingMax is a healthcare software development company that delivers scalable business solutions. They cater to client’s unique needs of clients from the healthcare background and render unsurpassable and result-oriented healthcare software development services.

Its scope of services includes creating patient portals, designing solutions for clinical management, mobile health apps, and more. As reflected through their past projects, they cultivate a deep understanding of the requirements to develop apt solutions. They empower their software by incorporating emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT. The company has also nailed the art of satisfying its clients, which is exhibited in the client testimonials section of their website. 

Product Developed For Healthcare Industry: EHR System, EMR, Telemedicine App, Doctor On Demand, Hospital Management System

2. Suffescom Solutions - Healthcare Software Company

Suffescom Solutions is another US-based software development company that has earned a reputable position on the list of the most preferred healthcare software development companies. They provide the right strategy and the right technology to develop software for healthcare organizations and enable them to propel forward. 

With their large-sized team of developers, the company has set numerous examples where they have assisted healthcare organizations to upscale their business. Their past performance and delivery of back-to-back successful projects speak high of their dedication and expertise. Moreover, their software products are enriched with UI/UX to render an unparalleled user experience. Over the years, they have developed an attractive portfolio that consists of various esteemed clients. 

3. SaM Solutions - Healthcare Software Development

SaM Solutions delivers exceptional and robust healthcare software development services and has successfully completed digital healthcare projects. Right from consulting, custom healthcare software development, portal & CMS to apps for medical staff, mobile solutions for patients, software development for medical devices, and maintenance, they do it all.

The company advocates offering custom solutions to healthcare organizations because not every solution is meant for everyone. Their software products have streamlined processes for various healthcare clients. Additionally, utilizing its domain experience, passion, and technological expertise, the company strives to better its software development and deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

4. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft has carved a special position for itself among the most reliable healthcare software development agencies. Its cutting-edge transformative solutions and customer-centric approach make it one of the most sought-after software development firms for healthcare providers. 

The company provides healthcare web/mobile applications, digital healthcare solutions, IoT-powered medical solutions, EHR systems, clinical data management systems, and more. Its software products are developed explicitly to minimize the scope of human intervention/error. Powered by exemplary technical skills, the company integrates technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT to render services at par with excellence. Our tech experts also came across their genuine client testimonials and reviews that further strengthen their current position.

5. Artezio 

Artezio is no new name and has been serving the global marketplace for more than 20 years with its healthcare software development services. The company has successfully served more than 100 clients, including various prestigious healthcare providers, pharmaceutical distributors, research organizations, and other healthcare institutions. 

They offers custom solutions to enable the healthcare sector break the traditional management systems by introducing its highly sophisticated and agile software products. The company’s custom healthcare software development includes a suite of systems like in-patient & outpatient record management, EHR & EMR, clinical trials management, and more. Besides, they also develop mobile apps for doctors, patients, and fitness & health.

6. Itransition

Itransition is counted amongst those medical software development companies that are tech-driven and developers of modern healthcare solutions. It offers grounded solutions to serve the segment that serves humanity. Its custom healthcare solutions are at par with excellence and never fail to deliver what the healthcare providers demand for bettering their services. 

The company’s healthcare solutions consist of consumer health apps, patient portals, clinical & health management systems, medical practice management & operations system, and more. Its existence has facilitated the growth of healthcare organizations by managing their workflows and automating their processes. 

7. Velvetech

Velvetech develops healthcare solutions that match the needs of healthcare organizations. Amazingly, they have been serving the healthcare providers with their solutions for more than 15 years now. 

The projects developed by Velvetech leverage the potential of technologies like blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, the Internet of Medical Things, and more. The company also develops software as a medical device (SaMD) that is highly compatible with tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Besides, they also build practice management systems, medical billing solutions, post-acute-care coordination solutions, and more.

 8. Oxagile

Oxagile is one of the most reliable healthcare software development companies that assist caregivers with medical software products. The company has a vast track record of developing software solutions that enhance diagnostics, treatment, medical workflows, and day-to-day management solutions. 

At Oxagile, they build custom healthcare solutions for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions. The company offers medical software, including EMR, EHR & PHM, lab information systems, E-prescriptions, patient portals, hospital asset tracking, and revenue cycle management. Their software products are enriched with UI and UX that makes them highly appreciable amongst clients. Powered by Cloud, their patient portal, health tracker, and feature-rich analytics solutions are amongst the most demanded solutions by the clients.

 9.  Elinext

Elinext is an established name and has earned a reputation amongst healthcare software development agencies. Talking about its inception, it dates back to 1997. Since then, they have grown by leaps and bounds and have built significant healthcare IT solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, dental practitioners, and other healthcare industry verticals. 

Their expertise revolves around automating workflows, optimizing cost, improving diagnostics and treatment, enhancing patient engagement, and minimizing risk. Their scope of healthcare solutions consists of radiology software, patient portals, Mhealth apps, healthcare analytics software, cancer detection systems, and more. Elinext’s solutions are backed by modern technologies that lead them to meeting industry standards.

 10. DaffodilSW

DaffodilSW has made its presence felt by outsmarting many custom healthcare software development firms. Its smart and user-friendly healthcare software products enable healthcare providers to redefine the way patient’s needs were addressed till now. The company delivers the development of custom EMR/EHR solutions, hospital & practice management solutions, patient engagement software, telehealth solutions, emergency response systems, on-demand healthcare solutions, fitness apps, and healthcare information exchange. 

The company's customer success stories speak high of its expertise and their flawless software products. Daffodil boasts of numerous happy customers because it houses solutions that can take healthcare organizations to the next level. Their propelled abilities have helped many healthcare providers in achieving their goals of providing better care to patients while managing their workflows. 

Why Should Healthcare Organizations Get Healthcare Software Developed?


Times have changed, and so has the perception of the global marketplace. Maximum industries are inching towards digitization, and the healthcare industry is no exception. However, the question here is what importance does healthcare software hold, and why should healthcare organizations get software developed? Here are a few reasons that will explain its importance and why you should look for the best custom healthcare software development company.

  • Quick Access

    Healthcare software products enable quick access to patient records from inpatient and remote locations. This feature adds to the efficiency of healthcare organizations and bettering their care while coordinating within the system. 
  • Effective Decision Support

    The most reliable healthcare software development agencies integrate modern technologies into their software products and effectively support clinical decisions. Moreover, robust healthcare software offers clinical alerts, reminders, and medical information. 
  • Real-Time Quality Reporting

    Healthcare software comes with performance-improvement tools and real-time quality reporting to keep the healthcare providers updated on every key aspect related to the patient, diagnoses, treatment, and other verticals. 
  • Accurate Coding & Billing

    A healthcare software incorporates legible and complete documentation to bring accuracy in coding and billing. This feature prevents manual errors from occurring while the hospital staff maintains the financial records. It also keeps the patients & family at ease throughout their stay at the hospital facility. 
  • Health Interventions

    The provision of reliable point-of-care information and reminders that notify critical health interventions makes it a must-have digital product for healthcare providers. Doctors and medical staff can keep monitoring patient’s health.
  • e-Prescriptions

    Most healthcare software development firms prefer integrating the e-Prescriptions feature into their healthcare software products. The functionality allows the electronic sending of prescriptions to the pharmacy.  
  • Convenience Of Use

    Solutions like cloud computing systems and SaaS-enabled Electronic Health Records allow healthcare providers to use the software and its services anywhere without any discomfort. 
  • Reduction Of Manual Intervention

    Custom healthcare software development companies acknowledge the importance of automation. This is why healthcare software products possess features that reduce the need for staff to maintain everything manually.
  • Follow-Up Care

    Electronic referrals promote convenient and hassle-free follow-up care with specialists. 

After knowing the above-mentioned astounding benefits that healthcare software can bring for your organization, it becomes next to impossible to deny its importance. And now that you have learned them, it’s time to know about the next five medical software development companies. Read through.

Did you know?

Technology-driven innovation has the power to improve the understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more convenient, individualized care, and create $350 billion–$410 billion in annual value by 2025. 

The remote patient monitoring market is expected to reach US$31.326 billion by the end of 2023, increasing from US$15.871 billion in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period.

Statistics are endless that advocate the importance of healthcare software for the industry that saves lives. 

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Healthcare Software Development Company

While our list of the best healthcare software development agencies is not exhaustive, there are many others firms in the marketplace. Admittedly, not every agency is worth hiring, and you should always consider a few key factors before hiring one. Let us have a quick glance at those factors.

  • Medical needs
  • Technical skills and expertise of the firm
  • Market reputation of the firm 
  • Budget

Bearing these aspects in mind, you can well analyze and compare between various firms and boil down to one. 

Wrapping Up:

The market is flooded with innumerable companies that provide healthcare software development services. Our tech experts keep a close eye on the healthcare software development companies and keep reviewing them to help the readers stay updated and educated. Furthermore, this piece is a result of months of research and analysis with our team working to bring the most insightful information for you. 

We hope this blog post allowed you to dive deeper and select the best healthcare software development company to reach the shores of successful healthcare provision.  


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