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Top 10 Equity Management Software to Try in 2021

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New to equity awards? Whether you are well versed in equity awards or not, this form of stock compensation has become a popular way of sharing profits with employees from large enterprises to growing startups. Simultaneously one can align the incentives of staff and shareholders.

It can get a bit tricky to get into this process started due to regulation compliances, but once the gears are in motion, it can be an invaluable tool to exponentially grow your company. And in today’s world of technology, all these details can be recorded through an equity management software.

A good equity management software helps in administering the organization's share ownership and managing the company’s cap table; which is used to track and manage the complex processes associated with issuing equity, managing compliance, obtaining 409A valuations, and staying on top of capitalization tables.

Finance teams and management use equity management solutions as a centralized location for all equity-related activities. The need to involve legal teams for every issuance is eliminated by the use of equity management software.

The equity management tool basically acts as a hub for all the activities relevant to equity, and eliminates the need for third parties every time the company issues equity. 

That being said, below is the top 10 equity management software to try in 2021:

1) Carta

The first on the list of equity management software is Carta. It is a powerful tool that helps organizations manage their equity, shares, and option holders by making the process less complicated. Carta is a powerful solution for businesses and is easy to use. It simplifies financial reporting, stock option compensation, expense management, and 409 valuations. Carta can do both employee and non-employee tracking.

This equity management tool comes with a solution to make quick work of valuations while keeping stakeholders aware of their company’s standing. Investors benefit by using this product, which offers features like ASC 820, information security, and asset bookkeeper groups. Carta runs on any internet browser and gadgets running on Android and iOS, making it available at any place, on any device. 

Why Carta?

Carta has a consistent board usefulness that ensures that all your value follows existing guidelines. It retains your reports, partner contacts, important documents, and Rule 701 worksheets, which can be sent out to different frameworks. 

It gives you robust support. The product refreshes value issuance and all related data. You are likewise ready to follow planned vesting and process electronic securities. 

It provides Board clearance and endorsements to executives. Carta can straightforwardly take care of Board endorsements through the app, which likewise protects report and board check recoveries. Pre-planned 409A formats additionally also comes with Carta, alongside board clearance documents. 

2) Eqvista 

Second on the list is Eqvista. It is sophisticated software that will help transform your company in an easy and effective manner. Eqvista helps entrepreneurs manage and record the organization's stock. Manage your equity and get rid of all the extra work by combining your company with Eqvista. It supports cap tables from all jurisdictions.

Eqvista helps companies from the start with their incorporation services in various states, equity management software, financial modeling like Waterfall Analysis and Round Modeling, and 409a valuation services. They also pride themselves on their quick and friendly customer service, with offices both in the US and Asia, allowing near round the clock contact.

Why Eqvista?

The platform shares an excellent way to manage the shares in your company, all online. You can issue new shares, transfer existing shares, and many others.

The company provides the best cap table management system. You can manage the company's equity and be up to date with all the company records and filings.

Eqvista helps customers get the best 409A valuation in the market with their valuation team. The company's valuation and 409A reports will drive the organization further in the business. 

3) Gust

Gust Equity management (GEM) is a Software-as-a-Service platform. It simplifies the process of handling the evolution of business capitalizations from startup through sale/IPO.  Maintaining an Excel sheet for an enterprise capitalization table is time-consuming. As a company evolves and raises money, the process of retaining the excel sheets becomes difficult. Therefore, Gust Equity Management helps companies manage their capitalization. 

Why Gust?

It is an overall capitalization tool. The software assists organizations dealing with every funding stage by managing option grants, losses, equity issuances, vesting dates, etc.

Gust Equity Management allows you to make requests for 409A valuation reports in order to avoid tax consequences. This in turn empowers you to offer option grants at reasonable prices.

The platform's round modeling feature gives you visibility on convertible notes and future equity financing rounds. Capitalization can also be viewed at any given time so that employees can track equity vesting on a whim.

4) Shareworks  

Shareworks is an all-in-one table management platform. It is designed to aid companies and investors in maintaining stocks, equity, and ownership shares. With this platform, users can maintain and track equity while providing them with key stock information. 

Why shareworks?

The app is suitable for both medium sized and large sized companies. It helps both private and public companies, the culture of ownership. By blocking trading in the system, sharework helps companies in protecting the shareholders during blackout days. 

The system helps in making it extremely easy to use, it is highly intuitive and keeps users updated on share management. 

5) Ledgy

Another equity management software which is built for high-growth companies is Ledgy. Ledgy is a beneficial investment management solution that houses many features, like fund, portfolio, and compliance management. It is an equity management solution developed for fast-growing companies, as its scalable, flexible and easy to use. And because the software is deployed via the cloud, users can easily access it virtually from anywhere at any given time. 

Why Ledgy? 

Ledgy provides a sturdy support to users and comes with an excellent live support. It also offers online training and in person sessions. One of the best reasons why you must choose ledgy is because a free version of the application is available for those who are in need of a powerful investment tool. Ledgy has a cloud-based solution which allows users to have access anytime, anywhere.

6) is a cap table management tool that helps you quickly develop cap tables and scenario models. The software does this by guiding you at every step of the way. It advises you of key organization data that should be added to your cap table, like stock option pool, employee grants, and convertible notes. It enables easy cap table creation and management, transparent ownership tracking for all stockholders, 409A valuations, stock plan management, and decisive round & exit modeling. Companies own and control their data and can easily transition to and from other platforms.


The application has Round and Exit modeling. This model helps you know about how a potential investment could impact your company. provides complete data security. The secured location can be shared with users only with granted access. 

It is a cloud-based tool, which makes it easy for users to access equity from anywhere, anytime. 

7) Backstop

Backstop is a cloud-deployed investment management software. This software explicitly targets hedge funds, pensions, consultants, private equity, venture capital, institutions, and foundations. It has features designed to improve the productivity of your investments. Several tools come with the system; these involve Portfolio Research, Portal, IR, and others.

Why Backstop?

Backstop helps in boosting productivity. It assists in managing investor relations, portfolio research, sales and accounting, which further helps in improving the overall productivity. The platform helps with your overall investment tracking by keeping a record of subscriptions, distribution and capital commitment. 

It is one of the best accounting solutions as it comes with an accounting tool and helps manage your equity. The program also offers free accurate calculations.  

8) Capdesk 

Capdesk is designed to be simple to use as a shareholding tool for both companies and investors. Capdesk is a great time saver as it helps manage your cap table and issue share options effortlessly. The platform also presents share options as less opaque for the team, and its secondaries feature can be a game-changer. It provides you excellent service in getting set up and assists you in structuring your equity and document. It structures the equity in such a way that complies with current best practices.

Why Capdesk?

Both the employee and the company can access their equity anytime with the help of this platform.

Unlike manual methods, the system only requires you to provide a bit of information as everything is automated.  The platform will help you with equity and document structuring, which saves your time through this tedious process. 

9) Truequity 

Truequity is a powerful stock option management software, keeping records of employee stock ownership. The solution offers users updated and accurate stock ownership information, providing them a better understanding of the impact of liquidation and future financing on their organization.

The best part of the platform is that the product is deployed via the cloud, giving users easy access to the system. Another prominent feature about Truequity is that it acts as a document management platform. It allows you to store and access your documents at any given moment and time with the help of e-signatures. 

Why Truequity?

You can choose Truequity for management of financing rounds. It helps users with its unique share modelling and tracking which is achieved by computing the holding percentage, share prices and conversions. The system is also good at keeping records. Truequity will help you retain records of all your employee stock ownership. 

Truequity helps you with easy eSignature and document management. The system helps by acting as a document management system.       

10) Optrack 

Optrack is a stock option management platform that helps organizations oversee equity, stock information, and investment options. This can be used as a self-administration device to manage equity plans, cap tables, and consistent revealing without burning up all available resources. This is the reason it has become a well known instrument for organizations looking for a total perspective on their equity award and ownership. The arrangement doesn't segregate as it works for both private and public organizations.

Why Optrack?

Complying with equity tools has been made simple with the help of Optrack. It helps you fulfill your financial reporting obligations. It provides employee access by giving them personalized access to their equity. This system also helps employees get comprehensive ownership reports.

You can easily pass audits with the help of this platform. The accurate computations rendered by the system helps in conducting audits.     


These are 10 Equity management software which you must try in 2021. Having read about all the different choices, you must be ready to get your hands on a few, sort to speak. Manage your equity as smoothly as possible and these software providers are key in making that possible. 

Try them out today and get the best one for your company!


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