Top 10 Global DevOps Consulting and Service Providers by@smitmaurya

Top 10 Global DevOps Consulting and Service Providers

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DevOps is in full throttle.

Take a look at the supportive predictions from well-known organizations:

  • According to MarketsAndMarkets, DevOps market size is projected to grow from USD 2.90 Billion in 2017 to USD 10.31 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 24.7% during the forecast period.
  • By 2024, DevSecOps will be automated to the extent that 60% of new applications will have complete security and compliance assessment included in the continuous delivery pipeline, according to this IDC community.
  • The global DevOps market size is predicted to reach USD 12.85 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., representing an 18.60% CAGR during the forecast period.

The popularity of DevOps is not hidden.

Tech giants such as Amazon, Netflix, Target, Walmart, Facebook and many more have adopted DevOps and delivering a superior experience to their customers. Since faster software development and delivery become essential, approaches like Agile and DevOps are all the rage these days.

I believe successful DevOps stories are significantly less than the hype DevOps has created in form of debates, summits, posts, and graphics. The real picture of DevOps can’t be seen in the numerical figures; it should be viewed in a number of organizations benefitted by it.

Let’s come to the point.

Here, I compiled the list of Top DevOps Consulting and Services Providers companies globally to help you craft successful DevOps story.

Note: This unbiased list of Top DevOps Service Companies is intended to make the selection process of DevOps outsourcing company easy for you. This comprehensive list is not a result of overnight effort. I have taken the help of Google and platforms like LinkedIn, Forbes, Clutch, GoodFirms, social media presence, and overall ratings.

We all know that the definition of best doesn’t exist. Best is subjective and depends on various factors such as time, cost, requirement, and suitability.

In order to narrow down the choices, I’ve kept the following factors in mind:

  • Team size
  • Founded year
  • Diversity of portfolio
  • Global presence
  • Experience
  • Cost
  • Social media presence

Important Note:

I am not favoring any company neither I have any experience working with any of them. I am amazed by the number of people searching ‘Top 10 DevOps Services Providers’ and ‘Top Devops Outsourcing Companies’ and that’s why I ended up creating this list.

The company order doesn’t matter here. I’ve kept it in a random order and I’d request readers to consider the same.

Here is the quick list of Top 10 DevOps Consulting and Services Providers

  • Sogeti
  • TCS
  • Accenture
  • CA Technologies
  • SSW
  • Datacom
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Micro Focus
  • XenonStack

Let’s get into details of each:

1. Sogeti:

Sogeti is a leading technology service provider and part of Capgemini Group, a global leader in digital transformation. They hold expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions including cloud, cybersecurity, digital manufacturing, and emerging technologies with strong technology supplier partnerships.

Sogeti is UK based DevOps company that provides end-to-end DevOps service with the help of best-in-class tools, experienced DevOps team, and right devops practices. To ensure successful devops transformation, they prioritize cultural change that devops brings.

Company Size: 10000+

Founded Year: 1967

Location: UK, USA, and other countries

Other Services: Digital Assurance & Testing, Cloud services, Testing Services, Tech Product Engineering, etc.

2. TCS:

TCS is a globally well-known leader in IT services and digital business solutions. With an aim to simplify and transform businesses, TCS is one of the top employers globally representing 151 nationalities across 46 countries.

TCS delivers exceptional Enterprise Devops Consulting and Services including advisory and implementation with the use of excellent tools and strong partnerships.

TCS is a reliable name in the IT industry ensuring excellent customer experience regardless of the services you opt.

Company Size: 300,000+

Founded Year: 1968

Location: India, USA, UAE, UK, and other 40+ countries

Other Services: Application Development and Maintenance, Business Process Outsourcing, Enterprise Solutions, IT Infrastructure Services, Engineering, and Industrial Services, etc.

3. Accenture:

Accenture is one among the Fortune Global 500 companies and a global technology service provider helping enterprises embrace digital way of working and living. Covering the majority of the industries and business functions, they offer services in strategy, consulting, technology, operations, and digital.

Accenture’s devops services helping clients to deliver applications faster and with the quality-driven approach. Accenture DevOps platform can help you bring business, deployment, and operation teams together to automate the processes.

Company size: 300,000+

Founded Year: 1989

Location: India, USA, Philippines, and 52 other countries

Other Services: Accenture Strategy, Accenture Consulting, Accenture Digital, Accenture Technology, and Accenture Operations

4. CA Technologies:

CA Technologies is ranked as the largest independent software corporation in the world and a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc. The company delivers system software, application software, and B2B software focusing on agile software development and DevOps.

CA Technologies, headquartered in New York, USA is a DevOps company offering end-to-end DevOps processes that enable automated software development ensuring security, scalability, and continuous delivery.

With hands-on experience and skillful Team of DevOps Experts, they help clients achieve new business heights by accelerating development and delivery. They possess expertise in agile management, automated testing, and continuous delivery to create a fully automated devops pipeline.

Company size: 10,000+

Founded Year: 1976

Location: USA and 35 other countries

Other Services: Advanced Analytics, Release Management, API Management, Cloud Solutions, AIOps, API Development, Mobile App Development, Industry Solutions, Products, Consulting, etc.


SPEC INDIA is a DevOps consulting company based in India, providing digital solutions and business IT services covering wide-ranging industry verticals. They’ve been helping enterprises grow with scalable, futuristic and feature-rich solutions for over 30 years. Their clients range from large enterprises, SMEs, to Fortune 100 companies.

With an aim to leverage experience and expertise to deliver excellence, SPEC INDIA’s DevOps services are used widely by many Enterprise clients and they are experiencing a cultural and technical shift in software development. Not only DevOps but they also hold expertise in DevSecOps which prioritizes security at initial stages rather at the end of the software development life cycle.

Company Size: 300+

Founded Year: 1987

Location: India and USA

Other Service: Enterprise Mobility, Custom Software Development, Startup IT Solutions, Cloud Deployments, Business Intelligence Solutions, IoT Solutions, Technology consulting

6. SSW:

SSW offers scalable and extensible custom software solutions with core expertise in Microsoft technologies. Their clients range from bus companies, government organizations to large accounting companies.

SSW is one of the Australia based DevOps Company, with a combination of supporting tools and culture, they help companies integrate DevOps in a development environment to improve overall quality.

Company Size: 200+

Founded Year: 1990

Location: Australia

Other Service: Software Development, Web & Mobile App Development, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Services

7. Datacom:

Datacom is Asia Pacific’s leading locally-owned IT service providers with 50 years of experience in technology. Their portfolio has a large number of diverse clientele and solutions.

Being New Zealand’s leading DevOps Company, Datacom’s Devops as a Service is aimed at bringing agility through training, consulting, and implementation by experts in order to improve overall performance.

Company size: 5000+

Founded Year: 1965

Location: New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, US and UK

Other Services: IT Management, Cloud services, Custom Software Development

8. Tech Mahindra:

Tech Mahindra delivers innovative and customer-centric IT experiences to worldwide enterprises including Fortune 500 companies. Tech Mahindra is the highest ranked Non-U.S. company in the Forbes Global Digital 100 list (2018) and in the Forbes Fab 50 companies in Asia (2018).

Focusing on velocity and connectivity, their highly-experienced team possesses the expertise to help the large enterprise in successful devops implementation.

Company size: 100,000+

Founded Year: 1986

Location: India, USA, and other 50+ countries

Other Services: Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Services, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Next-Gen Solutions, Integrated Engineering Solutions

9. Micro Focus:

Micro Focus is one of the largest pure-play software companies focusing on building, selling, and supporting software. From mainframe to mobile to cloud, they help companies maximize ROI through high-quality software solutions.

In the spectrum of hybrid IT, they focus on modernizing core business system that can help integrate Enterprise DevOps to build the software at pace.

Company Size: 10,000+

Founded Year: 1976

Location: US, UK and India

Other Services: Hybrid IT Management, Security & Governance, Predictive Analytics

10. XenonStack:

XenonStack is a software company developing platforms for DevOps, Data Integration, Analysis, and Security. They also offer big data solutions, enterprise application development, and decision science.

They are one of the top devops consulting services and solutions companies helping enterprises to enable continues delivery pipeline across the platform with a focus on increased efficiency.

Company Size: 50+

Founded Year: 2011

Location: India and USA

Other Services: Managed Cloud Services, Application Migration Solutions, Big Data Engineering, IoT Platforms and Solutions, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence

While researching, I came across some other leading DevOps outsourcing companies that are worth adding in the list:

Other Top DevOps Services Provider Companies:

11. Appnovation:

Appnovation is Vancouver based global digital solution and managed service provider helping many popular brands in driving growth through scalable digital solutions.

Appnovation’s DevOps consulting services help enterprises improve software quality, automate the processes, adopt the right DevOps culture, and build an agile software release cycle.

Company Size: 200+

Founded Year: 2007

Location: Canada, USA, UK, Europe and India

Other Services: Digital Strategy, Development & Engineering, User Experience & Design, Data and Analysis Solutions, Cloud Services, Business Process Management, Mobile Solutions

12. Sumo Logic:

Sumo Logic is among the most powerful machine data analytics services globally having expertise in delivering best-in-class cloud solutions.

They offer a number of apps for accelerating continuous delivery pipeline in any environment to simplify complex processes and challenges.

Company Size: 300+

Founded Year: 2010

Location: USA and India

Other Services: Cloud Management, Sumo Logic Apps, Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Cloud SIEM, Cloud Migration

13. ECS Digital:

ECS Digital, a London based company specializes in offering enterprise solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses since 2003. Their focus is to leverage Enterprise DevOps and agile testing and help their clients deliver faster and better products.

With the years of experience and right skills, they are dedicated to transforming traditional software development methodologies to DevOps pipelines through the adoption of DevOps culture across the organization.

Company Size: 100+

Founded Year: 2003

Location: UK and Singapore

Other Services: Enterprise DevOps, Agile Testing, Training


ANATAS is a leading IT service consultancy having offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They offer enterprise cloud transformation right from planning, implementation, strategy, and maintenance. They are helping enterprises to adopt enterprise cloud computing to work collaboratively.

One of the leading DevOps Companies in Australia, ANATAS consultants help companies optimize DevOps and automation processes through dependency management, monitoring, automated testing, and infrastructure automation to build software at pace.

Company Size: 50+

Founded Year: 1996

Location: Australia

Other Services: Integration Architecture and Testing, SOA, Testing and Quality Assurance, Cloud-Native Application Development, and Enterprise Architecture

15. 8th Light:

8th Light is a leading custom software development company dedicated to building software from mobile to microservices.

A premium DevOps provider headquartered in Chicago, aiming to build software at high velocity, 8th Light assists companies in reducing cost and time by streamlining and automating deployments with a DevOps culture.

Company Size: 100+

Founded Year: 2006

Locations: USA, UK

Other Services: Blockchain, Mobile Development, Web Development, Consulting, Managed Services

16. Aim Consulting:

Aim Consulting, an Addison Group company, is an industry leader providing technology consulting and solutions delivery.

With years of consulting experience in DevOps, they’re helping organizations to realize DevOps benefits through improved quality, reduced time to market, automation, and modernized software process.

Company Size: 300+

Founded Year: 2006

Locations: USA

Other Services: Application Development, Cloud and Operations, Data & Analytics, Digital Experience & Mobile

17. Cloud Technology Partners:

With a core focus on cloud technologies, CTP, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company helps clients with designing, building, and implementing IT solutions across industries.

As they are the premier USA based cloud service provider, they make the best use of right toolset and people to assess devops maturity and automate processes with the help of DevOps experts.

Company Size: 200+

Founded Year: 2009

Locations: USA, UK and Europe

Other Services: Cloud Adoption, Application Migration, IoT, Compliance, Digital Innovation

18. Eficode:

Eficode is a Nordic-based software development company offering design, consulting, developing, and automation engineering through DevOps with a customer-centric mindset.

Eficode is an European DevOps company based in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, specialized in creating DevOps culture by combining the right tools, operating methods, training, and supportive technologies to build software in an agile and efficient manner.

Company Size: 200+

Founded Year: 2005

Locations: Europe and Nordic Region

Other Services: Cloud Service, UX Research, Design, Software Development

19. Contino:

Contino is a global technical consultancy helping enterprises transforming people, process, and technology to create a modern way of working through DevOps and cloud solutions.

One of the premium DevOps Company in London, they help organizations leverage Enterprise DevOps with strategy, automation, and implementation to accomplish agility and efficiency.

Company Size: 250+

Founded Year: 2014

Locations: USA, UK and Australia

Other Services: Cloud Platform Build & Migration, Cloud-Native Software Development, Data Platform, and Analytics

20. Versent:

Versant is a leading technology solution provider in Australia and consults to a number of high profile clients in the finance, telecommunications, media, public sector, and utility industries.

They offer the best devops practices to enable faster, a continuous delivery pipeline through a collaborative culture.

Company Size: 200+

Founded Year: 2014

Locations: Australia and Singapore

Other Services: Cloud, API, Managed Services, Big Data Solutions, Security Solutions


You Can Help!I tried to leave no stone unturned in providing you with Top DevOps Consulting and Services Companies. If you feel anything is missing, you can help complete this list via mentioning the names in a comment below!Let us make this post a valuable read!

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