BehaviourExchange (BEX) offers what Google and Facebook don’t by@hackernoon-archives

BehaviourExchange (BEX) offers what Google and Facebook don’t

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BehaviourExchange (BEX)
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Exchanging Behaviour might seem strange idea but this is what new Big Data ICO project is all about. Let’s take a close look of that amazing innovation.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, there are over 235 million companies worldwide. They range from businesses such as online stores and e-commerce, to telcos, insurance companies, banks, pharmaceutical companies, automotive etc. The majority of them are selling products or services to the end consumer (i.e. B2C) and they use Internet as an important sales channel.

There are two major problems for these B2C businesses. First they don’t have enough traffic and even more important they don’t know who their web visitors are — i.e., what are their characteristics, such as gender, age, income level, purchasing habits, what they are interested in, the food they like, the problems they have, the emotions they feel (i.e. demographic characteristics and interests). This is critical for their success, growth and even survival.

Companies are forced to order expensive advertising campaigns in order to drive visitors with clearly defined characteristics to their websites. They also cannot proactively engage with their visitors, as they do not know who they are in real-time.

BehaviourExchange offers a permanent solution to this problem. Businesses will know who their visitors are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, they will know their visitor’s demographic characteristics and interests. The technology will enable websites to adjust their content in real-time to every visitor in order to meet their needs.

Every single visitor will see different content, products or services when visiting a certain website. Based on that information the website operator will tailor the interaction with visitors in a way that will more likely lead to desired action (e.g. the purchase of product or service). This is a huge opportunity for digital advertising market that could benefit tremendously from getting real-time information about website visitors.

How BehaviourExchange works?

BehaviourExchange developed the technology that utilizes massive quantities of visitor behaviour information (true Big Data). All this information is ran through sophisticated artificial intelligence models to create high-quality user profiles. The models make use of different aspects of visitors’ habits, such as demographic characteristics and interests beside visiting frequency, time of day, day of the week, time spent, the content they read, etc.

Services that BehaviourExchange offer will be introduced to crypto world with new BEX token cryptocurrency. With Blockchain technology, BEX will decentralize systems of Big Data profiling in order to expand the websites network and the number of personal profiles much faster so the service will be offered to millions of companies worldwide.


Using Blockchain and token based economy to fuel growth

The BehaviourExchange platform connects three parties in a smart and unique way: web visitors, websites and B2C businesses and provides each of the parties with unique benefits: (1) websites are offered the free service of exchanging traffic with other websites and are paid for data that helps profiling visitors, (2) the visitors can immediately find a product or service that fits their needs and are not bombarded with irrelevant ads and content, and finally (3) B2C businesses understand who their visitors are in real-time and will be able to show every visitor the most appropriate product or service.

With the help of Blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency BEX, BehaviourExchange offers similar profiling that Google and Facebook are offering. And a lot more. Apart from identifying and profiling each individual website visitor in real-time, BehaviourExchange’s uniqueness is also offering automatic website’s content adjustment based on visitor’s demographic characteristics and interests.

BehaviourExchange will revolutionize the way companies are doing business and will leverage Blockchain technology to fuel its growth and create a multi-billion dollar business.

For more information:

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