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Top 10 Cannabis Influencers

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The secret to marketing your a Marijuana business is with Cannabis influencers. You can easily hire them through Crowdcreate, a digital marketing agency and platform, that specializes in PR & influencers for Cannabis businesses.

Cannabis businesses are rapidly growing, along with it are cannabis marketing agencies and social media influencers that have been garnering followers here and there through different social media platforms.

To start off, venturing this path might require a solid cannabis marketing agency team who can provide constant research and analysis towards your campaign. And by research, identifying individuals who have influence over potential customers can open a lot of opportunities to improve your business further. From lawyers to chefs, these influencers have their own ways to inform and educate the crowd about CBD, even top celebrities and doctors have recommended and even participated in discussions to raise awareness on CBD’s contributions to our current society. We have heard news being posted in social media that CBD is being used as medical treatments for disorders or mental illnesses, how it helped patients as well as veterans to overcome conditions which literally changed the way we look at CBD.

In the age of cannabis legalization with the help of social media and cannabis marketing agencies on the side, there are a lot of YouTube and Instagram Cannabis influencers out there but only a handful that you may need to follow if you want a more detailed look about CBD.

Here’s our Top 10 list of CBD Influencers in Instagram which you should definitely check out:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

IG: Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Gupta, a neurosurgeon and an Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent for CNN have taken his stance and even apologize for his 2009 article in TIME magazine regarding Cannabis. He admitted that he was unaware of these patients who used cannabis to further improve their conditions. Ever since that apology, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been an active supporter of legalizing marijuana as well as providing endorsements to show how CBD is a legitimate medicine for all.

Jessica Catalano

IG: Jessica Catalano

Jessica Catalano is known as one of the best top cannabis chefs in the USA, combining her love for cooking and expertise on cannabis she was able to make medicated dishes that benefits a lot of Medical Cannabis patients today. No wonder she is being called by many as the “OG Cannabis Chef” not only in the restaurant and bakery field but her impressive working experience in the cannabis industry, as well as in-depth knowledge regarding it have shown great feedback from the cannabis community.

Steve Deangelo

IG: Steve Deangelo

With four decades of being a cannabis activist, entrepreneur, advocate, and educator, Steve DeAngelo was able to inspire and educate millions of people regarding the benefits of cannabis. As a national cannabis leader, he believes that it should be referred to as a medicine to further improve personal wellness and not be used as any form of intoxicant. Up until now, he can be found speaking to conferences and events inspiring everyone through his own experiences, passion for cannabis and dedication to his community which simply in no doubt makes him a good role model and pop cultural icon for all cannabis enthusiasts.

Phil Depault

IG: Phil Depault

Phil Depault spent his 13 years as an athlete, but as time passes his physical condition wasn’t able to keep up, in 2012 he caught a virus that triggered his Fibromyalgia symptoms which ended up forcing him to quit as an athlete. He somehow found a new found hope with the very thing he despises and has channeled it through his passion for cannabis, entrepreneurship, and agriculture. As a co-founder of the online retailer Maitri, he continues to inspire his followers via IG by providing positive feedback towards the cannabis industry.

Aaron Justis

IG: Aaron Justis

Aaron Justis is a cannabis expert, an entrepreneur, and a drug law reform activist. With his expertise, he was able to lay the groundwork for legalization. As a president of the Bud & Roses dispensary, Aaron’s goal is to create the ultimate cannabis shopping experience which has been recognized with its consistent growth and have garnered awards for it. As his own personal commitment, he pursued to be the voice and to educate different global levels for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.

Charlo Greene

IG: Charlo Greene

After the controversial “Fuck it, I quit” stunt on Alaska news, Greene has been pursuing to inform more people about cannabis. Aside from being a media reporter, journalist and the host of “The Weed Show”, it was announced later on she was the founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club (ACC) which definitely proved her dedication and passion towards informing the public about CBD.

Dr. Michele Ross

IG: Dr. Michele Ross

As an influencer who represents the medical community and founder of IMPACT Network, Dr. Michele Ross has used her expertise as a neuroscientist and health coach to further spread the awareness towards cannabis and how it can help medically. Her passion to help patients pusher her to do further extensive research to educate fellow doctors and scientists to consider it healing benefits that can be used in today’s society.

Krishna Sai Andavolu

IG: Krishna Sai Andavolu

Host and Executive Producer of the web series WEEDIQUETTE on Viceland, is your go-to guy when you want to learn cannabis in a fun way. All of his episodes shows extensive knowledge about its healing effects, testing out different methods and sharing that with his audience all over the world.

Jodie Emery

IG: Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a cannabis and civil liberties advocate. Together with her husband, fellow activist Marc Emery they have their own fair share of arrests over their dispensaries but that didn't stop them instead, they’ve emerged as strong influencers against cannabis criminalization in Canada.

Jeremy Szafron

IG: Jeremy Szafron

Jeremy Szafron is a Canadian-based producer and reporter which you can hear via his podcast The Green Scene, considered as the top global cannabis podcast that deals with current issues whether it’d be ethical or legal concerning cannabis, he definitely covered it. He always challenges his audience to make informed decisions towards it since he is providing fact-based journalism approach to promote and educate them about cannabis globally.

Top 10 List of CBD Influencers in YouTube

Another great platform to look for cannabis influencers is YouTube. YouTube is, in fact, one of the best video-sharing platforms out there if you want to stay relevant as a cannabis influencer, you would really want to put out quality content that will inform the viewers and not just for entertainment only.

Here’s our Top 10 List of CBD Influencers in YouTube you should be watching:

Megan Elizabeth

YouTube: Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth’s channel mainly focuses on the health and wellness of her viewers, reason why you can expect video topics or information on improving specific health issues, DIY, home workouts and recipes you can try on your own. She covered several topics regarding CBD products which she tried and tested herself whilst giving her two cents about how it can be beneficial for anyone.

Jorge Cervantes

YouTube: Jorge Cervantes

As an expert American horticulturist, publisher and writer who specializes in the indoor and outdoor cultivation of medical cannabis, Jorge Cervantes was able to share his knowledge and helped teach millions of people through books, articles and demo videos on growing cannabis.

CBD School

YouTube: CBD School

If you’re new to CBD then this is definitely a channel we would recommend. CBD Professor, also known as Vadim covers a lot of things from CBD cures to laws pertaining around it. There are tons of great content about CBD which he thoroughly explains the CBD’s effect and its application to any health-related issues.

Medical Marijuana & CBD Oil Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel

YouTube: Dr. Rachna Patel

If you want to ask a doctor about CBD, then look no further! Dr. Rachna Patel, a medical marijuana & CBD Oil expert explains clearly on her channel on how to use it for any specific medical conditions. She offers a step-by-step walkthrough on everything you need to know about CBD, the doses, what to buy and even the long-term effects of cannabis on your body.

CBD Woman

YouTube: CBD Woman

There are several YouTuber’s out there are passionate about CBD, and Rachael is definitely one of them. She has been very dedicated to learning more about cannabis since it has supported her health in so many different ways. Her channel focuses on sharing her own experiences when using CBD products as well as how-to’s for the canna-curious and experts alike.


YouTube: Leafly

The channel showcases the most popular cannabis varieties and a couple of episodes focusing on growing CBD as well as travels on different dispensaries. They also feature products to be reviewed in the channel to give the viewers a better insight about how effective they are as well as its other benefits.

Cannabis Saves Lives!

YouTube: Cannabis Saves Lives!

Cannabis Saves Lives! is a non-profit channel that provides cannabis content to its audience. Most of the videos are related to news such as legalizations on different parts of the globe, testimonials from CBD users and even episodes from talk shows that have been a part of the cannabis exposure to the community.

Cannabis News Network

YouTube: Cannabis News Network

If you want more cannabis news, then you can definitely check this channel out. They cover serious, factual news videos that have anything to do with cannabis. Whether it’d be for industrial, medicinal and recreational use, rest assure they got it covered for you.

Future Cannabis Project

YouTube: Future Cannabis Project

The channel features cannabis discussions, one on one interviews from CBD CEO’s, extraction experts, and even insurance commissioners covering different perspectives about their businesses, laws, and trend concerning cannabis.


YouTube: EastCoastCreep

A passionate vlogger that recently tried CBD and have documented on her channel how it improved her health in many ways. EastCoastCreep reviews several CBD products and shares her thoughts and opinions about it, she also advises health tips and Q&A regarding CBD.


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