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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence(AI) Applications That are being Used in 2020

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the science & technology advancements most common in the world. It explains the application of artificial intelligence & accuracy at the human level. In other words, computers are learning to think and behave like humans. Machines & apps for artificial intelligence have been of great value to humans, helping to provide simpler and more reliable ways to get things completed.

Such machines are not subjected to emotional challenges that promote human errors & are not biased in their judgment, nor are they tired. Across virtually every area that exists, artificial intelligence apps have found use: from tourism to businesses, from leisure to healthcare. Whatever area you consider, there are artificial intelligence software that can help make the jobs easier. The following are top 10 artificial intelligence applications that are being used on Android devices.

10: Wysa

If you’re looking for a mobile talker that’s very interested in your personality, I’ll introduce you to Wysa. An adorable penguin really knows how to cheer you up with more than 50 problems of mental pain. This talks with you in written form to explain the issues and make up a special workout kit. I was trying to talk to Wysa about some of the disagreements with a friend and about being overdriven. She’s given very fair responses! A psychologist said that Wysa uses a rational evidence-based therapy approach with meditation components. It’s one of the best advantages when you’re faced with anxiety & stress that you can’t always handle on your own.

All features are completely free. When you’re not the kind of person who can dream about robotic suggestions, there’s an additional talk with a real-life Wysa Development Team specialist.

9: Replika

It is known as the best friend application. Replika is one of the most famous & advanced artificial intelligent apps in the world. It was originally designed for apple Phones & is now available on Android phones. The app has the potential to have a conversation with its users much like a human being. This doesn’t appear to be an automatic chat. The app has the potential to lean the user’s interests and the conversation that can start as generic can begin to be more detailed & personalized. Replica should grow a friendship that is close to any real-life relationship.

8: Socratic

Math has always been a problem for a lot of people. Socratic is one of the most common Android AI application that can assist with maths homework. It will support users with their maths homework in really good time. All that is needed is for you to take a photo of the homework & provide you with the relevant principles that you can use to solve the problems in a timely manner. It also supports subjects like Maths, Science, Chemistry, History, English, Economics, etc.

7: MeetFrank

Job searching is a very tense activity, but the AI system is looking for the best matches for you. It works like: Enter your skills & abilities then wait for the results of a realistic search. Another great feature of MeetFrank is a private chat with employers. It’s a perfect choice for those who are still concerned about making a good impression.

6: Recent News

Recent News is a news aggregation application, operated by AI algorithms to research your reading habits. This will keep you up-to-date with the latest posts, news, and insights that are important to your interest and past actions. Recent News is the perfect application to stay updated and up-to-date on subjects you enjoy. It can be integrated with other apps to help you bookmark articles on your smartphone and search them on other smart devices later. In addition, the ease of exporting your history & bookmarks will also help you conserve the battery by nullifying background activity.


5. FaceApp — the advanced face swap

That one is unique from the other serious AI apps because it’s just fun. There are a number of automated photo editors in the market, but there is no such reliable piece of software application. Now, you can render very realistic pictures of yourself & your buddies and choose age, gender, and mood. All functionalities are free, but to erase watermarks and ads you are required to pay about $20. High amount for a bunch of funny images, huh?

4. ELSA Speak

This application is a good example of a professional English instructor. It has everything required for intermediate level awareness & 1 more distinctive function. ELSA’s AI cares about your progress & remembers all your personalized lessons. A further special aspect of this AI is an advanced speech recognition technology. It’s supposed to teach you to speak English with real American literary pronunciation. There are no analogs for this app, but it’s certainly worth a try.

3. Hound

This voice assistant software brings speed and precision into a single move to the powerful Houndify platform which is a combination of speech recognition & comprehension of natural language. The assistant may also use follow-up questions & commands to search, sort and add to the original requests more detail.

2. Robin — AI Voice Assistant

This is yet another AI based voice assistant application for Android devices. It will allow users to write text messages without actually typing the messages. This can even assist with having GPS navigation and preparing the remainder for whatever job you want to do. Robin can be used to get traffic updates, news from Twitter, weather report or even to find a parking space for you.

1: Cortana

No. 1 is Cortana, it's AI algorithms essentially use certain special features of very common origin. First of all, Cortana has a rather detailed start screen that includes the current weather and related news. “She” has a Notebook feature that can be tailored to your daily interests, such as news, food, etc. The most recent update is in 19 categories.

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