Tools for Makers: A hand-curated directory of tools for indie makers

November 21st 2018
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@joeytawadrousJoey Tawadrous

Tools for Makers by Sharath Kuruganty (@5harath) from Chicago

Tools for Makers is a hand-curated database of tools to help you build and ship ideas faster. It currently features 200+ products in 30 categories to accommodate every possible stage from idea to launch. Each category consists of carefully selected tools, all verified by Product Hunt community. The cards come with pricing, trial info and a brief description of the product.

What’s your motivation for creating your product?

I’m a designer turned Indie Maker. Last week I challenged myself to build a product without writing code. Thanks to the community I found many tools. Inspired by @bramk’s Startup Stash 🙏I built a simple platform that features tools made by indie makers which are verified by Product Hunt community. Meaning almost all the tools are named as either Product of the Day or Product of the Week. My motive behind this idea is to support the indie maker community by curating the best tools in the market all at one place. Not to discard some of the best products that give us inspiration I’ve also featured many famous well-known tools.

What are your product features?

The unique card design layout comes with pricing, free trial info and a brief description of the product which gives users visibility to browse and power to explore multiple categories.

When did you launch?

21st Nov 2018

Where did you launch?

Product Hunt

How did your launch go?

- Google Analytics: 1.1K users with 1.2K sessions and 1,361 page views.

- Averaging 20 active users at any given point of time.

- PH Upvotes: 223 — Standing #4 product of the day.

- Typeform: Collected 26 tools from community

Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

Launch day is so important. It’s purely strategy based execution. I completely hustled my way from the launch time. First and foremost thing is to GIVE first. Genuinely give to the community and then ask. Maintain a set of people who are influencers. For the launch, I personally approached to people who are in the community who cares. I gave a 1–1 response to everyone who supported me, upvoted me, liked/commented me in twitter. Like Jony Ive said “People sense care.” So try to be authentic and do your thing. Never ever expect anything and don’t rely on the outcome.



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