To Succeed As A Leader, It Matters To Know The Personality Types by@elnazsarraf

To Succeed As A Leader, It Matters To Know The Personality Types

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It was only a few days ago that I finally found the answers. It was a mind-blowing experiment which helped me understand why I see and do things differently. It was suggested to me to take the Myers Brigg’s personality assessment test. So, I headed over to 16 Personalities and started taking the test for the first time. I learned more about myself in 30 minutes than I’ve learned in 30 years. Now, how can this help you and others around you?

  1. It helps you communicate better.

By understanding your personality in depth, you can communicate with your team better. You can learn more about your differences and act on them. If you are an emotional type (as it appears I am — the Mediator type), it can help you think twice before making a decision. Ask yourself, is this an emotional or logical approach? Keep in mind not always an emotional decision is a wrong decision. However, you need to develop the skills to identify if it is an overall good or bad decision for the sake of your company and team.

It is an excellent idea to have your team take the test and group them based on their personality types. Of course, this idealism is not an option for many companies. However, knowing personality types and understanding people’s differences can lead to a better cooperation and eventually building trust.

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2. You can work better together.

When you realize that personality does matter, you can build a more cooperative team. Some personality types cannot tolerate certain tasks. As an example, I have a Mediator type personality. This means I cannot be motivated by tasks that are solely data-driven. By knowing this, you can elaborate those tasks to the team members who can handle it better. This can avoid any unpleasant internal conflicts or insubordination. Ultimately, by knowing people and their interests, you can build a much stronger team and business.

3. It can help you build your team more efficiently.

Now that you know what personalities each person has, you can define your team’s culture. Nowadays, being able to find the right fit is the biggest challenge for companies. With so many educational contents on the Internet, skills are not difficult to improve, but personalities cannot be changed. As the leader of your team or company, you can use these personality metrics to shape your team with a higher chance of building a more cooperative and safe culture.

Final Thoughts:

There are many leaders out there who might disagree with this approach. However, based on my experience, it is essential to understand people. Make every effort to learn what interests your team members and where they need more help. In the end, they are on your team to help YOU build your dream!

This is a fun activity to experiment with your team, so I highly recommend it. If you do find some interesting facts, share them here! :)


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