Tips to Design a Better UX for Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Whenever it comes to developing an app or product, it should either attract your target audience or give you the sales like anything. What if you have neither gained sales nor audience? Everything will meet at the point of depression, right?

What about Blockchain? Blockchain is an innovative technology that the world has found. It changes the traditional transactions and paves a way to the modern digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. It is not bounded to just financial transactions; it can also be applied to music, art, stocks and so much more. Therefore developing a blockchain technology needs utmost care and cautiousness.

Developing a blockchain technology is not easier but implementing it to users is something that takes you to the next stage. If the technology has built with poor UX design, it will never succeed in the market. To develop a better UX design for blockchain app, you may need to hire blockchain app designers.

Do you have any idea that how designers build a UX design for blockchain? Here are the tips to design a better UX for blockchain technology for you if you are better at coding and thinking to explore it on blockchain development.

Design a Better UX for Blockchain Technology

Talk to Your Users

It is not only for blockchain technology, whenever you are about to develop any product, you should be keen enough to communicate with your users. This means, the strong engagement with users gains widespread adoption. Public will always demand high quality, standard and better UX design, if you can’t produce it, you can’t expect mass adoption.

If you are sure to start a blockchain application design, understand, everything starts from finding the target audience. Initiate with interacting with them via interviews, surveys and usability testing. This high engagement with users helps you while validating product concept and testing assumptions. After this, you will able to assume the concept based on the reviews, but don’t design a product just based on assumptions.

Trust Credibility

Let me understand a thing. Would you prefer a company which has observable trust issues? a big NO, right? In the same manner, no user will come to the platform which has been facing a serious trust issue. It includes almost every application. So, how can you build a trust on a blockchain application?

Blockchain has been used by people around the corners everyday, so building and maintaining trust is just as important. There are many ways to build trust on your application. Whenever you hire a designer for blockchain UX design, consider the following things.

Appearance and consistency — Application should be quality in appearance and match with existing products. The term ‘consistency’ refers to a familiar flow of elements such as visual styles, clear language and iconography. When your application is passed with these things, you will give you 30 per cent in Trust.

Transparency — Transparency is a thing which gives you the remaining 70 per cent. No one likes to engage with the medium which is no longer transparent with us, right? In the same way, giving freedom to your users to know all about your product is so important, which builds trust.

Timing and Feedback

Always be updated to your users. If you have a new deal and offer, if you offered to a new task, let your user know everything. This is another thing that keeps you engaged with users. Be open to provide feedbacks to your users.

Whenever they receive or transfer money, give them a feedback, because making transfer is not a 1–5 seconds concept. Receiving such feedbacks is commonly known as validation and confirmation. If the better UX design for blockchain is your goal, try to add clarity of intent in your design.

Onboarding and Education

Anyway, we are at the very near to the topic now. At last, all you need to get exposure from users. Spreading awareness about your product and approaching the right type of users is the goal which can be gained by a better UX design.

A better UX design fills the gap between users and the developers. So, providing the content about the screens should be simple and understandable to your users. Educating them on how to use the product will also drives adoption.

Final Words

We have done knowing everything about building a better UX design for blockchain. Above said things are enough to implement your application with. Try on your own and let us know your reviews about it in the comment section below.

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