This Guy Thinks He’s Cracked the UFO Code (I Reviewed His Book Quantum Paranormal and Tore It Apart) by@AR
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This Guy Thinks He’s Cracked the UFO Code (I Reviewed His Book Quantum Paranormal and Tore It Apart)

September 8th 2022
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by @AR 1,136 reads
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Patrick Jackson wrote and subsequently published the book Quantum Paranormal: A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena. He describes himself as The Black Sheep of the paranormal and UFO community and says he was blocked, banned, and even stopped from appearing in related documentaries because of his questioning nature. The book is only available through Amazon. It is what it is. I don’t need frills, bells, or whistles, just give me the truth. I want the truth, good, bad, or ugly.

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For those that don’t know me, I normally write crypto guides, reviews, and even the occasional satire piece on Crypto Fireside. But I’ve also been interested in the paranormal and UFO topic since I was a kid and so this will be a little bit different from what I normally do.

I’ve chosen to write this on Hacker Noon because fundamentally, it’s about technology, at least that is what Patrick Jackson the author of the book (who eventually blocked me) thinks and I have to say that I agree with him to a point.

I was recently introduced to Patrick’s work through Australia’s Channel 7 investigative journalist Ross Coulthart and his most recent Spotlight series called Out Of This World.

For those of you not in Australia or not wanting to set up an account with Channel 7, there are a few channels on YouTube that have uploaded the most recent show. Below is one that I found. It may or may not be up by the time you read this. Currently, it’s working.

The show focuses on spherical UFOs and Ross mentions that a British person by the name of Patrick Jackson has been “tracking” them. This led me down the rabbit hole and into Patrick’s

Quantum Paranormal world.

I very quickly watched all of Patrick’s videos on his YouTube channel, checked out his Facebook group and dived into his Twitter account.

Patrick and I had a few back-and-forth Tweets and we eventually communicated through DM’s until Patrick blocked me for asking what he called “data questions”.

Patrick blocking me after asking questions

Patrick blocking me after asking questions

You see, while I am deeply interested in these topics, I’m also a skeptic, not because it’s some way that I want to try to brand myself (as a skeptic) or because I am just wanting to be a critic, but because I want the truth. The real unadulterated truth, good, bad, or ugly. I don’t need frills, bells, or whistles, just give me the truth.

So let’s get into it!

A Review of Patrick Jackson’s Book Quantum Paranormal

Patrick Jackson wrote and subsequently published the book Quantum Paranormal: A 21st Century Analysis of the Paranormal Phenomena. Annoyingly, the book is only available through Amazon. It is what it is.

The following will be a review of the book and some of the work and research contained in it.

The book starts off just the way I like, Patrick introduces himself and gives us a brief background into his work, life, and skills. He then goes on to describe himself as “The Black Sheep” of the paranormal and UFO community and gives us a couple of real-world examples where he says he was blocked, banned, and even stopped from appearing in related documentaries because of his questioning nature.

Ironic with Patrick blocking me…I’ll save my thoughts on that for later.

I realised that the paranormal isn’t just an idea or perception, But a much loved belief system considered equal to religion. Hard questions are not welcomed or even tolerated.

Patrick then moves on to explain and introduce the reader to Stone Tape Theory which will act as a kind of anchor for the rest of the book as he will refer to it and how this idea links into pervasive belief systems among the paranormal community.

He does this well with many references and a sprinkling of his own thoughts on the theory, but then he just goes off the road he was on and begins discussing “Time loops/ Replaying of Past Events” which I thought was a little strange.

We are provided two fairly recent stories and examples of these so-called time slips. In one of them, a young shoplifter is being chased by a guard when the young shoplifter realizes he is in a time slip, so the story goes, he takes his phone out, says that there is no signal, and moves on to look at a nearby newspaper stand, panics and then moves on down the street until he is out of the time slip, but says he could still see people walking around in the other time period, he also reports he now has phone reception.

The part that gets me is, that he says he pulled his phone out and saw he had no reception, but what? Forgot to take photos or videos? Then when he later checks his phone again, he refuses to use his phone to take evidence for the 2nd time. How does that make any sense? Strange, and even stranger that our Black Sheep friend does not question this in the book, instead he just gives us the story as if we should believe it or as if it’s a setup for later on (It’s not).

Of course, both these “stories” were reproduced on a monetized paranormal site called Exemplore. The stories sourced are from a book called Paranormal Merseyside, and the Liverpool News Website called Echo.

Instead of questioning the stories or even at the very least referencing the original sources, Patrick moves on quickly to begin discussing what he calls “Quantum effect or Leakage” as part of his “Technical Analysis” of these topics.

Technical analysis is good and needed but how about just a basic analysis to start with? Confirm some facts maybe and ask some questions.

All three authors are easily contactable. Here is Tom Slemen, the co-author of the Echo article. here is the other author of that same article Emilia Bona (she even has her Twitter message function turned on). S.D. Tucker the author of Paranormal Merseyside appears to be a little more clever at hiding his online identity, he is possibly using a pen name too, but of course, the various publishers of his books can be contacted easily!

Patrick moves on after his “technical analysis” of time slips to throwing away ideas about spirits. I tend to agree with him here. And this analysis shows up a few times in the book and again is linked to the Stone Tape theory.

In Part Two, Patrick moves quickly through, EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Black Masses, Sudden Mood Changes, and then Possession, using the example of the well-known Elisa Lam incident and death.

The Tragic Death of Elisa Lam

The thing with Elisa Lam is that, she had bipolar disorder and usually took powerful medication for this but at the time, had stopped taking the medication. My opinion is that this was just a tragic case that happened but because of where it happened, the media and entertainment leeches jumped onto the story because of how odd it seemed and because it happened at the Cecil Hotel (which has a history). This meant that they could suck every penny out of it.

Patrick says things about this case like;

the young lady in the elevator (Elisa Lam) appears to be taken over

She might appear to be taken over to some people, but to me, and many others, she appears to be having a mental health episode. It kind of ticks me off when so-called researchers use stories like these to try to spin some odd angle without giving the basic facts. Might there have been something paranormal to this case? Yes, but there also might not have been and if you know she had mental health problems and was usually heavily medicated, her erratic behavior begins to explain itself or at least offer clues.

Patrick mentions none of this in his book.

The other thing with Elisa Lam, if memory serves me right, is that she had never been on an adventure like this and ventured off on her own, I think mixing all this in with her mental health problems, lack of medication, this new environment she found herself in, a creepy old hotel filled with weirdos, and a lack of supervision, this is a perfect storm in my mind for something to go wrong.

Another well-known person of interest that did this with the Elisa Lam case is David Paulides.

David is the guy that popularized the Missing 411 category of cases of people that go missing in alleged “bizarre circumstances”. And it’s interesting because Patrick brings David’s research up later in this book. Birds of a feather maybe?

When you read David’s Missing 411 books and look into his stories you find that these so-called bizarre and paranormal incidents are extremely rare and instead, in many cases, the incidents are easily explained and can be put down to dehydration, hypothermia, or other common but yet tragic happenings.

I know this because I looked into many of the Australian cases David reported on, and in some cases, he just blatantly spun these erratic crazy sounding stories such as the case of Gary Tweddle, in which David, similar to Elisa Lam, had left out all of the basic facts and purposely made to appear far more bizarre than what it really was.

I digress. But I do find it strange there are characters on the web that are monetizing these types of stories and click-worthy events.

Weird Stuff

Patrick then again quickly moves through the topics of Strange Electronic Malfunctions, Full Body or Object Apparition, Getting Followed, Poltergeist Activity, Buildings That Suddenly Become Active And Then Stop, and The Witching Hours.

I mean where to start and where to end with these. I could do a whole 2000-word component pulling these apart. Patrick is obviously setting up the rest of the book with these paranormal examples laid out right in the beginning.

The only component that I want to comment on in this so-called “replicatable observed paranormal activity” is the part on Electronic Malfunctions.

While I am not officially technically trained, I have worked for various large and small manufacturers of and sellers of batteries, electric, gas, and water appliances for over 15 years and most of that time has been spent doing basic diagnosis, fault finding, and trying to replicate problems customers face.

One thing I have learned is that a lot of people don’t have any understanding of how things work or should work and even more are just plain stupid.

I once had a person tell me that he put his brand new smartphone into a tank of water because the marketing material said it was waterproof. Wow. What was more unbelievable was that he expected it to work afterward and when it didn’t, he then contacted the company to complain.

Recently my Google Chrome Cast does this thing where it seemingly and randomly switches the visuals off but the audio continues to play, my kids and I call this the blue screen of death. It’s not paranormal and has nothing to do with UFOs.

Lithium batteries are another well-known curly one. They are reported frequently to be seemingly ‘dead’ and this happens out of the blue, but can be re-activated by being jump-started. This all seems weird but when you start to understand how the technology works and that they are affected by temperature, humidity, condensation, and even air pressure along with many other things that most people never care to think about, you start to realize that very likely what people consider to be weird or strange is in fact perfectly normal.

None of these things are even slightly paranormal and to just throw this out there without specifying is not good work in my opinion.

Part Three is mostly just research notes and references.

Where Are All The Ghosts?

Part Four begins really well. Patrick pulls apart the number of deaths and explains that if these paranormal activities are due to dead human spirits, in summary, there should be a lot more of them. I agree with this argument and have used it myself, we should be swimming in a sea of dead humans, animals, and even dinosaur spirits if this was the case.

Where it starts to fall apart for me is when he just throws that idea away completely.

I agree with him for the most part, if spirits were real and they were just banged out and assigned human bodies like in a cookie factory we should be surrounded by them. But hang on a second. Not all humans are the same. Supposedly.

What if there are special kinds of humans or humans in special kinds of situations or a combination of the two? Does not a large part of the human population believe in humans with divine or magical powers? Prophets like Jesus Christ, Enoch, Milarepa, Buddha, and Krishna?

What about the more common witches, warlocks, and people that meditate or wash their crystals in the moonlight?

What if we are in a Matrix and these spirits are Neo-like characters?

What if there is a process here, how can we just throw the idea away because the numbers do not categorically make sense? Seems a little impatient to me. Something that we see repeated throughout the book.

In Part Five, Patrick provides research on various aspects of defense contractor companies such as Lockheed Martin, some of the technology that they produce as well as providing us with a kind of angle that he has on Boyd Bushman, Lockheeds senior research scientist.

Patrick tries to kind of angle in a sense that Boyd knows a lot more and perhaps has access to secret information about aliens and whatnot. I have read and seen all this stuff from Bushman before, everyone in the UFO community has, they went bananas over the Bushman video content in 2014 where he was saying a bunch of stuff about UFOs and aliens and even provided photographs of the alleged ETs.


The issue here is that the evidence that Boyd provided viewers of this video, the ET photographs, were fakes! It didn’t take long for Internet sleuths to find an exact replica of the alien in the photos.


Below is a video that shows the “f*cking alien toy”.

And here is what Patrick had to say about it:

On the 8th October 2014 a video was posted on YouTube - Boyd Bushman did an interview with aerospace engineer Mark Q. Patterson where he referenced two groups “The Wranglers and the Rustlers”…

As I expected, not much was mentioned in the mainstream media.

Patrick wrote about Bushman and even wrote about the very video as quoted above, but he left out the fake alien photographs!

How is that possible? It is either just amateur and lazy behavior or he is purposely building a story that he wants to tell. I’d say the latter for obvious reasons. You can’t write a chunk of your book and reference a character, reference important events from that character’s life, or in this case, death, but yet not even touch the vital parts of that one important event and then go on to say not much was mentioned in the mainstream media!

The truth is that if you type the words “Boyd Bushman Alien” into Google, you get About 122,000 results. And many news and media outlets did cover it, including Metro, Daily Mail, CNN Indonesia, Yahoo News, Bild, and more. Of course, this does not include social media where the story went viral.

Part Six was more like a techies guide to the paranormal in which Patrick writes about the most common types of tools used by paranormal investigators. There is nothing really to say about this component of the book.

30 East Drive - The Most Aggressive Ghost in Europe

In the next part, Part Seven, Patrick documents his experience at 30 East Drive, Pontefract. A well-known haunted property that is a 30-minute drive south of Leeds.

The property has had books, documentaries, and even a movie made about it.

This chapter has been one of the best so far as we start to see some of Patrick’s real investigative work and to be frank as I sit here in my comfortable, warm, well-light, non-haunted house, I’ve got to say that it takes a solid sized pair of balls to do the type of work Patrick does here, not because some evil ghost may have frightened him and made him poop his pants but because there are real tangible health effects that one can experience and which Patrick details as having happened to him as well as the audiovisual team he had with him and which lasted for between several months and a year Patrick reports.

Just for the readers here, some of the happenings Patrick and the team experienced; marbles being thrown, voices and whispers in their ears, growling, cups being knocked over, doors slamming, clocks being knocked over, 3M tape and camera brackets being repeatedly pulled off of glass, black masses being sighted, fingernail scratching on walls, devices behaving bizarrely and more.

One of the best bits in this part was when Patrick discovered what he believed to be like an automated powering down of some of the activity. I am not sure if I read it wrong, or if Patrick explained it incorrectly but in my mind, this does not necessarily explain a powering down. You‘ll have to read the book to see what I am talking about but briefly, what Patrick did was to stick a piece of camera equipment to a glass panel with 3M tape and he added less weight to his experiment each time. The equipment kept getting knocked down. And if you know 3M tape, it is designed to hold serious weight!

In my mind, If I had the time and resources I would do the experiment with added weight, reduced weight, the same weight, and then varied weight.

At one point in this chapter, Patrick notices the number 666 on an apparatus that I won’t go into too much here for not wanting to spoil his book but I just thought this was a little goofy and could have been tested a lot better.

In general for the amount of time that the team had at the property, I am surprised more testing did not go on. Or maybe it did, but it was not reported? Patrick does explain that some critical equipment was not available for the tests as they were stuck with British customs at the time.

Could they have tried using different kinds of chemicals, sounds, lights, or something else? What happens if music is blasted? What happens if HUGE amps are used, what happens if light is used, perhaps natural light from a fire versus artificial light, does the thing react, is the activity attracted to animals, what happens if salts or other chemicals are left exposed, was the home’s wiring checked and tested, where any samples taken?

And you will see later on in the book that at least two of the things mentioned above are discussed in more depth, yet they were never tested at this site, at this time. It could be because these discoveries happened much later on in the process. We simply do not know.

Spherical UFOs

Part Eight. Patrick now begins to tell us about the spheres in this chapter. What made me scratch my head is how he jumps around so quickly. One minute he is talking about black masses and the very next moment it’s now spheres. Black masses are completely forgotten about! And then just as quickly as he gets to the spheres, a few photos later and now it’s Foo Fighter UFOs. This all happens within just a few pages and yet its at the core of Patrick’s research.

This is fine in your own head and in your own time but if you're going to produce a book and try to convince readers, do a little more research and show us something more than mental hopping, skipping, and jumping.

This happens all too often in this book where connections and correlations are made very quickly but very little background, explanation or evidence is supplied to the reader. What Patrick forgets is that this book is for us, not for him. A book is always about the reader and not to be used as some kind of resume-building process!

And with that, Patrick makes the Quantum leap from haunted houses to spherical UFOs, just that easy. This was a real letdown. This was one of the connections I was most interested in and to the so-called reverse engineer, it seems he has not detailed his own process enough for us to reverse engineer his work.

Just as quickly as he makes these jumps he does a right-angle turn, to tell us what he thinks is propelling these spheres and he tells us it must be electronic field-based propulsion. Must be true because he says so. Right.

Patrick makes an odd mistake in this chapter of the book where he refers to the well-known Ufologist Steven Greer, not as Steven but as “Richard Greer”. In fact, he does it a couple of times. I wonder if Patrick is a fan of the Silver Fox Richard Gere?



In parts eight and nine Patrick does make some connections between the alleged spheres at the 30 East Drv property and UFOs but in my opinion, these are not substantial and they are not proven anywhere else in the book as having occurred at any other properties or other properties around the world, yet Patrick tells us over and over again that these phenomena are global.

Read that paragraph back again, it’s very important.

Patrick goes on to explain how these spheres may be controlled, propelled, and camouflaged as well as how they might emit light and how that can easily be explained.

In Part Ten Patrick provides more information on spherical UFOs and he introduces us to The Betz Sphere. I have not much to say on The Betz Sphere. I’m on the fence on this one and so I will just let it be.

What I will say is this though, If I was writing a book about UFO spheres, I would want to get my hands on one to investigate and photograph it! At the very least question and interview the owners. Perhaps Patrick tried to get access, perhaps he was not able to. I don’t know. Again we see this impatience.

One of the most interesting clear-as-day pictures in the entire book is shown in Part Ten (below) but the strange thing is that Patrick provides us with no reference to where it came from, where it was taken and who took the image. He may have and maybe I missed it, but I have gone back into the book countless times and cannot find the reference. In the section where the image is shown, there are references to this video, and this video below, but no reference to the image shown:

Here is the image below.

I reached out to Patrick and asked him and was provided with this answer.

Questions are big fails.

Questions are big fails.

Apparently, I failed at trying to understand where an image came from.

Patrick did this often in our back-and-forth messaging and was constantly on the defensive. He doesn’t like being questioned for some reason and when he is questioned he makes smug and childlike remarks. He told me he’d leave the Steven Green mistake in there at one point, to quote “troll” him.



I wonder, is he trolling us?

Are the Spheres Part of a Network?

In Part Eleven Patrick lays out his ideas on how these spheres are possibly networked. I liked the work done here and think it is a new and fresh approach and will act as good work for future researchers to follow up on.

Without giving Patrick’s book away you will have to read it and see some of the correlations made but I can say that some very interesting data is found across the UK when it comes to haunted homes or at least that is how it is portrayed in the book.

The problem with the hypothesis that Patrick reveals is that the data was taken in Patrick’s own words from the paranormal community and from Internet searches;

I got in touch with the paranormal community and asked them to provide a list of all of the most haunted areas they could think of. I also included all the well-known areas from internet searches.

Patrick details what he did with the data when he got it, but as I say, my issue is with the data, not the process. As the saying goes in the tech community, which Patrick no doubt knows well from his time in I.T. Garbage in, garbage out.

As a side note, it was at this point about this data that Patrick finally pulled the plug on our conversation and decided to block me. What is he afraid of? What is he hiding? If he is not hiding anything why not speak to people and allow questions?

Finding and sharing data on haunted properties is not some mystery. I found two sources (1 and 2) within 5 minutes of searching. Just tell us where you got the data from Patrick. Without continuously sharing all of our tweets like a 12-year-old gossip queen, Patrick told me he would reveal it soon.

Patrick makes connections between the spheres being used as nodes in a type of microwave communication network and then discusses the potential negative health consequences which he very quickly connects to what he believes to be that the spheres trying to warn us to get away from them when they are about to do an upload.

We are told that evidence of this is when you are in a haunted home the spheres will attract the dweller into another part of the home with footsteps or bangs and crashes so as not to harm them with radioactive emissions from the burst of data being uploaded.

This sounds plausible until you realize that this contradicts what Patrick describes earlier in the book as happening to himself, by saying the phenomena from 30 East Drive followed him home, whispered and hissed in his ear, and scratched on his walls. Or for those who have done their homework on 30 East Drive will know, that the girl who lived there had her hair pulled and was dragged around the house.

This ‘do no harm’ theory as I call it, is not sound.

Sphere UFOs have even been reported to harm and kill people as this one report from 2002 describes. The news report explains that the object, a sphere UFO, killed 7 people in India. The events caused mobs to form.

Patrick reveals to us a few times in the book that he believes the spheres must operate and be controlled by some kind of Artificial Intelligence. If that is the case, why would AI-powered devices that Patrick continuously argues are following a set of patterns, follow someone home and pester them?

If this is all true and these AI-programmed devices scare away the dwellers of these haunted homes, we’d assume that they have done their job, so then what is the purpose of the hitchhiker effect?

The other very obvious sign that this idea is lacking anything meaty is the fact that 30 East Drive is a tourist attraction that is listed on Trip Advisor, and where you can book sleepovers. If part of these AI-powered spheres’ role is to scare people away so that they are not harmed, they are not doing a very good job of it!

Another question that came to mind while writing this part of the review was, why are these networks operating at ground level, why not underground or in the air? Surely there are tunnels or sewerage systems and storm or rainwater underground systems that they could use?

Patrick goes on to explain that he believes the reason the spheres broadcast from homes is to protect the surrounding population from mutagenesis. Wouldn’t that work better from underground or far off in the woods? The other reason provided by Patrick is “stealth”.

An Overview of The Phenomena and More Tests

In Part, Twelve Patrick does an overview of his current analysis before moving on to another test.

It’s not clear to me what hypothesis Patrick was testing, perhaps his Witching Hour ideas. The idea is that this phenomenon follows a set of patterns and this can be evidenced because usually, Patrick tells us these events occur between 11 pm and 3 am.

We can see this test performed in the video below.

The book becomes a bit confusing in this part as it describes and shows pictures from an event that I don’t believe are in the video linked above and I think Patrick has made a mistake and confused two separate events.

At this point, I must admit that I became frustrated and put the book down for a moment because several times, things like this just did not make sense, and when combined with Patrick’s other mistakes, lack of references, or the times that he just copy-pasted from Wikipedia (below) but forgot to reference the source, it gives the reader the impression that it was his writing, and this lack of care just blows me away.

Patricks book

Patricks book



Defense Mechanisms?

In Part Thirteen Patrick talks about potential defense mechanisms that humans can use to counter the spheres and push them away. I mentioned this earlier as one of the things that I had assumed Patrick would have tested when he was at 30 East Drive the first time.

Jackson concludes that because the spheres operate in the dark (they also very clearly operate in the light from a 2-second Google search BTW) that he could incapacitate them using strobe lighting and theorizes that people living in these homes could use this method to force the spheres out.

Patrick tested this theory at 30 East Drv when he revisited at a later time and he provides evidence in the book to show that he believes it had an effect on the audio that was recorded from the event. He gives us a smattering of his own thoughts and beliefs here, by saying that this could be some type of “reset” we are hearing and seeing in the audio waves.

It’s times like these where I wonder why Patrick does not state that he does not know what is happening (because he doesn’t) or why it is happening because it’s easy to confuse Patrick’s ideas with fact. You will have to check the book out to see what it is I am referencing here. But just know that we don’t know what noises Patrick has captured and we certainly do not know that it is a reset!

We do know that it didn’t stop the haunting.

Radioactive Poltergeists

Sounds like a cool band name.

In parts Fourteen and Fifteen, there is talk of poltergeist objects. Patrick theorizes that the reason that these items when removed from their homes or original locations begin to become “active” is that they are radiated and harmful to humans and so other AI-powered spheres sense that the item is not where it should be and potentially now harmful to humans and through something to do with Bob Lazar and Gravity Amplifiers a scarecrow-like tactic is used to scare the family into returning the poltergeist item.

This was a massive stretch of the imagination. Jackson attempted to tie together words from Bob Lazar about alleged craft, with spheres and poltergeist activity. The only thing missing was the wolf man at this point. And I’m saying this as a believer!

Patrick does this more and more towards the latter parts of the book where he goes off on a tangent and decides to start linking random things together as if he’s an old-school detective using a pinboard and string to connect the dots. The issue is, that he has no real evidence of any of these things. I think at this stage the best he came up with was a picture or two with some lines on it that he says is the energy produced by the so-called “gravity amplifiers” moving objects.

If the theory is that the haunted items are radiated or being radiated or are harmful, can’t this be checked with a Geiger counter? And if EVPs can be used and this theory is accurate and the idea is that the items need to be removed by the spheres so as not to harm us little meatballs, why can’t the AI simply tell the people “TAKE THIS ITEM BACK!” as directly as that?

I mean this is an elementary-level critical questioning that my 6-year-old son could come up with.

Adding to this, if the theory is that these items can attract sensors and radioactivity, how do we know the original source of the activity isn’t the item in the first place? The answer is that we don’t know. We’re well and truly in Patrick’s world and he calls the shots at this point in the book.

Patrick gives us an example of this poltergeist activity with the Tallsmans story. This is where a haunted bed had apparently been brought into the home, and poltergeist activity began immediately afterward and only stopped once it had eventually been destroyed.

The thing is that the children were obviously sleeping on this bed but yet it was not dangerous to them or at least not reported in that way so that right there refutes Patrick’s idea.

And again, with the impatience to publish and not spend another five minutes researching, Patrick was not bothered to reach out to the Tallsmans and check on the health of the kids and fulfill his theory.

How hard is an email or phone call to make? In five minutes of searching and I mean five minutes, I was able to find the pastor, Wayne Dobratz contact details. Wayne was also involved in these ghost-bed incidents. Whether these contact details are correct or not, I am not sure, but I am not the one doing the investigating!

Observe the two lines in the image below; this replicates Omicron mode, with one of the three gravity amplifier holding the sphere in place and the remaining two used for moving/ projecting controlled force on objects. If this is the same process as the Lazar craft it would explain why we see two streaks of light. The same mechanism produces the same behaviour and will ultimately slow down time within the beam. Therefore the IR light emitting from the night vision camera is reflecting back from the beams - at a much slower speed; this slowed-down IR reflection is captured in the image as a pair of visibly elongated streaks of light.

And he ends these chapters with this

This suggests the spheres are monitoring from above - observing electronic/ radioactive emissions using pattern analysis and comparison algorithms.

As I say, this is a really long stretch and seems to me to be Patrick for whatever reason delving into areas he doesn’t even need to delve into. The old stay-in-your-lane advice works here.

Patrick does this throughout the book and as the book goes on, he amplifies this way of communicating his ideas and in my opinion, it does no good for his work in the long run. To me, it’s like he is trying to come up with a Universal theory on all things paranormal instead of just sticking to what I believe is so far fairly good work on the UFO spheres.

Part Sixteen is where Jackson begins to try to complete his hypothesis and offer a universal answer. Essentially it boils down to this.

We as humans are rare, our DNA is rare, there are good and bad ETs, and the good ones protect us, these are the ones that operate the spheres which Patrick now calls a firewall. This is apparently why ghosts and spheres hang around graveyards because there is ample human genetic material there for them to utilize and not harm us by extracting our DNA while we are living. The bad ones are the ones that perform cattle mutilations.

In Part Seventeen Jackson describes the mechanism of actions and he starts to explain how EVPs and the spheres work. For all of the explaining Patrick does, I’m still left scratching my head and wondering why such an advanced alien, AI species can’t seem to get our language or even the audio right. For anyone that does not know, most of the times EVPs are captured, the phenomenon is only heard after the fact and only if the event was recorded.

Patrick makes excuses for this and explains something to the effect of, and of course I am paraphrasing, well it’s because the AI doesn’t understand us and because the audio is only picked up as cross talk.

It honestly makes it sound like whatever this entity or intelligence is, is pretty stupid and lazy. Contrasted by the balls being so incredibly well designed that they are operating in the “quantum realm”.

Naughty Scratchy Spheres

Part Eighteen. Patrick explains why and how a sphere can scratch someone, but of course, as usual, there is virtually no evidence provided to base his theory on and I wonder what else he uses to analyze this component of his ideas because all he provides us are two photos, one of The Betz Sphere and one of an unknown scratch on an unknown person.

A scratch caused by an alien AI-powered sphere, allegedly

A scratch caused by an alien AI-powered sphere, allegedly

In this part, Jackson refers us back to David Paulides’ work, which as I said earlier is not accepted by many people. In fact, the internet is littered with book reviewers and reviewers of his work picking his work apart for completely failing to include important parts of cases or not updating his followers on cases that are resolved, or making cases out to seem creepy and bizarre when actually explained by simple circumstances such as dehydration, suicide or accidents.

And from here we have now fully entered Patrick’s wonderland where he starts to talk about cattle and human mutilations.

Take a look at the quote below:

It is clear that this is a totally different behaviour pattern, meaning it's a totally different group, with an entirely different agenda. The logic of the above injuries is to extract as much cellular DNA as possible in the shortest period of time, in other words the injuries indicates a "get in and get out quick" behaviour.

What’s happening here is that Jackson has moved about 100 steps ahead from his original work on paranormal events and spherical UFOs and is now theorizing as to what could cause cattle and human mutilations and has somehow spun this to fit into his own work. Amazing.

How to Trigger the AI

In Part Nineteen Patrick re-balances a little and does some good work explaining how you can trigger these AI-driven spheres by setting them off with a particular sequence of lighting.

He establishes some connection to how other human systems similarly operate and then explains how he was able to come up with a way to test this hypothesis.

Jackson shows us evidence from his tests in Manchester and honestly, this is great and this is the kind of stuff the book should be filled with!

We have time analysis, we have descriptions of the types of devices used, and we have audio and visual recordings of changes at the location as evidence that might prove Patrick’s AI trigger works or at least provide a base of understanding that others can use to test the same thing.

However, as Jackson does repeatedly throughout the text, he goes off on tangents that completely almost ruin his good efforts:

Test 2 was a success: my out-of-place concentrated light source triggered the external AI monitoring system, pushing the spheres into action, the pre-programmed response was executed = resulted in attempted interception. Once the sphere arrived, clearly no craft but something "unidentified", the sphere then monitored it, and escalated the case to a higher level. It would appear that this higher level consists of living beings that get temporarily inserted to observe whats going on.

Patrick runs another test and instead of only telling us about the test and the result, which he does do, he wanders off mentally showing us pictures of what he believes was an alien being intercepting their test and then begins quoting and referencing material on Peruvian skulls. just another random connection Patrick is trying to make with zero evidence, yet it’s dangled out there.

Patricks World Party Time Excellent

Jackson’s wonderful world comes alive after these last tests in Part Twenty where we are taken from UFOs, AI, theories about human DNA extraction, NASA flying old satellites into the moon and the moon being potentially empty, to speculations about unknown human origins, space wars, Earths crust, and finally back to AI firewall clusters. Mind you, all of this occurs in only a few short pages.

Jackson makes a final argument about the sphere's origins and how they are very likely not man-made.

He gives what I think are good reasons and good explanations as to why and tells us how this has to do with our X-ray analysis of the spheres and their atomic numbers. You will have to read the book to see for yourself.

The last part of the book was a copy-paste dump of a report which I found to be quite a lazy attempt as a final argument. Instead, Patrick should have taken the important parts of the report and used those and then linked to the report for anyone that wants to read the full thing because honestly most of it is incomprehensible to the average reader. This was another thing I had asked Patrick about in our communication but as usual, he fobbed me off telling me if I could do better to write my own book and that it’s not his fault if people cannot understand it.

The point I am making is that Patrick uses up a couple of pages to give us his Universal theories on all things paranormal, which is supposedly his own work and his own research but then he gives us pages and pages of documents, that he has not produced as if almost claiming the research or bragging rights over it.

This copy-paste report goes on for about 26 pages before we get Patrick Jackson’s final words on the topic.


The book had good information that could have been summarized into a blog post or a few tweet threads. That’s the TLDR version.

It was at times hard to read and follow, there were quite a number of spelling and grammar mistakes in it, things such as photos not referenced properly or photos jumbled together in a confusing manner, people’s names were wrong, the confusing timeline of events and generally, a hard pattern to follow with lots and lots of really long quotes and even full on copy paste reports as well as some other pretty obvious mistakes.

We all make mistakes and I am sure I have made plenty, but some of these were so bad that the proofreaders and editors should be fired. That’s if he used proofreaders and editors.

The topic itself was great and the ideas and little research that were contained within were new and refreshing to read, which in this space as anyone knows, is not something that we see often.

Patrick is not the first and he won’t be the last person to theorize that these sphere-type UFOs are some kind of drone or extension-type satellite device.

I don’t discount Patrick’s work for a second, but I do find some big gaps where Patrick could go the extra step to make the connection more concrete, but he fails to do so, and this is what needs the most attention in my mind.

I’ve been there and done that when researching a topic or even just trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t come along often, you get one piece of data, two, a couple more and you think you’ve discovered the solution but the problem is so big you’re actually missing many more bits of information and are completely way off track.

This is a common trait among treasure hunters. They will take a few pieces of information and run with it, completely gambling on the info they have. Every so often they are right, but most times they are wrong.

If Patrick decides to do a follow-up, I’d like to see Patrick pull on the same thread a little more when he finds one and be laser-focused in his approach instead of jumping all over the place. An example of this is when Patrick and his friend Mike go to Manchester to perform some light tests which he believes activate the systems to come and inspect, he believes from his results that this was a success, and evidence was provided. It would be great if he continued these tests and then used his strobe lighting to try to blind the objects and see if his device picks up on the reset that the theorizes happens, as that would offer a fuller picture. Rinse and repeat.

There were some major issues for me, such as the data used to track the haunted properties which means the analysis of the properties acting in a network is completely unreliable.

Jackson assumes that he has to try to come up with a theory of everything when that is not true. It’s enough to capture the things Patrick has captured and the work on the spheres alone is amazing. I hope people pick it up in other places around the world and try to see if it can be replicated. Some cooler and more experienced heads are needed to continue the research I believe.

Overall, good job when focused, but can be improved a lot.

Lastly, on the blocking.

After Patrick blocked me for doing the same things that he says he was blocked for, I have to take his “The Black Sheep” self-styling and scratch my head at whether he understands and sees the irony of it. This makes me question how genuine he really is or if he is just another one of these guys like David Paulides that builds these fantastic stories up just to sell books and make a quick buck.

Patrick accused me of allegedly using a fake pic and said that there was no info on me. You can call it a fake pic, but it’s an illustration, one that I tend to use across the Internet and which has the name of my blog on it. Hilarious and again, showing lazy research. I am fairly accessible if you look. So, again, I wonder if Patrick was just trying to come up with excuses and reasons not to answer my questions.

Patrick, if you write and publish a book, questions are normal. If you ever feel like answering any, there is a comment section below 😁. I won’t wait up.


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