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This community is putting fish on the blockchain

No, not really… but we do love the blockchain!

Ok, so we are not putting fish on the blockchain per se (could be cool? 🤔), but we launched a exciting new project called the Crypto Aquarium.

“Should I buy Bitcoin?” — William “Crypto Bill” Shakespeare

What is the Crypto Aquarium?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Should I buy Bitcoin?”. If your answer is yes, then the Crypto Aquarium is a perfect place for you…

It’s a friendly, fish-themed, cryptocurrency chat group for noobs and experts alike. You can ask questions like “Where can I buy Bitcoin?”, “Whats the best cold storage wallet?”, and “What does HODL mean?”.

Check it out here 👉

Crypto Aquarium - A place to talk and learn about cryptocurrency.

What is so special about it?

When we launched the Crypto Aqaurium 🐳 this summer, we saw the need for a supportive and well-groomed environment for people to talk and learn about cryptocurrency. Now, we are celebrating our 1,000th member! 🎉

Fun facts:

  1. You don’t have to be a fish to join. 🦀
  2. We were featured on Product Hunt. 😺
  3. We have 1000+ members from 20+ countries. 🌎
  4. Our members inlcude the creators of projects like Coindex, Whalebot, and Cryptominded. 🚀
  5. Bitcoin price has gone up since we started.. Coincidence? We think not! 🤑

How can I join?

First, download the Telegram chat app here. Then, follow this link and you are in!

See you in the Aquarium! 👋

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