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Coindex adds Binance & Portfolio 🙌

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@jashpettyJosh Petty

Start tracking your holdings with the latest version of Coindex.

Download Coindex on iOS

Download Coindex on iOS

What’s New?

Binance markets and Portfolio tracking are here!

  • Watch all of your favorite Binance markets, view full historical data, and learn about the new assets.
  • Track your portfolio’s holdings on over 1500 assets in your local fiat.
  • Automatically sync your holdings from Coinbase, GDAX, Poloniex, Bittrex, and Binance.
  • For extra privacy, enable Touch ID / Face ID from the Settings to ensure no one else has access to your portfolio.

We’ve also included some polish improvements:

  • Improved error handling, so you won’t be bombarded when exchanges go down.
  • Data optimizations, so data loads faster and is more reliable.
  • UI touch-ups, for that extra glimmer of polish.


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