Have You Ever Struggled with a Performance Issue For Your Web App? by@prompts
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Have You Ever Struggled with a Performance Issue For Your Web App?

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Stuck with writers' block? No problems. Answer these writing prompts and share with us your expertise as a dev, gamer, or business analyst!

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What a week in news it's been! We hope you enjoy this edition of HackerNoon's Weekly Writer Notes, curated by our diligent team of editors, who were hard at work improving and publishing 248 stories out of 589 submissions from the past week!

Developers at HackerNoon improved the usability and design of every writers' profile page, moved trending stories & companies atop the homepage, made auto title-case an option for headline writing, allowed users to turn text selected from any HackerNoon stories into a downloadable quote image, and enabled block embeds for any URL on our markdown editor.


Speaking of which,

  1. As a developer, is there any project or concept you are working on or worked on that you can explain in a simple What Is, and Why format? Click here to get to a pre-loaded draft with that format.

  2. Do you have any general advice or words of wisdom to share with other programmers? Click here to get to this "Meet the Programmer" interview.

  3. Have you ever struggled with a performance issue for your web app and later on successfully solved the problem? Click here to enter this Debugging Writing Contest.

    P.S. Looks like our Stable Diffusion model was having performance issues of its own generating the lead image of this story


Outside of HackerNoon, our team was pretty surprised with Adobe's announcement to acquire Figma for $20 billion (1.2x Total Addressable Market, and 100x annual revenue). Mergers and acquisitions ("M&As") are pretty standard fare in the business world, but all this consolidation does raise some questions for the future.

  1. What are some tech businesses that are ripe for acquisition or should be acquired, in your opinion? Examples and speculations welcome!

And now in the world of gaming Konami made a surprise announcement that it was going to be releasing remastered versions of the first two Suikoden games. In that vein:

  1. Are remasters/remakes just a cash grab or are they effective at introducing a new audience to already established franchises?
  2. How should video game developers treat potential sequels of dormant franchises (think, the upcoming Monkey Island video game, or if Capcom had to resume the Dino Crisis series from where it left off)?

Not interested in any of these topics? Don't worry, HackerNoon has loads of writing contests and prompts to choose from. We hope you'll find something that fits your needs and we're looking forward to your submission.

Happy Writing!


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