Things You Need To Know About Our Redesigned Google Chrome Extension by@salesql

Things You Need To Know About Our Redesigned Google Chrome Extension

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Find personal and business emails and phones on Linkedin, boost your recruitment and sales performance.

Last week, we have launched a brand new user interface for our Google Chrome extension:


While for some users this could look like a simple “fancy new design”, there is a huge amount of work behind it, so in this article, I would like to highlight what are the most important changes, and what it is coming next.

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1. What are the most important improvements?

2. What is coming next?

3. Try our new Google Chrome Extension today

What are the most important improvements?

The extension has been completely rewritten from scratch, tested by our team, and tested privately on beta for several weeks before launching, it was a huge challenge to launch a new UI to 80,000 Chrome Extension users who are already used to our previous interface.

So here are some of the most important improvements we have been working on:

New emails and phone views

You have probably seen in our web application that now we try to identify what is the most important information for you, classifying, validating, and sorting the data so you can see the most important email first.


This is also true for phone numbers, which are now shown sorted by your preferences (if you prefer to see mobile or company phone numbers first), and they are also showing to which company belongs to, if any.


A new way of managing default and assigned projects

In our previous version, one of the most frequent complaints was that selecting and creating projects did no scale when you have dozens if not hundreds of projects.

So we have implemented our new project selector which supports managing hundreds of projects without any issues, with infinite pagination, quick search, colors, etc.


Managing hundreds of projects is now a lot easier

Quick access to important metadata

We are slowly introducing more widgets for quickly accessing metadata, so you have more visibility into what has been happening with one contact directly from the result list.


Looking at notes directly from the contact list

Detailed bulk action results

Finished a bulk action, and no idea what happened? Now after a job finished, you can see how many contacts are new, how many were part of your account, how many were out of your network, etc.


What is coming next?

This is just the beginning of a great new phase, we plan to introduce some features in the following weeks that will completely change the way you work:

Detect previously added contacts automatically


We will start detecting contacts that are part of your account before you click on “Add”, so you can quickly access all the metadata (emails, projects, notes, etc) and decide if updating the contact is necessary or not.

Access to the full profile from the extension

This is probably one of the most important features we are going to launch this year, soon you will be able to access the full contact information and metadata directly from the extension, without having to open the web dashboard.

A huge step on making your life easier, giving you access to all the information you need, and making sure you have the whole context when navigating in LinkedIn.


Try our new Google Chrome Extension today

Haven’t used our Chrome Extension recently? Install it from the Google Chrome store, and if you have any suggestions, you can always submit a new feature request.

In SalesQL we are committed to launching fixes, improvements, and features every week (take a look at our changelog) to keep up with all the suggestions and support requests we receive every day.

Have a productive week!

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