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Things to know about the new Elastic Stack 6.0.0

Build Complete and Elastic Stack 6.0.0 is officially GA, culminating thousands of pull requests, effort of hundreds of committers, two alpha releases, two beta releases and two release candidates!

Here are the important things you need to know about 6.0.0

Elasticsearch 6.0

With the move to Lucene 7, Elasticsearch 6.0 adds powerful features like index sorting for speedier sorted queries and sparse doc values for reduced disk storage. Plus, a brand new upgrade experience.

  • No Downtime Upgrades
  • Migration Assistant and search across multiple clusters
  • Faster Restarts and Recoveries with Sequence IDs
  • Faster Query Times with Sorted Indices


A Dashboard Only mode, a Full Screen mode, the ability to export saved searches to .csv, Alert creation via a UI in X-Pack Gold and above, a migration assistant in X-Pack Basic, and all of it is made more accessible via contrast changes, keyboard accessibility enhancement and more

  • CSV Export and Refactor of the Visualization Code
  • Watcher UI for Threshold Alerts
  • X-Pack Monitoring Email Notifications for Cluster Alerts
  • Cluster Alert for X-Pack License Expiration


Multiple, self-contained pipelines in the same Logstash instance and the addition of UI components — Pipeline Viewer in X-Pack Basic and Logstash pipeline management in X-Pack Gold.

  • Streamline Processing with Multiple Pipelines
  • Manage Pipelines Centrally with the Elastic Stack
  • Visualize Pipeline Logic and Performance
  • A Smooth Path from Ingest Node to Logstash


Auditbeat joins the Beats family to tap into your Linux audit framework. Plus, new options in Filebeat and Metricbeat that dig deeper into container and orchestration metrics.

  • Logs and metrics out of Kubernetes and Docker
  • Auditbeat — operational security
  • New commands and configuration layout
  • More efficient Metricbeat storage
  • Internal pipeline refactoring and better performance


First class support for Spark’s Structured Streaming has landed in 6.0, alongside a re-write of connector mapping code to better support multiple mappings. Support for reading and writing the new join fields has been added as well. Users can also now take advantage of script types other than inline for update operations.

  • Spark 2.2.0 and Stable Support for Spark Structured Streaming
  • Support for new Join Fields
  • Multiple Mappings and Multiple Index Reads

These are my top points from the Elastic Stack 6.0.0 release , each and every one is handpicked to get an overall idea.

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