Things To Consider While Creating Your ICO Marketing Strategy by@vinita-mathreja

Things To Consider While Creating Your ICO Marketing Strategy

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Every day scores of ICOs are listed but not many survive the gestation period. Here is an exhaustive list of marketing and promotional activities you can kickstart with to promote your coin strategically. The list includes an up-to-date website, live webinars and AMAs to be on major ICO listing platforms such as CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap. Airdrop campaigns, giveaways in digital merchandise or money lottery campaigns that directly connect your audience with the token will help you widen your audience and reach in effective manner.

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Creating a marketing and promotional strategy for your ICO is essential. Every day scores of ICOs are listed but not many survive the gestation period. Why? Not knowing their right target audience, not having a roadmap for developing their product, and lastly not knowing the right channels and content funnels to implement.

Here is an exhaustive list of marketing and promotional activities you can use to promote your coin strategically.

1) Keep updating your ICO’s Whitepaper

Your Whitepaper acts as the very first representation of your ICO’s value offering. Make sure to update your whitepaper with major developments in your product. Make sure to publish your whitepaper on your official website for others to read. If you wish to keep confidential details away from your target audience you can create a lite paper of your ICO and share it on your website.

2) An up-to-date website

Any business or ICO’s first point of visibility is its official website. It is essential to showcase the market problem that your product can solve or a benefit that your ICO holder can get. Your website must have the details of the team behind the ICO, the roadmap of your coin, a demo of your product, the whitepaper, the latest press releases, and contact details. In addition to this, you must also add your telegram and other community links for people to join.

3) Live Webinars and AMAs

Personal branding or humanised branding is the key to getting your ICO the visibility it deserves. Go live on telegram community channels and with crypto influencers on Twitter and YouTube. Live AMAs help your target audience understand your coin in a better way. AMAs, pre-recorded interviews with industry experts can help you engage with existing communities.

4) Optimize your social media handles

It is important to be social on your Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter handles. Have an impressive bio that represents your experience in the industry. Ask all the stakeholders of your ICO project to post regularly on their social media handles.

5) Be on major ICO listing platforms

This one is a no-brainer. You can easily list your coin on ‘CoinGecko’ and ‘Coin Market Cap’.

6) Ongoing Campaigns

Keep pushing airdrop campaigns, giveaways in digital merchandise, or money lottery campaigns that directly connect your audience with the token.

7) Talk about the tech

Amplify the brand of your Blockchain and the technology behind it. Let your buyers or potential users know about the different functionalities and benefits of the technology behind your product.

8) Forge partnerships

Look for potential partners within your realm. It can be a DeFi ICO project or a Utility-based ICO. This will help you widen your audience and reach in an effective manner.

9) Offline events and on-ground activation

Be present at major offline blockchain or ICO summits. Have offline events for representing your coin and your vision and your mission for it.

10) Harp on social influence

As we know, the Blockchain and Altcoin space is largely influenced by finance specialists, business tycoons, and celebrity artists. When there’s a good wave in the altcoin market, take advantage of it and use it as a magnet to attract more audiences on major platforms. 11) Consistent PR and Content Marketing: This is the holy grail of an ICO marketing strategy. To be in the news keep promoting your ICOs latest development via press releases. Speaking of content marketing make sure to post SEO optimized content on your website and on major tech platforms like Medium and Hackernoon. Along with long-format content, you must also prepare a social media calendar that covers all progress and offerings of your product.

12) Create a cult for your ICO

Market in the tone your audience understands. Be humorous, be straightforward about your offering. Use a set pitch and lingo for your ICO. For example, visit Shibu coin’s social handles. A humorous marketing route works for them. Creating a branded ICO is equal to humongous sweat equity. So be consistent at it because the fruits your ICO will bear will be overwhelming for sure.

13) Influencer marketing

In a competitive space, onboarding social media crypto influencers can make your ICO marketing more impactful since the likes of these influencers can help you get into the spotlight as they have a greater following on social media.

14) Have a social media listening tool

Manual monitoring of your coin on various platforms can be tough. Use social media tools like TweetDeck, Hootsuite to never miss your brand mention. Prompt replies will surely floor your audience.

15) Structured Tokenomics

A well-defined Tokenomics can help you gain the confidence of your potential coin investor.  Lay down your token allocation and distribution for buyers to know the potential of your coin offering.

16) Have an elevator pitch

Whether you are connecting with a potential partner or an advertising and PR agency, an elevator pitch of your ICO can do wonders. Keep it sweet, simple, and crisp.

17) Know your competitors (if there are any)

It is paramount to do reiki of the altcoin market and narrow it down to your ICO category (it can be gaming, DeFi, identity management related products. Read between the lines that your competitor is adding to their social media. This will help you understand how you can brand your ICO in. totally different manner.

18) Private token sale (before listing your ICO)

Numbers attract people, but moreover, it wheels in the attention of your future buyers. When a company discloses its token sale revenue, the faith of incoming potential buyers increases.

It almost works as a testimony for your token buyers.

19) Choosing the right community-building channels

Your ICO should entail a simple philosophy "for the people, by the people, of the people". In a nutshell, to get good and quality leads for your ICO you need to deep dive into engagement platforms like Reddit, Discord, Quora, and Telegram. These channels may differ from case to case. If your ICO is meant for the Asian communities then you must have your presence on Weibo and WeChat.


20) Consult legal advisor(s)

ICO is yet an unregulated form of finance and the political and legitimacy scenario changes from country to country. Thus, having a legal team of advisors or consulting advisors to help you make your ICO a legit token.

21)  Product demo

Your ICO entails a certain utility or aim. To show the utility of your ICO it is recommended that you must have a product video that showcases the true power of your project. Check out the theta coin product demo here.

22) Declare your value

To bring forth your ICO’s authenticity you can add your ICO details to CrunchBase- a leading platform where you can find information on innovative and quality-driven businesses. On platforms like CrunchBase, you can speak about your ICOs funding and other related details.

23)  Leverage your partnerships advantage

While you form partnerships with various organizations make sure to leverage their already set web presence. Host talks with them to amplify your ICO and its unique benefits. Your blockchain partner (s), crypto investors, and media partners are your low-hanging fruits. Make the most of them.

24) SEO and SEM

To make sure your ICO comes on the first page of Google or other SERPS it is important to have a solid SEO and SEM plan. Opting for Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services from an SEO expert can prove fruitful.

25) Power of marketing via DEXs

Choose to list your token on the best performing exchanges like MEXC, BitMart, WazirX, and Huobi. Click here to Check out the DEXs you can consider listing your token on.

26) Flaunt your coin

Your coin is your most valuable asset so make sure you promote it in style. Create your very own custom sticker pack on Photoshop that incorporates your coin in it. You can also create cool engaging GIFs via GIFY to make your marketing efforts more appealing.

27) Takeaways for users

Besides promoting your coin digitally, you can also opt for swag advertising i.e giving out official merch to people like stickers, tees or coin memorabilia.

28) Campus Ambassador programs

The oldest trick of the trade is the CA program that an ICO firm runs to penetrate deep into a young and curiosity-driven user base. There are two kinds of CA programs

I) Tech Accelerator program

II) Marketing CA program

These CA programs can help you build a strong-knit community that will believe in your offering/ product.

29) Hire the best for your ICO

Lastly, it is crucial to onboard a project and a social media manager (apart from others in your team) who can manage your ICO’s community and public relations to get your coin in the limelight.

Marketing your ICO requires constant research. To bring your ICO's value to the moon, you must keep the marketing ball rolling.


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