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5 Platforms Rewarding Content Writers with Tokens

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Many platforms have adopted a tokenisation model to build their community. In this model, the user gets rewarded with unique tokens which can be later redeemed for either fiat currency or for buying any goods from selected brand partners. Users who have valuable information can submit their work on the platform.

Once their work is approved and verified, users get tokens into their connected wallets. The user wallet can be native to the platform or it can be native to the blockchain on which the product is built on.

PRO TIP:ย ย  To get started with any of the following platforms make sure to keep your ID handy and a digital notepad or physical notepad
to secure all your passwords and keys to keep them backed up.

1) Basic Attention token or Brave Rewards

BAT a.k.a Basic Attention Token is the native currency of the Brave Browser application. If you are a writer or creator or an artist you can simply create your account and submit your channel. (YouTube/ website/ twitter handle/ twitch handle and more..) Make sure to complete your wallet connect. BAT publishers also allow contributors to download their payment statement. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

You can sign up here.

2) GEEK token

If you are a techie and love to write on programming then Morioh is the place for you. Publish your tech-related content and you can earn GEEK token for your contributions. This platform is particularly designed for programmers and developers who can share valuable how-to content and earn GEEK tokens for their contributions in return. Similar to GEEK, if you are an Algorand follower and have a know-how of Algorandโ€™s software you can also contribute to their developer portal and earn Algos for your contributions.

You can sign up here.

3) Steemit

Another wonderful platform built on the Tron blockchain is decentralizing and monetizing usersโ€™ efforts of submitting value-driven content. Setting up a Steemit account is also fairly easy and quick. All you need to do is head on to their site create your profile and download your pdf that contains all the important keys to access your steemit handle and wallet. Steemit does not have any content category limitations so whatever your field may be, steemit rewards content creators/ writers for all kinds of content. PS: Keep your keys pdf in a safe realm so that no one can access your wallet and profile handle. With the steemit rewards, you can redeem your tokens or vest them to grow.

You can visit it here.

4) Snac

Snac is another fastest growing dApp built over blockchain that rewards users for content creation and engaging with content published by others in the community. Unlike other platforms Snac rewards users for liking others' posts as well. Snac is the blockchain version of Instagram and Pinterest where users post images along with content to earn Snac token rewards. Content can be in text, photos, and videos. Snac is available on Playstore and iOs.

5) Publish0x

Another blockchain-based platform that helps crypto writers monetize for their content work. Publish0x is an easy-to-set-up platform where crypto writers can earn KuCoin by writing quality crypto-related content. Publish0x also boasts of an ambassador program that works as an affiliate program for exclusive coins on the platform.

Besides being consistent on these platforms make sure to share the content you write with your friends, colleagues to garner better engagement on the article piece. Also in addition you can repost your article links on different social media channels for effective visibility of your work.

How to pick the right topics for the above platforms? This is fairly simple. If you are a developer, you can check out https://dev.to/ to choose trending topics in software programming. If you are a crypto writer there are plenty of resources like ambcrypto, cointelegraph, Investopedia, crypto potato, and Bitcoin Insider to name a few.

Vist it here.

Wrap up There are scores of such platforms that pay writers in alt coins/ stable coins for their content contributions based on the engagement their content gets. These platforms serve as an excellent platform to showcase their finesse in writing and experience in the field. In addition to it the writers get paid in the platforms native currency which the writer/ contributor can later redeem in lieu of fiat currency.