The Velo Writing Contest: Round 1 Results Announced! by@hackernooncontests

The Velo Writing Contest: Round 1 Results Announced!

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HackerNoon strives to provide developers with the best platform to publish their work, share their stories, and learn through their peers and like-minded individuals working in similar industries.

To help provide devs with something to strive for and a fun topic to write about, we partnered with Wix to host the Velo Writing Contest.

Each month, we’re giving away up to $4,250 in prize money to the best articles showcasing the potential of Velo and Velo APIs to seamlessly build web pages and web apps.

The Selection Criteria


For the first round, we selected the 5 stories published with the #build-velo-web-app tag on HackerNoon that received the most views.

From those 5 stories, HackerNoon editors voted on which stories were best based on the scale of the Velo project showcased in the article and the quality of the writing and presentation of the project throughout the story. 

It's time to present our favorite stories, but first, let’s look at all the nominees:


1. Building a Website for a Dental Clinic Using Wix and Velo - by @webdentist

2. How to Make an Online Timer via Velo's GUI or JavaScript Editor - by @amateurweb

3. Building a Wedding Website in 5 Minutes from Scratch - by @webdeveloper123

4. Building Advanced Forms and Custom Interactions with Velo: A How-To Guide - by @ritwik

5. How to Add a Blog to Your Wix Website and Edit JavaScript via Velo - by @augustkim

The Voting Process

We used Polly (a slack app) to build the voting panel and true to the spirit of decentralization, everybody on our Editors Slack channel got to pick their three favorite stories each.

We all had 3 days to pick our favorites.

The Winners!

Building Advanced Forms and Custom Interactions with Velo: A How-To Guide came out on top as the clear winner.


Ritwik wins $2000!

"There comes a time when you require something more than just a simple flow of questions. Maybe you want custom logic that affects a user's interaction with your form or you want the form to be multilingual by design or both."

Building a Website for a Dental Clinic Using Wix and Velo came in at second place!


Forest William wins $1000! 

“Let’s test Velo’s might by building a professional website for a dental clinic. This tutorial will guide you through the essential steps necessary to give the company a digital presence.”

What’s Next?

A hearty congratulation to all the winners and worthy contenders!

Winners will be contacted via email with instructions on how to claim their prize. 

The Velo Writing Contest is still ongoing. For those of you who couldn't win this time or have yet to participate, here’s how to join in on the fun: 

  1. Create an account on HackerNoon.
  2. Check out the Velo Writing Contest rules.
  3. Pen your story and submit it with #build-velo-web-app as one of the tags.
  4. Share your story on your social media channels to reach a wider audience and boost your chances of winning. 

If you need some inspiration, check out the current submissions.

With that, we're calling it a wrap. Until next time!


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