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The Unsexy Side Of DATA Analysis

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Only Way To Escape Data Avalanche

Marketing operations is the only way to making better sense out of overwhelming digital data. Also an infrastructure that companies can totally rely on to fetching meaningful data.

Are you the marketer who uses the word DATA in every conversations in all possible ways? Me too.

Speaking of data has become the other language for marketers since the rise of social media, twist in the user buying patterns, and wanting to become a billion-dollar brand asap.

Even in other cases, businesses are demanding marketers to haul more leads, more conversions, and surprisingly immediate ROI for any investments they make.

Who will take the lead and drive the market hence?

With no further doubt, the whole process of attracting, converting, and helping out till a buyer’s eternity has become the job of a marketer.

Btw, marketers are happy about it.

The prime reason being, how they get to explore the unbelievable amount of user interactions (turns to be studying human behaviour in general and utilizing it to enhance the life of both brand and buyers).

Interesting stuff!

Well, well, thus the role of marketers has matured and it’s all about data nowadays.

Being a marketer or anyone who’s been exposed to heaps of data on a regular basis, if you don’t find this challenging and fun, you probably need to know more about data and its potential to unlock the unknowns.

Now, if you’re looking for instances,

most of the research panel data answer this quest for ‘brand loyalty and that discerned from datasets’ as,

“Of all the factors relating to consumer behaviour, perhaps none is more mischaracterised than brand loyalty.

Most of what we call “brand loyalty” is simply habit, convenience, mild satisfaction or easy availability”

What do marketers fret about honestly?

The sight of cluttered, unstructured, and confusing data scares the shit out of any marketer you may speak to. Probably because the time it takes to manually organise the data or to attain the utmost accuracy in data assortment.

What comes for marketer’s rescue here?

Of course, the emerging, least adopted and understood — Marketing Operations.

“This is the bland side of any successful, phenomenally targeted ad campaign done by brilliant brands and their newbie marketing folks”

What must a marketer crave for?

Responsiveness to user requests must be the prime focus for every business.

And this can’t be accomplished by looking into the month’s old data deck. By the time they figure out a potential strategy from those overflowing data deck, the trend might have changed.

Pretty well-structured data via Marketing Operations

Since the intrusion of cloud applications and social media feeds into the marketing world, marketers are pretty much inclined to using minimal tools that provides ginormous benefits.

Data warehouses are nightmares in this case, and hence there is a surge in usage of marketing operations suit. The vital motive is to exploit interactivity, targeting, personalisation, and optimisation of digital channels.

Insights from — The Marketing Data Lake (Franz Aman and Anish Jariwala)

How to make the most out of digital channels?

Marketing operations are mainly employed to drive more bottom-line growth.

This capacity enables the speed, agility, iterative development, experimentation, and responsiveness that every established or trying to be successful companies need to resonate with to shape the market site.

Most of the marketers are aware of this.

But by looking at their dwindling user base and not knowing what to do next, they are mindlessly investing on tools that could least benefit them.

Adding more digital experts to the team, soaring up digital allocations are other blind actions they make.

This is a huge challenge and while taking care of all this, most of the marketers seem to miss out on the most important part of marketing, which is,

  • Coordination of data
  • Governing it to scale

I would solely suggest CustomerLabs — they have the best in market features that carefully analyses and allows marketers to create,

  • Personalised
  • High-value
  • High-touch experiences

that are relevant to their customers and prospects.

Look for the following capabilities in a compelling and efficient marketing operations tool.


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