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Top 21 ICO/IEO/STO Marketing Agencies | PR Firms

Top ICO Marketing Agencies

I have been doing research about ICO marketing agencies. Reviewed the performances of these firms and considered different parameters to judge their status. New ICOs can always summon their services to gain that extra bit of funds. In today’s era, even the strongest consumer product needs a fair share of paid and organic marketing to reach the audience, ICOs are no different. A successful ICO is mixture of great team, vision, product and a strong marketing campaign. The marketing campaign is pivotal for ICOs to bag the optimum money they need to successfully execute a project. These digital marketing firms are the best going around at the moment.

There are many phases of launching an ICO. Every ICO company has differing marketing needs based on which phase they are. The following five phases have been jotted down, for which a marketing agency is mentioned on the basis of their performance:

· Full-service (each stage)

This stage is the initial one, where a business needs help in getting firm ground in the industry. So agencies provide an entire service package to help businesses launch their ICO and be efficient int heir post-ICO phases as well.

1) Palm Beach Marketing:

Palm Beach Marketing

Palm Beach Marketing (PBM) has been providing services on all the forums of cryptocurrency & Fintechs. It has skillful members that work intelligently on the projects. In the recent past, they have become famous and got some prestigious clients. They handle different issues such as troll attack, paid advertisements and guerrilla marketing . They have been responsible for generating $195 million worth of capital overall with the help market of their 150 plus members strong team. Ever since these online trolls have increased, the need for the PBM has increased. They deal these trolls and have also increased organic growth of community members. PBM are well recognized now for their services and are piercing their way to the top.



ICOBox is the first and the biggest new generation Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsale.

They create smart contracts and deploy book building platforms for projects, and their marketing strategy is to provide traffic package and PR package to attract their audiences. ICOBOX is among the biggest name in the Industry.

3) Official Startups:

Official startups

This firm has economist, strategist and different experts from unlike industries giving insight to many perspectives. They can offer their services to all the types of businesses. Whether it is just an idea or a well-established business. It has a system that has the ability to attract the right kind of people for any particular business.

4) Blockchain Venture Studio is one such international agency that works with a group of web designers, engineers and scientists and the businesses’ founders and developers. In a teamwork, they build ecosystems that help the businesses with sustainability, market dominance and scale.

5)Argon Group :

Argon group

They structure, market and provide many technical solutions for crowd token sale. It helps to make complicated matters and processes very easy. They are pioneering the field of digital financing. It plans to make financing much easier this way and attract many investors. They are based in America so they do have many clients in relation to crypto currency. The company is also establishing a crypto exchange, so it can be safely said to have good time ahead.

6) Panony:


Panony is Asia’s first high tech company that has great packages. It combines vertical media and communication consultancy services for cryptocurrency, blockchain development. Panony provides best quality services to build partners’ growth at all stages and to further enhance the industry to the greater heights. The company is incorporated in Hong Kong with global outreach.

7) Priority Token:

Priority Token

They offer ICO advisory and promotion services. A well renowned firm with offices in different strategic cities of the world where investors and entrepreneur exist. There PR can convert a good project to a marvelous one. Priority token have many services that other agencies do not offer such as Positioning, Tokenomics and Roadshow. These services provide more opportunities for investors. It is a well-managed agencies with a lot of diversity in its team. Lots of positives to look forward too.

8) Ambisafe

Ambisafe’s team has been engineering cryptocurrency development project since 2010. They have services starting from development of alternative consensus algorithms in 2010 to launching the first multi-currency wallet in 2014. Some of their recent achievements include going through the first bitcoin class of Silicon Valley startup accelerator, and then reaching to the finals of the SWIFT Innotribe Startup Competition. They have been pioneer of the digital wallet and implemented master protocol.

9) Zerion:


Zerion is a fintech company with an expertise in creating blockchain-based applications. They have experience in developing smart contract on Ethereum blockchain and mainly focus is on executing ICOs. Zerion backs a decentralized future. They encourage modern companies to create blockchain-based technology that gives power to investors. Zerion has dedicated, experienced developers with the great knowledge, network, and reputation to help companies go from an idea to next big thing. They are key in powering ICOs. Founders get checked and safe infrastructure to issue their tokens. Investors get an intuitive investment interface, which makes building and managing a portfolio easy for them.

10) Pro-Crypto Group:

The Pro-Crypto group

The Pro-Crypto Group is a passionate South Korean (Top 2 ICO marketplace) based growth marketing agency providing ICO Marketing, design and video production, release publications, and PR outreach, SNS Marketing, Community Management Marketing and influencer marketing. They have full range of services. Focus is on a data-driven approach for every blockchain, branding, and crowdfunding campaign, having successfully funded 29+ crowdfunding campaigns generating over $67 million in 2 years. Strict rules from government has had no impact on their performance.

11) FoxTail Marketing:

Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail Marketing is a digital marketing firm that offers content marketing, digital marketing, and lead generation services for middle-market companies. The content they produce mainly focuses on engagement and lead generation. The only goal for our clients is to enhance their brand, drive traffic, and increase revenues. They have largely been successful in achieving this goal.

12) Element Group:


Element group is a full-service investment bank for the digital token capital markets that delivers consultancy, capital markets, advance technologies and asset management services in an integrative manner.

13) Coin Fabric

Coin Fabric

Coin Fabric is a full-service launching pad for ITOs (Initial Token Offerings) & ICOs, advising on overall strategy and executing it through a range of services from content marketing, paid advertising and community building, to potential investors & influencer outreach and more. With a great team of industry experts, in their different fields, Coin Fabric has all of the ingredients to successfully help companies to achieve successful Presale, Pre ICO & Public Crowd sale events.

14) AdMachina


Starting from August 2017, AdMachina shifted its attention on a new challenge that is ICO marketing. They have best techniques, team and technology at their disposal. Acquired these assets over the years by marketing online in different markets of 30 countries. Currently they have already helped with preparation and marketing of 10 ICO projects. And results have been quite good.

15) ICO Launch Malta

ICO Launch Malta

ICO Launch Malta is a Gibraltar based company that has full services for ICO platform. These services include every aspect of a company’s ICO process from incorporation and taxation control , to issuing token, smart contract development and usage , marketing and PR through to exchange listing. ICOs have absolutely nothing to worry about.

16) CUBE29:


CUBE29 provides full-service ICO PR and is a marketing agency that focuses on helping tech firm and startups to launch and then promote their ICO in a useful manner. Founded by marketing and PR professionals who also happens to be blockchain enthusiasts. CUBE29 mission is to provide companies, which have decided to raise funds through ICO, with professional marketing support through its team working on all forums.

17) WeRaise:


WeRaise is a marketing company that takes on the wild and mutable nature of crypto currency. But a solid background of 15+ years in digital advertising they have it in them to do the impossible. They have top-to-bottom services, you will have the chance to promote your project globally to millions of potential investors. If needed, you can start media campaign in just 3–4 days. Your idea will be highlighted on the different platforms to catch the eyes of your audience and potential investors using instruments of PR, SMM and poster advertisement with campaign analytics. All the activities are tracked 24/7. The team also uses promotion material to enhance and facilitate the investment.

18) Amazix :


Amazix are a group of professional crypto ICO mods who have technical expertise, are superb at support and led by a canning team of managers. They are providing a turnkey service to cryptocurrency projects based on Bancor or on the Ethereum platform Network. Having a strong and organic community, relevant partnerships and effective marketing strategy throughout the ICO process is crucial to a successful crowdfund. That is certain what they do at Amazix.

19) Jargon PR:

Jargon PR

Jargon PR raise international repute, interest and eagerness about your ICO. They work with global business partners, developers, all the crypto related social media platforms and influencers to ensure your ICO is in great state. They also try and make you ‘win’ your category. Through their international media relations team, they make sure that journalists and media are writing about you and your ICO to promote international awareness. It helps in gaining funds and attaining the required target for the projects.

20) InboundJunction:

InBound Junction

InboundJunction is a complete answer to blockchain marketing and ICO. They solve all the processes of ICOs and Blockchain projects. InboundJuntcion has more than 70 ICOs under its bracket that have been successful. Worked for Top crypto coins and therefore knows the industry, trends, influencers, funds and community extremely well. Their team is highly skillful experienced with both Blockchain and marketing so it has the ingredients and capabilities to support, market and give consultation to promote ICOs successfully.

21) MarketAcross:

Market Across

MarketAcross is a full-service ICO promotion firm that works on a performance basis. MarketAcross has engineered many distinct overall marketing strategies for ICOs and executes them through a range of services such as content marketing, PR, influencer outreach and social promotions to build a big, loyal and organic community. With a team of blockchain developers and top marketing experts whom have many years of experience, MarketAcross has all the knowledge, connections and skills needed to ensure a prosperous ICO that goes through a big token sale.

22)TSM Global :

TSM Global

TSM Global is UK registered company working via its shells in Macedonia and Moldova. It offers full range of services for ICO. With its skills with regards to marketing, TSM has generated more than $270 million for its customers. TSM’s has an international team that can deal and support in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German and other languages. They can customized according to the need of the project and client. They have the capacity to target large amount of people from around the globe.

· Pre-sales

Marketing companies that deal with presales are the ones that help businesses to create connections in the market so that it helps them in gaining sales. This sector provides facilities like partnership counselling, advisory aid and investor relations.

23. Applicature


Applicature is a big firm in this sector. It partners with companies that create smart contracts, research and development, custom-made solutions, technical consultation, and advices on ICOs.

· Pre ICO

Agencies that deal with pre-ICOs are those that offer help in legal work and building a favorable reputation of the firm. It gives marketing services, support for ICO, web creation and organizing community. 7Marketz is one of the biggest firms in this sector.



7Marketz handles more than one projects at a time, and they offer solutions to AI as well as computer systems. They provide support at each phase of your final procedure.

· Business looking to have an ICO

Established businesses can have their ICOs, but they need help in putting their ideas to reality. Agencies in this sector would help such businesses to get smart contract system and blockchain in their loop while bringing their ideas to reality.

25. Belkin Marketing

Belkin Marketing

Belkin Marketing is one such example. It is headed by CMO of NewsBTC and previous Head of Marketing of Cointelegraph. It has experts and specialized team that is pro in blockchain and they do their work in harmony.

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