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The Three Pillars Of Remote Work

Discover how to stand out in remote work

Working remotely is the consuming dream of many professionals. However, there are some characteristics of this work methodology that you need to know to succeed.

Firstly, I need to make it clear that these pillars, I created based on all the work experience I have and during this way were many mistakes and correctness, but there is always learning and this is what I will share here.


The first pillar. The concept of the word commitment refers to an obligation contracted or to the word that is honored. At times, commitment is like a promise. You are expected to have commitment when working remotely.

Remote work is on the basis of trust, things flow very well when one has commitment. This goes from the beginning, when you tell how many hours you have available to work and even in the course of work, in relation to your tasks.

Remember: this is the highest pillar, it is what the company expects you to have and it will value that much in you.


The second pillar. To work remotely is to have freedom, but you have to be careful not to extrapolate and end up letting things pile up.

A valid tip is you organize within your week, which is more or less the duration of a sprint in some companies, your working hours. If you like to work at night, in the morning, it does not matter. Just organize your work time according to your tasks.

In the scope of remote work, discipline is related to organization.


The third pillar. Imagine what it would be like to work remotely without being able to communicate with other team members. It would be chaos.

You need to have communication because it makes the remote process much easier. Simply, a company that has a team that communicates can handle this methodology very well.

Communication gets you closer to your peers. I often point out in our meetings that each member of the Team must enter Slack, which is our main means of communication, every day.

In this way, the information and updates about the projects, about the company, flow of equal for all.

This makes the process simple.


I believe that these 3 points are the most important for people who work or want to work in companies remotely. Knowing this makes your insertion much faster in companies of that category.

That’s it. I hope it has helped and any doubt, suggestion, can speak. It will be a pleasure to help. Thank you!

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