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Hackernoon logoThe Syllabus for Hyperledger 's Upcoming Open Source University Course by@rafaelbelchior

The Syllabus for Hyperledger 's Upcoming Open Source University Course

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@rafaelbelchiorRafael Belchior

PhD researcher (Blockchain);

A recent Hyperledger Lab, created this month has the goal of providing a university master level course on Blockchain Technologies, focused on Hyperledger Fabric.

The syllabus:

Lab 1: Fundamentals on Distributed Systems

  1. Basics of Distributed Systems
  2. RAFT consensus algorithm

Lab 2: Fundamentals on Cryptography and Security

  1. Basics of Cryptography and Security 
  2. RSA Algorithm

So far, these are the drafts of the labs already created (see them here:

The labs to be developed are:

Lab 3: A Primer on Blockchain (essencials, background, create a simple blockchain)

 Lab 4: Hyperledger Besu and Ethereum

Lab 5: Hyperledger Fabric (probably on business)

Lab 6: Hyperledger Fabric (probably on chaincode)

Lab 7: Hyperledger Fabric (probably on network)

 Lab 8: Hyperledger Umbra (advanced topics)

Lab 9: Hyperledger Umbra (advanced topics)

This is work in progress, and contributors are welcome, endorsed, and greatly appreciated!


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