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The Strong Game of Developer To Entrepreneur

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The title of CEO/Founder seems cool but it's all about burning our hands and heads by Hustling. It's not like a general race where once you run quick and finish before anyone else and win the game. To be honest, entrepreneurship is like slowly moving with high efforts for success.

Developers work their assoff to make the client happy but here the client is users/customers, they are never satisfied even if you colonize mars. 

What makes you a successful entrepreneur is high net worth. The main way of accumulating wealth: building a successful career through improving skills, publicity, promotions, and other moves. 

My thoughts will be based on biographies of well-known entrepreneurs, my own experiences as a trying tech entrepreneur and success and failure stories, of my colleagues and my friends from A-Players, that help tech specialists to grow as managers and entrepreneurs. This story is relatively biased to the IT sector, although, some ideas can and should be applied to other professions as well.

Let's see how you expect the roadmap to success is like.

  • Dropping out by joining high-class college
  • Being inspired by the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford
  • Expecting overnight success
  • Posing with jets on Instagram
  • Being sold to FAANG etc...

Stop smiling as I expected the same thing. It's fake.

Here's the harsh truth:

  • Finishing the college you purchased fortunate to be admitted. Getting a Masters or Ph.D., doing that FAANG internship at the closing years;
  • Working on SWE process in Consulting / Startup / Enterprise / Tech Giant for more than one years to get experience;
  • Changing a place, getting Oracle / MS or different certifications to formally emerge as a Senior Developer or an Architect and spend 5–10 years in this function;
  • In more than one years ultimately being promoted to the dealing with function in tech or customers guide department, turning into extra public;
  • After some other 5–10 years of dependable service, you're taking a few humans and customers from the closing process and begin your consulting firm!

Congrats, now you’re for your 50s and in the end the entrepreneur officially. But what approximately men of their 20s walking their agencies or being pinnacle managers (now no longer always of unicorns)? Are all of them simply faux and now no longer skilled enough? Or perhaps there are a few precise educational, psychological, environmental, and social checkpoints that may be finished quicker than it is meant to and those humans found out earlier than the others? 

The try to categorize, or maybe worse — attempt to teach, paths that hit humans went via is as a minimum churlish and on the maximum delusional task. How we can evaluate and shape one of a kind cultures, conditions, environments, abilities, and characters? Still, in each vicinity withinside the global in which there are alive beings, they observe a few hierarchies and occasionally they can flow up or down via it.

Humans societies over the years have created numerous organizational ladders in which everybody can climb from backside to the pinnacle if following a few regulations and exposing the abilities proper: army, expert sports, church, school, politics, arts, media, and families.

These are the social institutes that Soviet / American sociologist P. Sorokin defined in his work Social and cultural dynamics in New York withinside the 1930s. I apprehend which you may near the item proper now wondering that I am recommending you, a knowledgeable and skilled IT expert, to visit the army, be part of the church, or maybe end up a member of a few mafia families.

The navy is for robust and courageous people. Apart from the determination and difficult work, individuals who prevail withinside the battlefield are those who've devoted a feat, act of bravery.

They function leaders and function fashions for more youthful soldiers, later grow to be influential political and enterprise leaders and it becomes like this in all of the times: from historic tribes to fashionable army conflicts.

The defined above instructions are the recommendations on what you may use to make the following step in the profession to emerge as a top-manager, entrepreneur, or maybe only a loose expert-consultant. The issue is which you have already got used nearly all of those tactics to get what you need in advance to your life: as a child from parents, as a pupil from teachers, as a worker out of your boss, as a citizen out of your country.

You simply ought to reconsider your preceding successes a bit. What precisely made you excellent to your class? Good marks? How did you get the final promotion? How did you manipulate the final time into any bureaucratic issue?

And yes, it doesn’t imply that you need to prevent getting higher to your career or operating hard. Just you may attempt to consciousness moreover on something that offers effects precisely in my view for you and take away conduct and techniques that aren't desirable to your surroundings or character.


Now no longer all and sundry has to emerge as an entrepreneur or an enterprise person. Only a bit percent of folks that try and genuinely live to tell the tale and be triumphant.

Moreover, the primary numerous years might be a natural struggle: impostor syndrome, steady loss of time and health, fewer pals, and misunderstandings with the nearest people. Maybe it's going to repay withinside the future. Maybe now no longer.

You don’t should release an enterprise to emerge as a billionaire, however, enterprise talents are vital to your profession. Tim Cook is a hired CEO of Apple, a billionaire

I would love to underline, that it's miles tons higher and extra impactful to be a top-elegance worker than a mean or horrific entrepreneur. Tim Cook is a hired CEO of Apple, Sundar Pichai is a hired CEO of Alphabet.

History additionally is aware of approximate personnel who be triumphant to emerge as billionaires like before-referred to Tim Cook (Apple), additionally Eric Schmidt (Google), Steve Ballmer (Microsoft). Even Warren Buffet technically wasn’t a founding father of Berkshire Hathaway, he received it grade by grade due to his top-notch talents in investments.

I wish this text will let you, men, to examine your dreams and profession paths from an extraordinary perspective of your talents. It remains vital to paintings tough and be devoted to your dreams, however how precisely you may allocate your efforts relies upon best on you — do it wisely, concentrate on your self and exact luck!


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