The Smookes Speak at University of Colorado’s Disruptive Entrepreneurship Class

Hacker Noon Podcast: Live from Boulder

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Hacker Noon CEO David Smooke & COO Linh Dao Smooke recently spoke at University of Colorado Boulder’s Disruptive Entrepreneurship class taught by Professor & Hacker Noon contributing writer Nathan Schneider.

Some notable quotes:

“On the internet right now, there is a massive battle going on between centralization and decentralization.” — David
“It’s what drives us everyday: we know that people want to read more, write more and that people rally behind us when we are threatened by an external source.” — Linh
“Know that the obstacles are only a day, and tomorrow will be a new day and that obstacle won’t be as bad, or maybe it’ll be worse and day after will be better.” -David
“It’s the community that decides what we’re gonna’ look like — therefore we think it’s the best reflection of the internet.” -Linh
“We’re people that built a company out of iteration, and we did not intend to make one of the most popular tech blogs.” — David
“How can we reflect the internet? The merits should be the story and the story itself.” — Linh

Also check out, David’s talk on Equity Crowdfunding at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado:

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