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The Security Token Anthology: August 2018 Edition

Today is a holiday in The United States so I decided to take a break from writing 😊 Instead, I am publishing a compilation of my articles about security tokens in the last few months. Hopefully, you will find this content relevant to several aspects of the security token space:

About the Security Token Market Dynamics:

· A Taxonomy for Understanding Tokenized Illiquid Assets and Security Tokens(May 2018):

· Security Tokens vs. Fat Protocols(May 2018):

· What We Need To Enable The Security Token Thesis(May 2018):

· The Launch of Open Finance and the Day Security Tokens Became Real(July 2018):

· Want to Understand Security Tokens? Look at this Market Taxonomy(July 2018):

About Security Token Platforms

· The Blocks of a Security Token Platform(June 2018):

About Types of Security Tokens

· The Security Token Derivatives are Coming(June 2018):

· How to Value a Security Token? Part I: Factors to Consider(July 2018):

About Voting and Governance

· Voting and Governance in Security Tokens(June 2018):

· A Different Way to Think About Security Tokens: Programmable Regulation(July 2018):

· What Blockchain Technologists Should Know About Voting Theory(August 2018):

· These Three New Trends in Game Theory could Be Part of the Next Big Blockchain(July 2018):

About Oracles

· The Middleman of Trust: The Oracle Paradox and Five Protocols that can Bring External Data into the Blockchain(July 2018):

About Security & Privacy

· From Ethereum to Enigma: Understanding Privacy Protocols in the Blockchain(July 2018):

About The Security Token 2.0 Thesis

· Security Tokens 2.0(August 2018): Four Protocols that can Power the Next Wave of Tokenized Securities:

· The Security Token 2.0 Stack(August 2018):

· Security Token 2.0 Protocols: Debt Tokens(August 2018):

· Security Token 2.0 Protocols Part II: Hybrid Tokens(August 2018):

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