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The Rise of Mobile Gaming with AI

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Mobile gaming has seen major growth since the days of Snake on Nokia. Today, graphics take priority in gaming, and technology like artificial intelligence and augmented reality lend a helping hand. Don’t be confused- AI & AR have had long involvements with the mobile gaming industry; however, developers will need more advanced technology as mobile gaming grows. Nonetheless, mobile gaming is continuing to rise.
More than 1 in 4 on the planet will be an active mobile gamer by 2021. By this same year, consumer spending on mobile games will reach $90 billion. Free apps like Candy Crush Saga, Battlegrounds, and Homescapes need just one month to generate millions in revenue and downloads. For instance, Battlegrounds earns $31 million in revenue every month, as well as attracts 11 million new downloads. Similarly, Candy Crush Saga earns $71 million in revenue on a monthly basis, and collects 10 million new downloads. As for Homescapes, a month brings in $44 million and 15 million new downloads.
Regarding technology, machine learning plays an interesting role in mobile gaming. For example, Next Generation In-Game AI software introduces self-learning and personalization features to mobile gaming characters. This means characters will grow and learn just like people, and games will adapt to what each player likes.
The possibilities are endless when AI is used in development, testing, and gameplay of mobile games. What does the future hold for this rapidly growing sector of digital gaming? The examples of AI and AR used in mobile gaming are endless. 
By next year, consumer spending on mobile gaming will reach $91 billion globally. Engagement with mobile games increases by 10% each year. Find more details about the rise of mobile gaming below:


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