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The Rise of Drones in Different Industries

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Description: Whether you follow technological developments or not, you cannot escape from hearing about drones. Drone technology is developing at the speed of light and they are becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays almost everyone wants to have a drone with a camera for personal or business reasons.  

 In the past, if you hard people talking about drones or something like that, you'd immediately conclude that they are tech geeks who are obsessed with futuristic ideas. That's right, the concept of a machine flying around completely autonomously sounded like a fantasy from Sci-Fi movie. However, not only that technology is rapidly changing the world we live in, but there isn't a single person who hasn't heard about a drone with a camera. And when you get informed a bit about them you can't help but be impressed with all the things these drones with cameras can do.

Drone with Camera

Even if we believe that there has been so much talk about the drone world and everyone knows already about it we will explain what is a drone with a camera. Just in case you missed it somehow.

So drone is kind of a smart aircraft, as it is flying without a pilot.  It is a flying robot that either flies autonomously or and has a drone controller board and people control it from a distant location. 

For many years, we have been hearing about the use of drone technology in the military, but more and more industries are beginning to use drones for different purposes.

 Fun fact is that drones with cameras aren't a new thing even if the industry is beginning to blossom now. Can you imagine that the U.S army developed a pilotless aircraft in 1918?

Well, like we said it started as military technology and a lot of people around the world lose interest in them because of this, but without even knowing what is it about.  This little aircraft can be useful and fun to have, even more than you can imagine. 

Let's check out different ways of how companies are using drones to improve their work and what it can mean for all of us.


If you like photography then you will be happy to know that drones are cool machines that can be very useful for your art of choice. Sure, you might think that a simple camera does great work for you anyways, but imagine having pictures of places that you like taken from the air. With photography drone, this is perfectly possible. A drone with a camera enables you to have professional pictures like the ones made only by super experienced photographers.  Not only is it possible to take pictures and videos from the air with this quadcopter drone but you can also have them from any possible angle you imagine.

If you want to impress your friends with the photos from your holidays and you think you need a flying camera for that, there are some things you need to know before buying it.

Depending on how pro you want to go you can find them at different prices, and we got to say some of them are more than affordable.  The important things you need to pay attention to when you are getting the best drone for photography are sensor and lenses, vibration and control.


In these times it can easily be said that one can never think enough about security and safety. Maybe you remember in the earlier days the situation was much different. You could leave your home unlocked even for a few days and be sure that no one will break-in. Now, however, you always need to double-check if you locked everything well when you go to sleep.  Because of this many of us install some kind of security system in our houses. A lot of companies use drone technology because it enables more comprehensive surveillance. They offer their clients a possibility that a drone flies several times during the day, or to a send drone with the camera whenever an alarm gets activated.


The number of news agencies that are using drone technology is also increasing. The video drone improves significantly the quality of production.  But more than that, with the use of this mini drone with the camera the journalist can now "go" to the places that are dangerous or hard to reach without risking their or lives of crew members. 


People love to take pictures of their travels because that way memories stay for a long time after the vacation is over. Do you remember how was it back in the days when we had to ask people to take a photo of us with friends and family? Well, of course, that's a distant past because now because of the selfie sticks and cameras with timer we can easily take pics of ourselves. But things became much easier if you have a little drone that follows you.

These little gadgets that have a Follow me option enables you to have photos and drone videos that will make your friends envious.

You can find these at quite affordable prices and they are very easy to use so this product is labeled as the best beginner drone.


The possibility of buy things online took shopping to another level without a doubt but the delivery process sometimes can be frustrating. The period between the moment you order things and when they reach you can be long, particularly when delivery companies use road means of transport. That's why a lot of companies begin to think and some, like one in Iceland, already started to use a drone with a camera to deliver goods to people.

Even restaurants are beginning to use drones for faster and safer delivery.


If you are someone who thinks that it’s not generally important how quickly things are delivered, we would like to ask you to think again about it. Let’s look at healthcare, for example. We all know that medicine tremendously progressed over the past decades. Today it is possible to fight all kinds of illnesses that were killing people not so long ago, life expectancy is increasing and the standards of living are overall better. However, there are still parts of the world where people are dying from relatively simple illnesses because they don’t have access to medicines. With the help of the best drone system, it is possible to deliver drugs, blood and all the medical equipment necessary to improve the quality of life for people in these areas. 


While most of us enjoy all the benefits of having fast and fairly inexpensive access to our favorite books, movies, and different other information, there are a lot of people that still don't have this possibility. Different companies are working on enabling access to the internet using a drone with camera technology for people who live in distant and rural areas of the world. 

Tracking Animals and Disease Control

Global warming that we are witnessing is seriously threatening wildlife and consequently the entire ecosystem and us as part of it. Along with poaching, this is one of the main culprits for the extinction of different species.  In attempts to protect the ecosystem and prevent the catastrophe conservationists started to use the drone with camera technology to monitor and track animals.

Besides the idea of preserving animal lives, tracking has a big impact on disease control as well.  These programmable drone aircraft can be used to collect samples from the animals. Therefore it is much easier to determine is there a species that is a carrier of a virus or bacteria that can be also harmful to humans.

Farming and Agriculture

Food plays a significant role in our lives. We always hear how important it is to eat healthily and how big of an impact a regular intake of fruit and vegetables has on our wellbeing.  What most of us don't think about is how difficult and expensive it is to find the best soil, harvest healthy crops and so on. The companies that are involved in agricultural analytics are starting to use drones to make the job easier for farmers. With this technology, farming is becoming more efficient and less time-consuming. 

Emergency Response and Disaster Relief

Every mountaineer knows that while climbing mountains is a wonderful, healthy and impressive activity it brings some risks. Each of us has seen movies or heard stories of people who got stranded or stuck in the snow avalanches. Emergency response teams began to use the drone with camera technology to be able to identify and reach the victims promptly.

Besides this, it became way easier to identify damage from natural disasters like earthquakes and fires and distribute much-needed aid to people.

Conclusion: As you could see from the text there are many great uses of drones that can significantly improve the quality of life for all of us. Our idea was not to make you change your feelings about a drone with camera technology. However, we hope that you liked reading this text and that you found it interesting. We covered only some of the industries that are using drones. If you know about others or you have personal experiences with drones feel free to let us know.

Author’s bio: Richard Browny is an engineer and software developer. Since he has got the first computer he became interested in computer programming according to this website and later decided to turn his passion into a career.


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