How HackerNoon Feels About AI Generated Content (Hint: 👎🏽)by@editingprotocol
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How HackerNoon Feels About AI Generated Content (Hint: 👎🏽)

by Editing ProtocolFebruary 2nd, 2024
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The AI hype is real, however, over-reliance on AI, while efficient for generating quantity, often sacrifices quality, lacking in depth and originality — even with great prompts. So, if your goal is to build an audience for your work, it is important to safeguard your voice. Learn how to use AI on your HackerNoon stories and find out who won the mobile app review contest.

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Hello again, Hackers 💚

We know that ever since ChatGPT hit the scene, the internet has been flooded with AI-generated content—especially in the form of images and short-medium-length blog posts. Everyone looks to be sold by GenAI’s promise of quantity and speed with little to no regard for quality tradeoffs.

HackerNoon, on the other hand, really isn’t about that life. As an independent tech publication, we don’t want to add to the noise, so as a general rule of thumb, we neither accept nor encourage the use of AI to generate content. Part of the reason is that AI-generated content is mostly bad, bland, and more often than not, the lowest-hanging fruit in whatever topic one chooses.

It doesn’t matter whether you use ChatGPT, Bing, <Enter Tool Name Here> – the content is almost always generic, so much so that our Human editors have learned to spot AI-generated content with uncanny accuracy. And the last thing we want is to populate our website with a sea of similar-looking and similar-reading articles.

\So please, for the love of god, stop using AI to submit generic work. We will catch you, and we will reject your story.

How HackerNoon Checks for AI-Generated Content

HackerNoon validates AI-generated content with the help of, and we understand that it’s not always 100% accurate; in instances where we’re doubtful of’s conclusion, we run it through another AI content detector such as Copyleaks.

To clarify, we are not prohibiting authors from utilizing AI entirely. Using AI for assistance, such as improving grammar or prose, is entirely acceptable.If an author openly acknowledges and describes their use of AI, we would gladly review their content.

Remember: the goal is to remain original and get AI to assist you, not replace you!

If you also use AI in your workflow, tell us about it with this writing template.

Use AI on HackerNoon for Simple Blogging Tasks

1. Meta Description

This summary outlines a blog post's content. On HackerNoon, in story settings, find a section for a 160-character meta description. Use an AI tool like ChatGPT to generate it.

How to craft a good meta description

2. TL;DR

Short for "too long, didn’t read," this internet slang used in online publishing. It summarizes your article's core points, helping readers engage when they can't read the entire piece. On HackerNoon, add your TL;DR in story settings.

How to create a TL;DR

3. Brainstorm Titles

The title of an online article can be challenging yet crucial. It needs to be catchy, SEO-friendly, and convey your explored ideas. Use an AI tool to generate such headlines.

Picking the right title for your story

Other use cases include improvements to punctuation, grammar, syntax, and so forth.

PS: If you use AI to improve your article in any way while writing on HackerNoon, please__leave a note for our editors__ describing what tools you’ve used and how.

Take on the blank page today with this writing template, and let your voice shine through.

Mobile App Review Contest: The Winner

The HackerNoon Review Contest is closed! Thanks for your amazing support and reviews of our new mobile app. After dozens of submissions, we're offering not one, not two, but three prizes!

HackerNoon Mobile App Reviews

Let's meet our winners:

Our grand prize winner of $1000: Verlaine Muhungu
**Our runner-ups getting dope merch credit:**Chapman Whited & Sipho Chakhala

Congratulations! Don't forget to update your app - we have a new version live! Visit the app stores (Apple or Google) to get the latest features on your phone!