The Rebirth of Arcade Games in the 21st Century by@fnf

The Rebirth of Arcade Games in the 21st Century

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The nostalgia of gaming in the '90s is reminiscent of arcades reinventing the idea of entertainment and fun. Even with the innovative AR/VR games now joining the market, arcade games have not lost their popularity.

Due to the increased demand, Mobile Arcade Games have also been launched to provide the ultimate gaming experience to gaming fanatics. However, few online games still remain on top of the list. But before going into those, let's look back into the history of gaming.

The Era of the Arcade Games

The retro gaming period was the time that built gaming communities all over the world. The cult favorites grabbed the attention of many, and it all began with a coin-operated pinball machine.

The period of Arcade Video Games was in the 1970s till the mid-1980s.

FUN FACT – the first arcade game was made in 1971 by a student of the Standford University. The game became to be known as Spacewar. It is was inspired by the previous coin-operated version – Galaxy Game.

However, after almost two decades, the grandeur of Arcade Games started to decline.

The acceptance of home gaming consoles took over the popularity of arcade games. Then in the 2000s, the rise of networking games via computers and the internet took the gaming industry by storm.

Fast Forward to the Current Time

Arcade games are still commonly played today. Many old ones, like Tetris, are still among the favorites of gamers, whereas many new additions have also made their place in the world of gaming.

Let's take a look at some of the best arcade games of all time, which are not available online and/or on mobile.

3D Pong Pinball Game – Ever played a pinball game that challenged you? 3D Pong Pinball Game is a pong-themed game that uses long vertical tables with a three-dimensional layout. The game has three difficulty levels. The default level is a piece of cake, but the levels after that will surely test your gaming skills.

Assemble with Care – It takes mundane tasks such as unpacking suitcases or fixing tape recorders and turns them into entertaining puzzle-solving fun. It is the perfect soothing game for people who like to organize things. With the impressive interface capabilities, the developer indeed did an excellent job.

Card of Darkness – Its pleasing aesthetics, unexpected remixes of elegant and familiar strategy systems have indeed caught our eye. It's a number-based card game mechanics. Nothing you can't accomplish within a few tries.


Subway Surfer – A game that has made quite a name among gamers of all ages. It is exciting, fun, and everything that you have ever imagined. When it launched, it became an instant favorite. The features that people like most are its excellent resolution and graphics.

Angry Birds Classic – The simple puzzle game became a fad in 2009 when it launched. It is also known for its animation and graphics. The incredible thing is that it contains 640 challenges in Mighty Leagues. If you haven't played it yet, then try it!

Sonic Dash – Another famous among the classic arcade games. This endless runner and platformer game provides single-player and multiplayer modes. The central fun part of this game is its stunning 3D environments and unique boss battle programs. If you have the expertise to make it through the challenges, then you have your pick.

Teeter Pro – It is a labyrinth game and would require you to control a ball made of steel by tilting the wooden labyrinth. It is not as easy as it seems. It needs precision to accomplish 120 exciting levels. Customized time set options are among the favorites of this game. Want to enjoy even more? You can play some background music of your choice to up the game. The importance of music in video games cannot be ignored.

Fruit Ninja – The fun name might already have aroused curiosity in you. Let us give you more to be excited about. Fruit Ninja is both a single and multiplayer game that offers three classic modes. You can optimize the quality and speed. While playing this game, you will surely crave some food. Do keep some with you!


ChuChu Rocket! Universe – It's a spin on the 3D spatial puzzles. A simple yet interactive game that will take you into space. A perfect match for people for love space.

EarthNight – It is an automatic runner game. It is similar to the common arcade games, occasionally broken by bits where the player falls from the sky. But the music is so fresh, the art is so distinct, and the motion is fluid and free. You can't help but be swept into it. Plus, you can even stab a dragon's eye with a sword. How cool is that? If you love dragons then take a swing at this game.

Pac-Man – This game does not need an introduction, right? It has always been featured as the best arcade game of all time. It is a video gaming institution. Pac-man is no doubt the most recognizable video game character and is a cult hero too. Even kids wear its t-shirts without having even played it. The game is pretty simple. Eat the dots in the maze, and don't let the brightly colored ghosts get you. The levels get more challenging as you move on. So, try it and see which level you can reach up to.

Final Word

Arcade games have maintained a legacy of providing fun for gamers while offering the best animation and graphics. Their online versions are just as fun as their coin-operated machine version. The best part is it won’t even cost you a penny to play.


So, you have so many options to pick from now and enjoy the legacy of arcade games. We would suggest trying out all the games mentioned above. Because each and every game is a 5 star hit itself. Don't miss out on the arcade fun by just sticking to one game. HackerNoon profile picture
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