The Quest of Investors for the Next Bored Ape NFT Project by@cryptounfolded
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The Quest of Investors for the Next Bored Ape NFT Project

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NFT enthusiasts want to find the next big thing on the market. Bored Ape Yacht Club, like BAYC, is a limited NFT collection. Metasnacks is a collection of 10,000 3D NFTs rendered in 4K quality. Yeti Yacht Clubs, Moonbirds, and Dolia Cats are among the most popular NFT-themed NFT collections in the world. The market for NFT collectors has radically changed with the way NFT fans engage with their favorite communities.

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Since BAYC (“Bored Ape Yacht Club”) achieved enormous success NFT enthusiasts have been searching for the next big thing on the market.

Everyone dreams of being an early investor in the next multi-million dollar venture in the NFT industry. However, accomplishing this mission is not easy. This article will list a few projects aiming to replicate the success of BAYC among NFT lovers.

Yeti Yacht Club

Yeti Yacht Club project gives investors the chance to obtain a Yacht Club membership. The team hopes to get success by leveraging the idea of exclusiveness. Investors generally look at how rare an NFT is to evaluate it. In this context, these creators thought that rarity and exclusiveness could be two close concepts.

The team puts a “Club” at the core of its project. This club will be a location that all Yeti NFT owners can access.

A 600-person boat voyage to Monaco will be another essential part of the project. Club members and celebrities will attend parties on islands the team will rent.

The Yeti Yacht Club has teamed up with Sapphire Studios, a team of MMO game creators. Because of this collaboration, an MMO game and Metaverse system will be possible. 

Team members of The Yeti Yacht Club include professionals with experience on other online projects. 


Metasnacks features 10,000 3D NFTs rendered in 4K quality. An artist with a following of more than 15,000 on Instagram was responsible for this work. Toaster pastries are particularly frequent in the NFT collection. 

All images are one of a kind because they possess more than 400 different traits. Oliver Long, the creator of Metasnacks, said that his project wants to leverage an NFT’s uniqueness.  Creating work that the general public can appreciate, and trade is one of the priorities for this project. 

In addition, many of these photographs are animated: a feature that wants to appeal to investors. In a new development, Metasnacks permits staking rewards in ETH.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, like Metasnacks, is a limited NFT collection. They've made 10,000 monkey photos with more than 170 different alterations. This project wants to follow the path of BAYC.


Moonbirds' NFTs appear similar to previous NFT collections, at least on the surface. However, they’re managing to collect popularity on the market. 

The Moonbirds are a collection of 10,000 individual NFTs using the ERC-721 standard on Ethereum. Portraits of animated owls depicted in various styles and personalities are part of this collection.

Users of Moonbirds can do more than post their NFTs as profile images on social media. Moonbirds' user-friendliness provides access to an exclusive club for those who keep their assets for a lengthy period. 

Exclusive channels for community activities, impending drops, and other improvements are available to Moonbirds NFT holders in the project’s private club.

The Moonbirds’ team comes from the PROOF organization with a new creative project. PROOF is a rather popular name in the digital world. When the PROOF project went live, the team allowed any PROOF collective member to mine two Moonbirds.

Dolia Cats

Creators took inspiration from Daniil Dolia's clowder while designing the Dolia Cats NFT line. Daniil Dolia has nine cats at home, and they're the only thing on his mind. 

The project’s narrative helped the team introduce these NFTs to the market. In short, Dolia Cats left MeoWorld, their digital universe, after a disaster destroyed their planet. 

Only 9,999 Dolia Cats were able to flee, hurling all they could into their spaceships as they went. Dolia Cats differ from one another for different combinations of 9 traits.

The recurrence of the number nine is a clear reference to cats’ nine lives. This cat-filled metaverse (i.e., the Meowverse) allows anyone to care for NFT cats. Users can meet up with other Dolia Cat owners and enjoy other perks. 

Also coming soon from Dolia Cats are smartphone play-to-earn (P2E) games, 3D-printed cats, and some Instagram augmented reality (AR) effects.

Key Takeaways on the Next NFT Market Hit

The way NFT collectors engage with their favorite communities has radically changed with Bored Ape Yacht Club. The project relies on its evolving roadmap and utility. 

Its creators aim to make this collection attractive to users from all over the world. However, some new competitors are attempting to imitate its success. 

No one knows how long investors will need to wait before a new project manages to challenge BAYC. The initiatives in this post have the potential to rise in the market. However, remember that only the market will have the final word on the matter.


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