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The Power of IoT and Big Data

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IoT and Big Data analytics are everywhere, but what’s behind their rapid growth? Let’s consider some aspects of IoT Big Data to find out more about its power.

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, basically means integrating the Internet into anything beyond technology and devices to make them smarter. Putting it differently, IoT makes everything in the world function through the Internet, such as through information processing or data management.

The Importance of IoT

You may wonder why make things even more complicated with IoT and Big Data analytics? They don’t actually get more difficult to use; instead, they become smarter. And when things become smarter, they can perform the tasks they’re supposed without any human interaction.

That’s how our lives become more convenient. Since IoT and Big Data projects are used in farming, lighting, and numerous other industries, you may not even know that IoT has been used to simplify a process. Still, IoT plays a vital role in the fast and effective performance of various systems.

And that’s why IoT matters.

IoT and Big Data Trends

IoT keeps advancing, and new approaches to using it have been occurring. Among such, there are several most popular IoT Big Data trends.

Edge Computing

Connecting data to powerful devices, as opposed to clouds, helps speed the processing. That’s what edge computing does because of being powered by IoT and Big Data analytics. Instead of storing raw data, which is what cloud technology aims to do, edge computing now allows gathering and filtering information fast and leave you with the most meaningful parts of it to store. Less space, more value — these are what IoT Big Data offers with edge computing.

A New Level of Retail Business

Consumer behavior is becoming much easier and more oriented on details. With access to diverse data channels, Big Data helps in predictive analytics a lot. Retailers can now collect information on customers’ previous purchases online, through apps, or even in kiosks and create an in-depth portfolio of the target audience. Can you imagine visiting a store, both online and on-premises, and seeing everything you’ve been planning to buy over the previous year? Well, it’s exactly what’s coming with IoT Big Data.

Quantum Computing

IoT and Big Data analytics help process data at the most rapid pace than ever before. Quantum computing handles theoretical and complex calculations in physics believed to be impossible. In fact, processing loads of information that are these huge doesn’t take forever since it’s a completely new way of dealing with this kind of data. Although it’s still not fully developed, the area has already gained much interest and become one of the IoT Big Data trends.


Using the perks of IoT and Big Data projects to enhance cybersecurity is one of the trends as well. Integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into the breach and threat analysis allows generating and spreading response faster than a human would react. In addition, storing information on previous incidents with IoT Big Data technology simplifies predicting the potential ones to develop strong and secure protection against them in the future.

What’s Next?

Since IoT Big Data is a relatively new area, it has a lot to face ahead. The predictions on what to expect in IoT and Big Data analytics imply an increase in devices, data, and investments in the field, along with their growing role in various industries.

At the same time, the skill shortage is a significant challenge to overcome in IoT and Big Data, which is predicted to continue. Another challenge that the area has been facing is the lack of governmental regulations to guide the integration into industries. Lastly, updating IoT hardware can be difficult and lead to delays in making things smart.

The rise of interest to IoT started a series of events devoted to the future applications of the technologies available and seeking solutions to the issues in the industry. Among such, AI & Big Data Expo Europe 2019 gathers leaders in the tech industry to discuss tech-savvy solutions and the future of IoT Big Data. The conference will take place in Amsterdam on 19–20 June.


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