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The Perpetuation Of Progress: The Sharder Protocol’s Rise During “The Great Bear Market Of 2018”

The Sharder Protocol Is The First Multi-Chain Distributed Storage Solution That Can Be Deployed On All Public Blockchains!

What Is The Sharder Protocol: A Brief Introduction

The Sharder Protocol is an innovative technology that seeks to revolutionize the way our society stores data. At this moment in time, consumers face various problems when utilizing centralized storage solutions to store their data! Such problems include data breach and invasion of privacy! For example, Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus of the U.S., was compromised by hackers in September 2017 and exposed personal information of 145 million Americans. Sharder implements offline encryption which in return keeps data secure. Sharder also simultaneously shards data to prevent this major problem that we’re faced with when utilizing centralized storage solutions. The initiative Sharder-UTXO and Sharder-PAIR technology guarantees that data could not be accessed without permission of the data owner, ensuring that nobody has the ability to tamper with another person’s, companies, government or organizations data. Another major problem that centralized storage solutions perpetuate is extremely high costs! Centralized data centers are garner their incentive through monetary gain, thus, big companies charge users large amounts of capital to store their data on their networks. The end users unfortunately due to the fact that they’re facing centralized behemoths of data, often have no bargaining power against these big companies. The Sharder Protocol changes that with it’s democratic solution; The Sharder ecosystem is a transparent, open-source, peer-to peer free market, where the price is set by users and the overall demand of the free-market within The Sharder ecosystem. The sharing economy excludes monopolistic entities from interfering with this democratic free-market economic paradigm and in return provides high quality storage service at the lowest price possible for users. Another dilemma we face as a society when utilizing centralized storage solutions is the lack of utilization of storage; in other words, idle storage space. While big data companies spend tons of money on centralized data centers, an enormous amount of storage capacity across the global lies unused; this is a waste of resources in it’s entirety. Similar to Airbnb and Uber, Sharder’s sharing economy and incentive mechanism encourages the subscribers to bring their idle storage space to the market and get rewarded for their contributions to the network. Additionally, Sharder is releasing the Sharder Hub and the Sharder Box which allow subscribers to get multifold rewards for contributing their computing power and storage capacity to the Sharder Network. Incentivization is the parent of human labor and this perpetuates the overall progress of civilization as a by-product of incentive: The Sharder Protocol understands this decree of human nature. This ideal of incentivization is a focal reason why Sharder’s economic paradigm regarding its sharing economy will succeed in it’s entirety!

Bean Cloud, Sharder Matrix, Sharder Brain and One Fair Are The First D’apps To Be Deployed Within The Sharder Ecosystem!

The Sharder Protocol is a cross-chain distributed storage solution that implements data sharding technology for all public blockchains in existence. The word “Sharder” comes from the word “shard” which is widely used in computer science to define database and blockchain sharding. The Sharder Client can not only be deployed on all public blockchains, it can also be deployed on storage networks, personal nodes etc. The Sharder Protocol simultaneously fosters it’s own ecosystem with the unique ability to create d’apps for free within it’s ecosphere; four d’apps have already been created inside of The Sharder Ecosystem. Bean Cloud, One Fair, Sharder Brain and Sharder Matrix are the first d’apps to be deployed on The Sharder Protocol! The first blockchain to deploy The Sharder Protocol is the Sharder Chain; Sharder Chain, as a public chain and the first blockchain that deploys Sharder Protocol, provides data storage with blockchain technology as well as offline encryption, auto-replication, sharding, smart routing, archiving, etc! Large data files are also stored offline to ensure security while simultaneously preventing too large storage resources for nodes that operate within the Sharder Network. The Sharder Protocol also implemented BaaS (blockchain as a service) which can be purchased using the Sharder Token, The Sharder Protocol’s native token! The Sharder Token will be the anchoring token of the entirety of the ecosystem. For example, when utilizing Sharder Hub’s (Sharder’s Micro-Node Miners), the individual who authenticates the Hub onto the Sharder Network will be paid in Sharder Token; the utilization of the Sharder Token as a rewards mechanism will also be utilized when an individual runs a Sharder Box on the network. The Sharder Box is an all-in-one hardware where an individual can earn Sharder Token for performing multiple roles on the network (miner, storage and watcher). A Storer provides disk capacity for data storage and gets rewards in the process of doing so. Storers are also subject to inspection from data owners or Watchers and also provide proof of storage. A miner is an individual who mines transactions (blocks) on the Sharder Network and is rewarded with Sharder Token! A Watcher is exactly what is sounds like, a node that observes the network to prevent any malicious activity from occurring on the platform. A Watcher checks the security state according to the security strategy, and fixes existing or potential loopholes. Watchers will be constantly online to ensure data security and the overall equilibrium of the entirety of the network. They are essential for the rapid convergence of the whole network, and perfect for data indexing. The Sharder Team has fostered major developments over the last month and it is incumbent that these developments are shared throughout the entirety of our community and for those who are unfamiliar with The Sharder Protocol!

Exposure And Judicial Legitimacy: The Perpetuation Of Development: A Global Network Construct

The Sharder Protocol Has Garnered Major Attention In Recent Weeks From Social Media Outlets And Chinese Judiciaries

The month of October has been a major success for Sharder in various ways: the testing of The Sharder Mainnet is now underway, judicial legitimacy in China has now been solidified and massive exposure has developed around Sharder in recent weeks due to prominent social media accounts on Twitter discussing and promoting their passions for The Sharder Protocol! In mid-October, Sharder’s twenty test hubs were sent out to various community members all over the world to begin testing The Sharder Mainnet. Every single Sharder Test Hub that has been sent out has successfully connected to The Sharder Network, a major feat as we march towards our mainnet release. The Sharder Network has crossed international borders and is now a network that exists throughout the entirety of the globe; twenty members of our community from various countries and geographic regions around the world have successfully connected to the Sharder Network. October has been a historic month for Sharder; we have crossed global borders and the testing of The Sharder Network has been a complete success. The second batch of Sharder Test Hubs are scheduled for delivery to twenty additional testers in the coming days! The connection to our network is perpetual, and the additional twenty testers will connect to the Sharder Network by the end of November. The Sharder Protocol is on schedule to launch its global mainnet in it’s entirety by the end of 2018! The conception and perpetuation of progress is necessary as it sustains and boosts investor confidence, while simultaneously, progress proves that a particular team is ambitious, has incentive, and embodies overall passion and conviction for the success of a project; The Sharder Team embodies all of these notions! The month of October also has been a historic month for Sharder regarding centralized judicial legitimacy in China for one of it’s first d’apps: Bean Cloud!

Bean Cloud is one of the four d’apps built within The Sharder Ecosystem. Bean Cloud is a security platform that services peer-to-peer loaning, data-storage implementations, micro-finance, consumer finance and E-commerce entities. Bean Cloud stores data such as e-contracts and investment records within The Sharder Network. Bean Cloud issues notarized E-contracts to entities that utilize Bean Clouds platform, which leads to the discussion of judicial legitimacy! Over 230 users are now using Bean Cloud and over 7,000 copies of certified data are now stored successfully utilizing the Bean Cloud d’app; more corporations are being on-boarded as we speak. Bean Cloud has officially received recognition and judicial approval of the Hangzhou Internet Court and will be one of the judicial nodes connected to the court as an evidence storage platform. A channel between Bean Cloud and the Hangzhou Internet Court will officially be open for Bean Cloud. As of August 2018, the Hangzhou Internet Court has handled over 10,000 cases; just imagine if Bean Cloud was deployed earlier this year. Bean Cloud would, in essence, have the opportunity to be a judicial component of many of these cases. The Sharder Team is now in active talks with 14 Chongqing online financial companies as well regarding deployment of Bean Cloud! Lastly, a patent office has taken interest in Sharder and are in the discussion phases with Sharder to be integrated into the ecosystem. This patent office will most likely play a focal Watcher role throughout the network to assist in the observance of the state of the network and simultaneously, will ensure data security and overall equilibrium and stability of the network.

The Sharder Exposure: Innovation And Social Media

October has been a notable and historic month for Sharder, particularly, due to exposure that has been garnered and perpetuated by prominent Twitter cryptocurrency investors. CryptoGat, a prominent Twitter page that specializes in cryptocurrency investing, research, analysis and tutorial creation, is now going to be one of our forty Sharder-Hub testers! CryptoGat will be discussing the Sharder Hub’s a once he receives it shortly! CryptoGat has over 70,000 followers on his Twitter account, which has been a catalyst for the monumental exposure that Sharder has been receiving, amalgamating that news with The Sharder Hub testing and judicial legitimacy, Sharder is being awoken from it’s slumber. Crypto ฿rahma, another prominent Twitter profile with over 34,000 followers, also posted a Tweet regarding Sharder! The Sharder Protocol also received an excellence award from the Innovation Competition that they took part in for their demonstration of Bean Cloud! Intents of cooperation between the various projects in this competition have also been fostered thanks to The Sharder Protocol! One of these projects is, GT Blockchain Investments, a blockchain investment company situated in Russia. GT Blockchain Investments will be working with Sharder to market the Protocol and its revolutionary technology! The dawn is rising, and the sun is shining on The Sharder Protocol!

Sharder Will Be The Go To Distributed Storage Solution Of The 21st Century!

Conclusion: The Perpetuation And Growth Of The Sharder-Nation

The Sharder Ecosystem Will Prosper Like An Undisturbed Forest!

It is evident that in Sharder’s brief history, our protocol has worked tirelessly and as a result, has garnered massive exposure, judicial legitimacy, successful testing of our network, 290 users utilizing Bean Cloud, 14 financial companies in discussion talks, discussion talks to be deployed on Qtum and various other outlets of exposure on Twitter accounts are now proving that The Sharder Protocol is a revolution in distributed data storage solutions. The first of its kind, Sharder will be able to be deployed on ALL public blockchains, it is an ideal and technology that fosters inclusivity! Destiny is in our own hands, and the hands of destiny that cradle The Sharder Protocol will enable it to thrive for decades, perhaps centuries! #Shardernation

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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing requires substantial risk, do not invest more than you can afford to lose! I am not a financial adviser and I am not responsible for any of your trades. I am an investor of Sharder Token and the information within this article represent my own thoughts and opinions. It is incumbent that you always do your own research before investing in anything.

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