The Opt Out Writing Contest: Round 1 Results Announced!by@hackernooncontests
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The Opt Out Writing Contest: Round 1 Results Announced!

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The winners of the Opt Out Writing Contest, showcasing themes of autonomy, self-sovereignty, and identity, have been announced. Explore the standout entries and discover the talented voices behind them, shaping narratives in tech, art, and activism.
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Hey Hackers!

Welcome to the winners' announcement for the first round of the Opt Out Writing Contest!

The Āut Labs and HackerNoon teams have been blown away by the incredible talent, creativity, and sheer audacity showcased in this round. It's been a wild ride exploring autonomy, identity, and self-sovereignty through your eyes, and now it's time to shine the spotlight on the brightest stars among us.

For this round, we considered entries that were submitted and published between January 9th, 2024, and April 9th, 2024, and aligned with the theme: "Opt Out of a System that Doesn’t Represent You."

Without further ado, let’s introduce our finalists!

The Opt Writing Contest: Round 1 Finalists 🎉

  1. Breaking Rules: Autonomy in Tech, Art and Activism by @normbond

  2. Delusional Opt Out: What are you opting into? by @daowl

  3. Behold: The Autonomy We Always Sought by @oliveremeka

  4. Web3: A New Frontier or a False Dawn? by @jennyzheng

  5. The Cryptoanarchist's Cookbook by @gadfly

  6. Can Humanity's Systems Serve as Material Enablers for Evasion? by @maybenot

  7. Quantients: A Near-Future Story of Autonomous Heroes and Quantum Leaps by @scottermonkey

  8. Life is a Collection of Games; We Each Choose Which Ones We Play. Choose Wisely by @palurintano

  9. Can You Achieve Self-Sovereignty With Bitcoin?: There are Four Levels to This by @ssaurel

  10. A Tale of Ice and Fire by @maken8

  11. Web3 : The Decentralization Dilemma: Are We Going to Be Free as Expected? by @verlainedevnet

  12. Self-Sovereignty in Virtual Reality: Humans Won’t Know They’re in the Matrix, and They Don’t Need To by @nftbro

  13. Declaration of Independence 3.0 by @draftin

  14. The Things We Make by @djcampbell

  15. Here Comes Web3: Chris Dixon’s Read Write Own by @ralphbenko

  16. The Historical, Philosophical & Cultural Dimensions of Biometric Identity Verification by @sshshln

  17. Identity in the Digital Era: Balancing Security, Privacy, and Authenticity by @shad0wpuppet

  18. The Path to Resonant Autonomy: Navigating Autonomy and Social Freedom in Web3 by @bastin

  19. The Future of Work: Embracing Autonomy in Decentralized Organizational Structures by @aahna

  20. Luddites, WarGames, and the Lost Battle for Autonomy by @jamesbore

Thank you all for your hard work and for making the first round of this contest a success!

After a thorough review, the Āut Labs team has crowned 6 winners for this round.

2 winners have been selected for each of the following contest tags: #autonomy,  #selfsovereignty, and #identity.

And the Winners Are…



The Luddites are far from the first decentralized movement, and definitely not the last. They were unique, to my knowledge, in being the first to assemble a decentralized movement to oppose centralization and concentration of power in the hands of a few. Those few being the capitalists who purchased the machines with the aim of exploiting their workforce by removing the need for expensive expertise.

Congratulations @jamesbore! You have won 750 USDT


This is a near-future story of unforeseen heroes emerging and rapidly evolving to reverse our loss of autonomy

Congratulations @scottermonkey! You have won 250 USDT



Virtual reality allows us to rebuild a more human society from the ground up - from financial systems to governance and the very concept of “state". "System" says the metaverse is the wrong way for humanity. It resists its development and tries to stop its popularity.

Congratulations @nftbro! You have won 750 USDT


Autonomy must not be misunderstood as an end in itself. Instead, we must understand it as the foundation and enabling condition for resonant world relations.I would like to argue that the pure value of autonomy requires a supplement to unfold its utopian potential: social freedom.

Congratulations @bastin! You have won 250 USDT



If you stop and ask the average person on the street whether they think that politicians, banksters, and CEOs have their best interests at heart, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who says yes. Even the most statist, war-promoting, tax-paying, flag-waving people out there can no longer miss the obvious fact that "society" as we know it is simply a planet-sized human cattle farm, run by a small contingent of socio-/psychopaths.

Congratulations @palurintano! You have won 750 USDT


Humans are the only creatures who believe in autonomy, and oddly, they are the creatures who are the least equipped to be autonomous. They burned down my forest to build a mall, and I just flew somewhere else. I can hunt my own mice, thank you very much. I can be autonomous because I am an owl. What are you going to do?

Congratulations @daowl! You have won 250 USDT

Congratulations once again to all our winners. Thank you for your hard work!

How to Claim Your HackerNoon Writing Contest Prize

  • Contact [email protected] and [email protected] and share the email ID/and or wallet address attached to the winning hackernoon account.
  • We will validate your claim and share a form requesting your details for reward distribution.
  • You will receive your winnings in 2-4 weeks after completing the form.

Please note that you must contact us within 60 days after the winners’ announcement date.