Life is a Collection of Games; We Each Choose Which Ones We Play. Choose Wiselyby@palurintano
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Life is a Collection of Games; We Each Choose Which Ones We Play. Choose Wisely

by Kenny PalurintanoMarch 1st, 2024
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You are the AUTHORity of your own story. In a world where societal constructs dominate, individuals can choose to opt out and embrace alternative narratives. By reclaiming personal sovereignty and challenging mainstream beliefs, one can author their own reality and live a life of freedom and empowerment.
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If you stop and ask the average person on the street whether they think that politicians, banksters, and CEOs have their best interests at heart, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who says yes.

Even the most statist, war-promoting, tax-paying, flag-waving people out there can no longer miss the obvious fact that "society" as we know it is simply a planet-sized human cattle farm, run by a small contingent of socio-/psychopaths.

They probably still go along with it, and they vote for a new president or prime minister every few years, and they listen to the propaganda on the tele-screens... Depending on which half of the Duopoly party they support, there are probably different issues that they most notice:

  • Team Red can easily see human trafficking, child mutilation, Authoritarian Socialism, and the attempted destruction of morality as a whole...

  • While Team Blue can easily see the corporate greed, the immorality of "War," and the push for one "chosen" supreme "race" to control the whole planet...

But for some reason, both sides are only capable of seeing some of these issues, specifically, they each seem to only be capable of holding awareness for the "problems" that the team they root for calls out as problems.

This isn't their fault though, because this is just how the human brain works.

The human experience is a hyper-personalized one, wherein our sense organs feed our brains terabytes of information every second, and our conscious mind receives a fraction of a percent of that information after it's all been filtered through currently existing beliefs, expectations, and assumptions.

The human experience is, simply put, confirmation bias.

The story you tell yourself in your mind is the story you will live out in the physical world.

The game(s) you are playing decide what the "rules" are in your world, what "success" is, and what your relationships with others will look like... Competitive? Cooperative?

Are your relationships & connections open, loving, trusting & intimate? Or simply quid-pro-quo exchanges...

The Games We Play... or Don't Play

Imagine you are with a group of friends, and everyone is playing a game.

You notice that the rules & goals of the game tend to lead to people lying to each other, taking advantage of each other, and maybe even dehumanizing each other.

Now, this is an established game, with rules that m/billions of people know. A game that has been played in more or less the exact same way for thousands of years.

Do you think it's going to be possible to re-define that game? To get people to play it in a completely different way? To change what "winning" is and what acceptable behavior is to get there?

Obviously, attempting to change the game being played, while it's being played, with most of the people playing it thinking that it is simply "Reality" is a non-starter. Unless you plan to dose the planet with aerosolized LSD or DMT, that sort of 90-degree turn for so many is just not going to happen.

Play a Different Game - Opt Out

The beautiful thing about this Reality we live in and our personalized experiences of it, is that each of us gets to choose the life we live. At any time, one can simply choose to replace an old belief, to play a different game, to tell a different story. As soon as they make that choice, the Universe begins re-aligning their life to match up to the new story.

The game of Statist Capitalism is just ONE, of many many games, that we can each play every day. Every single part of the Statist structure is purely voluntary. If you don't want to play that game, you don't have to.

The Exit & Build game, the Agorism game, the Off-Grid game... there are so many other options.

Just choosing not to play the "banks" game, and instead using non-custodial, non-governmental, not debt-based, private currencies like Monero, or physical metals/barter, removes you from most of the games the psychopaths have set up.

How I Opt Out

I haven't had a bank account since 2009/10.

Never had a credit card.

Never registered to vote, much less voted.

Never paid taxes. Only filed for two years when I was a student.

I live out of two backpacks, and have since 2015.

I have my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, laptop, herbal medicine, books, journals, survival gear, sewing kit, and everything else needed besides water & food... all coming in at less than 50 pounds of equipment...

You may think that means I probably live like a hobo... which is almost true in a way, but I also rent fancy houses around the world to bring friends together, help produce festivals & conferences, work with a variety of projects in the Freedom Movement, etc.

I've had no money since last spring - the last of my crypto is staked away in $CULT that I won't be unstaking anytime soon... but I threw a conference called "Be Empowered" in Colorado in September, rented a retreat center in Morelia for the month of January, did a little US tour, and am currently writing on the train from Chicago to Denver, where I'm heading to host an Ethereum Denver after-party.

Now, the best part of my story is that how I live now, totally free (financially, spiritually, physically) is not because I grew up wealthy, or on a commune, or anything like that...

My family moved every 6-12 months when I was a kid; on top of that, I was bounced between parents more than once and kicked out of a few schools. We lived in small apartments or tiny houses until I was in high school. I struggled with suicidal depression for more than a decade, became addicted to cocaine, alcohol, and other chemicals, worked corporate jobs & general labor gigs, and was a full-time drug dealer for a good while.

12 years ago, a psychedelic experience woke me up to the fact that I didn't like the game I was living in, AND I could change it if I wanted to. It took me years of disciplined eating & sleeping, of brain-reprogramming practices, retreats, and books, and releasing everything that I thought I knew about reality (I was a physicalist reductionist atheist back then - a big part of my depression.)

In Summary

Basically, my message is simple.

You are the AUTHORity of your own story, of your life.

The only way for someone else to have authority over you is if you give it to them.

At any time, you can simply take that authority back. No paperwork, no court, no battles. Just a choice to reclaim your sovereignty & personal responsibility.

If you'd like to dig deeper into these concepts, I highly recommend looking into the work of folks like:

  • Abraham-Hicks
  • Derrick Broze
  • James Redfield
  • Alan Watts
  • and so many others!

Thanks for tuning in beautiful humans!

You Are Beautiful You Are Powerful You Are Free

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