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The next iPhone will determine the next laptop I purchase…. here’s why.

I love Apple. Really. Seriously. Love, Apple products. I currently use a full Apple line up; MacBook Air 11' and iPhone 6S Plus. Both products have been absolutely superb to date.

Unfortunately, as my laptop gets older, and as apps, software, and browsing require more and more processing power, the demands on my laptop are exceeding it’s ability to cope, and it’s slowing down.

So I’ve started researching into the laptop which will succeed my little MacBook Air. Naturally, I turn to Apple — which, naturally, points me to the new MacBook Pro.

An undeniably stunning design.

It’s gorgeous. Even die hard Microsoft fans, and relentless Apple critiques, have to admit that when it comes to aesthetics, Apple never fails to meet the mark.

But then you look at the tech specs, and it’s disappointing. Most noticeably, and widely criticised, is the drop in processing power from the previous model of the MacBook Pro. One of the first considerations of any mildly technological customer is the laptop’s processing power — so you’d think Apple would have gone to greater length to, at least, keep it at the level of the previous MacBook.

In fairness, I don’t have enough knowledge of tech specs, to make a fully informed judgement about the impact this has on the overall performance or capability of the laptop — I’m just looking at the numbers.

However, what I do know, is this mediocrity in processing power is compounded by the struggle people have in seeing any major changes in the new MacBook Pro. As a potential customer, it’s disappointing to wait so long for the new iteration of the MacBook, only to be delivered with a few new colours, a slightly nicer keyboard (something, already available on the MacBook), and a fancy Touch-Bar at the top of the keyboard.

The Touch-Bar was hailed as the major revolution in the new MacBook, but, to be fair, it doesn’t fully mitigate the disappointment that I feel when I look at the new MacBook Pro.

I understand at this point that, as a reader, you may be a little confused by my critique of Apple’s flagship laptop — given I made my love for Apple abundantly clear at the beginning of the piece.

But I think I echo many Apple fans disappointment when I speak of the new MacBook Pro. We have such high standards for their products, and for the degree of innovation that comes with each new iteration. Simply, well, because it’s Apple. When they underdeliver, it’s a disappointment. The new MacBook Pro gives me fears that Apple is loosing its ability to innovate in the way it used to.

The next big release is undoubtedly the iPhone — the 10th anniversary iPhone nonetheless. For me, this iPhone is more than just another phone. I strongly believe I speak for many when I say this iteration of Apple’s greatest product ever, is the company’s time to prove to the world that they are still capable of producing, and driving, the sort of innovation that propelled their company to global success in the years following the first iPhone.

So as I humble consumer, looking to upgrade my laptop, I wait — with bated breath — for the announcement of the new iPhone. Should Apple prove to me, once again, that they will continue to drive the innovation of consumer technology, I will most certainly remain a loyal Apple customer.

However, if they underdeliver — in the way they did with the MacBook Pro — it might be time to take a more serious look at the Surface Pro 4.

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