The Microservice Weekly #148 —September 5.

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The Role of APIs in a Microservices Architecture

Learn how APIs help to bring a sense of order into the chaotic nature of a microservices architecture.

Microservices in a Post-Kubernetes Era

This article questions some of the fundamental ideas of microservices, and examines some aspects in which they might not stand as strong in the post-Kubernetes era as they did before.

Advice for Working with Professional Services Companies

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you should prepare for working with professional services companies, how you should drive the co-operation and what kind of services you can expect.

Microservices Architecture Style

What are the benefits & challenges of Microservices, and what best practices should you follow when adapting to it? You can also learn how to use the Azure Container Service & Azure Service Fabric in your microservices-based architecture.

Asynchronous communication between microservices using AMQP and Vert.x

In this article, you’ll learn the approach of an asynchronous request-reply communication, via an example of two services communicating over Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP).

How I Built Microservices In Go In 30 Minutes

We always hear how Go is a simple language, and how it enables developers to be productive. In this talk, you’ll learn how to develop a production-ready service in Go from scratch, using the standard & a few other popular libraries, instrument it, and deploy it using Docker.

Continuous Integration and Delivery for Microservices on AWS ECS

Learn how to run continuous integration and delivery for your microservices projects to enable DevOps processes.

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