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The Metaverse Is Already Here by@davidjdeal

The Metaverse Is Already Here

David Deal HackerNoon profile picture

David Deal

David Deal is a marketing executive, digital junkie, and pop culture lover.

HackerNoon Prompt: So let’s start! First, tell us a bit about yourself. For example, name, profession, and personal interests.

I’m David Deal, founder of David J. Deal Consulting. I am a marketing consultant and writer. My personal interests? Music. Music. Music.

Please sum up what the metaverse is in 1 to two paragraphs.

The metaverse is an interconnected virtual world where people live, work, and play through digital twins such as avatars. I consider the metaverse to be a mirror of the digital world we are living in already.

Are you currently, directly or indirectly, working on building a metaverse?

We are all building a metaverse whether we know it or not. Whenever any of us uses a digital currency or hangs out on Fortnite, we’re enabling the metaverse.

In your opinion, is the metaverse inevitable, or is it just another passing trending tech topic that'll lose hype?

The metaverse is here already. The metaverse is where the internet was at the dawn of the 21st Century. We’re treating the metaverse like an exotic creature because someone assigned a name to it. In reality, we’re living in the metaverse naturally.

Why is the metaverse such a revolutionary concept?

The metaverse feels revolutionary because it promises to give us a world where a version of ourselves can live and play using digital currencies and NFTs.

The notion that we interact with other people through digital representatives of ourselves still feels revolutionary to many people outside the gaming world even though it isn’t really for anyone embracing elements of the metaverse already.

What can people build in the metaverse that we can't build on the Internet, or in virtual reality today? What limitations of our current technology does the metaverse free us from?

People can build lifestyles, not just experiences. The metaverse potentially frees people from the clunkiness of virtual reality.

How are the metaverse and blockchain related? Can we build a metaverse without blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology makes the metaverse more decentralized. The metaverse needs blockchain technology to realize its potential as an interconnected world.

How quickly do you think the metaverse will be developed? How much can we expect metaverse tech to grow in the next 5 to 10 years?

The metaverse will accelerate in growth especially in the business-to-business space, where the metaverse can unlock some exciting ways for businesses to solve problems and collaborate in creative ways.

For example, Anheuser-Busch InBev has used digital replicas of physical environments to improve operations and supply chain management.

What is your hope for the metaverse? Do you have any worries or does the concept pose any threats?

I hope the metaverse makes the world more inclusive especially for people with disabilities and the elderly. My worry about the metaverse is that it will replace the dynamic that comes with human interaction. A Travis Scott avatar performing on Fortnite is no substitute for the experience of communing with real people and real performers in the moment.

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