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The Memes of the CIA Deep State

At least the deep state has a sense of humor.

If you want to read about Year Zero, Vault7, and the CIA’s hacking capabilities then you should probably read my other article. This article is about all the memes contained within Vault7.

After doing some serious meme analysis, I have come to the conclusion that some of the CIA hackers are American movie watching, video game playing, anime watching Millennials. I know this, because I happen to be a Millennial with a tech background, who also watches anime, watch American movies, and play the occasional video game.

All of the memes below are part of the Year Zero, Vault7 release.

The Memes of the CIA Deep State:

Developer joke.
Developer joke.
There are cyber security conferences held in Las Vegas every year, making it a likely destination for deep state hackers.
Developer joke.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby — not sure what the context is.
Another scene from Talledega Nights.
A dog with a chainsaw.
Developer joke.
A scene from the movie Inception.
A n00b is someone inexperienced.
make it rain
Marty Disappearing
Maslow Codereview — Developer joke
Developer joke.
Ironically hilarious.
A movie poster for the movie The Net
A baby smoking a pipe.
Someone’s avatar.
A robot avatar?
Sassy Cat
Tomcat — likely someones avatar.
Gif from the anime Trigun.
Gif from the anime Trigun.
Gif from the anime Trigun.
Umbrella Corp logo from the video game Resident Evil.
This was labeled: vi-gang-sign (vi is a command line text editor)
Various CIA avatars.
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